Pentagon admits running top-secret UFO investigation program since 2007 – and UAP evidence they uncovered is stunning

The time may be upon us – the long-awaited momentous day the US government admits the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. This week, two major UFO-related announcements left us stunned and excited. On December 16, 2017, the New York Times revealed a previously unknown secret Pentagon study of UFOs that has been running under the radar since 2007. This was quickly followed by a stunning military video from the Pentagon documenting two American fighter-pilots tracking a UFO in American airspace over San Diego.  Many are calling the video the best UFO evidence to date. Pentagon reveals secret $22 million UFO program At a cost of $22 million/annual in black money, it was officially classified in the budget as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. But this wasn’t

Best video UFO evidence to date? New Chilean Navy UAP video has experts baffled.

It’s being called the best UFO evidence to date – a 9-minute hi-def/infrared video shot in 2014 by the Chilean Navy. Remarkable for its clarity and duration, the video was declassified in late 2016 after officials admitted they were unable to identify the UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) captured in the video. The Chilean Navy UFO/UAP video The UAP was recorded on November 11, 2014 at 1:52 PM from a Navy helicopter during a routine daytime patrol mission. It was shot using a WESCAM MX-15 HD Forward Looking Camera which captures both hi-definition and infrared video (in which hot objects appear dark and cool object appear light). The helicopter was flying about 4,500 feet at 152 MPH in clear weather. It was travelling north along the coast just west

Bizarre, mysterious clouds of white foam descend from sky to cover ground in Morocco

A strange white substance resembling thick foam clouds settled across the coastal region of Doukkala, Morocco this week. The most likely explanation would seem to be sea foam or possibly sewer foam except (1) the substance appears much lighter than sea foam and (2) witnesses say the foam fell from the sky! The video below, which features large blobs of the foam blowing around in an area covered with the strange stuff, was shot by a man who was brave enough to move through the unknown substance. At first the man says he thought they were clouds that had descended to the ground. “I have never seen clouds fall down to the ground. It is strange.” Of course, clouds cannot plunge from the sky and settle on the

Baby monitor video shows ghostly apparition playing next to sleeping baby in crib

A creeped-out mother uploaded a spooky video to Facebook this week showing what appears to be two ghostly apparitions playing in a crib next to her sleeping baby. The mother, Jade Yates, captured the specters on video by filming a baby monitor while her daughter, Ruby, slept. Yates says the room to Ruby’s door was closed and nobody else was in the house at the time. She watched the “ghosts” for about twenty minutes before going into the room to check on Ruby. When she returned to the baby monitor, the ghostly apparitions were gone. Yates notes that Ruby was not unsettled at all by the experience but says she does routinely wake up every hour or so at night. With the uploaded video, she wrote: “Fair to

Mysterious video with a masked stranger delivering secret codes, GPS coordinates, and encoded instructions to “kill the president”?

A strange cryptographic video began circulating a few days ago. One man found it in his email inbox. Another found it in on a DVD delivered to his postal mailbox and addressed from Poland. Yet another found it on a park bench. Then it appeared on YouTube, posted by “Parker Wright” and titled 11B-X-1371. From there it spread to various boards on the Internet, including a paranormal board on 4chan, where amateur encryption gurus began untangling the myriad of codes, clues, symbols, and masked music embedded throughout the video. Thus far, nobody knows what the intent of the video is but clues therein include the message “you are already dead” hidden within a graphical-spectrogram of the background music, the anagram “Kill the President” flashed in Morse Code,

Was a Pterosaur filmed flying over Boise, Idaho? Prehistoric pterodactyl captured on amateur video.

This is one of those “not sure if it’s real but I sure *hope* it is” videos. Shot by an “amateur filmmaker”, the video shows a purported prehistoric Pterosaur (Pterodactyl maybe?) flying over the skies of Boise, Idaho. In the bizarre footage below, a huge bird-like creature flies across the sky and even moves its head glancing toward (looking for prey maybe?). The huge wingspan is notable as is its distinct backward-pointing crest. Zooms of the footage don’t reduce detail and in fact, show clearly defined claws attached to the wings as well as bone-structure within the wing area.  If a hoax, this hints at a model and not necessarily CGI.  Then again, maybe they've finally returned! The Pterosaurs were flying reptiles (technically not dinosaurs) that existed

Best evidence to date? High-speed UFO captured on Border Patrol video over Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (April 25, 2013)

One of the most interesting UFO sightings to date came out of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico when, on April 25, 2013 at 9:20 PM, an unknown, high speed object began flying near the Rafael Hernandez airport. The unknown object so alarmed airport personnel that a departing FedEx commercial plane had to be delayed for several minutes until the object flew out of range. Fortunately, at the time of the sighting, a U.S Customs and Border Protection aircraft was in the area and caught the entire event on aircraft's on-board infrared video. The event would have remained secret except only a few months later, in October 2013, an official source (the source was identified and vetted but wished to remain anonymous) leaked the video. The video is unusual in that

