UFOs over San Antonio Texas ( has released an interesting video of a triangular aircraft shot over San Antonio, Texas on June 1, 2013.  SAUFOTX runs a UFO channel and we cannot vouch for the authenticity of the many posts they publish of UFOs videoed and photographed in the San Antonio area but the video at first take, does look promising.  When the operator zooms in, you can vaguely make out the triangular shape of the craft (video was shot at night and of course, is a bit blurry at times).

According to the videographers comments:

“As i was Skywatching facing North,i saw a flash..It was not like a typical FAA strobe lights..I then notice what looked like three orbs traveling in a triangle formation..So i grabbed my camera for a closer observation….When zooming in i was surprised to see it was actually a Triangle Shape Craft..This appeared to be a solid Craft,with a neon blue flash coming from the front light.When using video captures/Close-ups you can see a Solid Craft..It was traveling Northwest high in altitude.I pan back to find some kind of reference points..(Ended using the tree tops as reference point)..You can clearly see altitude it was traveling…Lost sight of the Craft as it went behind the tree tops….”

Check it out below (we’ve added zoomed in freeze-frames of the craft to the end of the video).

Triangular-shaped craft shot over San Antonio, Texas – June 1, 2013


You can check out the full video, and more, and


Sources: SAUFOTX

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