NASA cuts video feed (again) after twin beams of light erupt from Earth

I confess, I don’t know what NASA is hiding but that they are hiding something important is without question. In the video below, filmed as ISS passed high above Earth, you will see twin beams of light that have burst through the atmosphere. The huge beams of light seem to remain stationary as ISS passes overhead. True to NASA convention, after only a few seconds of video, they quickly cut the feed. Check out the video below.  I've included post-processing zoom after the initial live feed.   NASA video feed captures twin beams of light erupting from Earth   The incident follows a similar scenario that occurred only a few days earlier when NASA cut the feed after a massive cylinder-shaped craft shot across the top of the screen. As

Interesting UFO video out of Atlanta shows three bright white orbs following commercial airplane

The video below was filmed by an airline passenger last summer as his plane began its descent into Atlanta, Georgia and shows three bright white orbs tailing the plane, flying in various random formations before speeding off, disappearing out of frame as they move below the plane. The passenger says at first he thought the lights were another aircraft. When he noticed their random movement, he grabbed his cellphone and began filming.  Days after his video was released, others came forward saying they saw the same formation of lights in the Atlanta sky around the time of the video's release. Real or CGI – I’m not sure. White orbs are easy to CGI and sometimes difficult to determine if real or fake. Given the movement of the

Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion may be haunted after all – video shows ghost roaming park at night

Disneyland surveillance footage has captured something more than the usual happy visitors frolicking through the park. As the footage suggests, a mysterious ghostly entity walks around the park at night, crossing grass, sidewalks, and passing unhindered through closed gates. In one instance, the ghostly figure can even be seen walking across a park lake's water. The video was shot in 2009 and resurfaced this week. In the video, a grim ghost can be seen moving at a steady pace around Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion and Rivers of America areas of the park. The video shows a closed park at night, empty with no visitors to hinder the ghosts’ exploration of the happiest place on earth. The natural first assessment would suggest the video contains image remnants (artifacts) from

Interesting UFO video sparks new debate- what are these objects flying over a mountainside?

An interesting 2012 UFO video is back in the news as the UFO community discusses and debates not only the origin of the video, but what is being seen flying above a mountain range in the as-yet-unknown location. What is generally accepted however, is that the video is not fake nor digital CGI manipulation. The origin of the video is unknown but a copy from 2012 recently surfaced on popular online UFO forums and re-ignited the debate. In the video, we see a small UFO flying over a mountaintop. The videographer zooms in on the object and we see a brightly-lit disc (or possibly diamond-shaped object) hovering above a mountain (the distortion from the zoom makes it near impossible to determine the object’s true shape). After

Purplish disc-shaped UFO captured on video by professional Peruvian film crew

A TV crew filming an interview with a Peruvian politician were startled to see a strange, purple, disc-shaped UFO hovering in the distance over the city of Lima. Once camera operators pointed out the object, Congressman Renzo Reggiardo stopped the interview and camera crew turned their cameras towards the unusual object. Soon, dozens of excited witnesses also spotted the UFO and began filming the event with their personal smartphones. The sighting occurred on February 10, 2015 at 10:30 AM in Lima, Peru during the taping of the program Alto al crimen (High Crime). The object was described by witnesses as a large, purple, disc-shaped spinning object that hovered in the sky for two hours before flying off into the distance. UFO sightings in Lima are not unusual with

Ghost caught on security cam in Japan – woman walks through it (circa 2011)

This video surfaced around 2011 and sparked much discussion. Years later, the consensus is still out – hoax or real? In the video, which was captured via a security cam on the streets of Japan, you will see a woman walking down the sidewalk (top-right side of frame). As she approaches a man standing stationary on the sidewalk, she turns her head to look at something on the opposite side of the street. By all appearances, she is about to walk right into the man. Instead, she walks right through him. Check out the video below. We’ve added additional post-processing zooms and slow-mo’s. Woman walks through ghost on Japanese street

High-speed disc-shaped UFO filmed from passenger cabin of airplane flying over Iran

An interesting video has surfaced that captured a high-speed disc-shaped UFO flying over Iranian airspace. The video was shot by a passenger through the window of a commercial airplane using a smartphone. The video was captured several months ago but is just now gaining interest (and prompting discussion) in the paranormal community. The aircraft was flying over Iran at the time the video was taken.  Thus far, no government or organization has come forward claiming the UFO was theirs. The object is clearly a silver or white wingless, disc or oval-shaped craft . It can be seen in the video approaching from the right-hand side of the frame. Check out the video below. We’ve added segments containing post processing zooms and slowed video frames to assist.   UFO filmed from airplane flying over Iran

High speed highway motorcycle crash – rider flips, lands on feet on roof of car [video]

Spiderman’s got nothing on this fortunate motorcycle rider. Check out the video below which was shot via an automobile dashcam. Pay attention to the black car in the right lane. Out of view (behind the filming car), a motorcyclist travelling at a high rate of speed is beginning to switch lanes to move in front of the filming car. As the motorcyclists enters the black car’s blind spot, the black car also begins to change lanes to move in front of the filming car. As a result, the motorcycle slams into the back of the car sending the rider head over heels over the trunk of the automobile. Alas, no blood and gore here folks. With catlike reflexes, the rider comes out of the flip