The Minerva Monster – huge, hairy bigfoot beast terrorizes a Ohio family

The Minerva Monster Bigfoot sightings in northeast Ohio are nothing new – inexplicable bipedal cryptids been sighted in the area for at least 75 years – but the Minerva Monster incident, which triggered a massive coordinated search for an elusive “huge, hairy creature” that stalked the woods and terrified a local family near the town of Minerva, has long been regarded as one of the most convincing Bigfoot incidents in history. Cedar Bog opens – locals report ape-like monster In 1942, Ohioans shook with excitement when the Ohio Historical Society listed Cedar Bog as a nature preserve, the first of its kind in Ohio. Located in Champaign County, Ohio, the bog was carved by a glacier leaving behind the Teays River, a rich, fertile area teaming with natural

Original Siberian Bigfoot photos surface – animated sequence reveals interesting new details

Photos of a Siberian Bigfoot (or Siberian Snowman) walking behind a stand of trees were taken in April 2011 near the mountain top of Sheregesh Green in Russia. Until this week, only edited versions of the photos existed. This new set of nine photos, originally taken by tourists in Seregese, put the sighting in better context. Granted, Russia is notorious for hoaxes, but the photos are intriguing.  According to Russian news outlets, "scores of witnesses" spotted the strange creature as it moved into the woods.  Hominology researchers M.K. Davis and Igor Burstev have begun analysis of the frames. Little else have been gleaned from the photos since they appeared on a Russian news website in 2012. Keen-eyed readers have spotted several interesting features including a “beard” and

Film analysis of frame 61 of the Patterson Bigfoot video reveals exciting new evidence

Probably no other film in history has been hotly debated as the Patterson-Gimlin film, the 1967 video that appears to show a Bigfoot creature walking through the woods near Bluff Creek, California. Experts have stated that if the creature were indeed a costumed human, the costume would have been a very elaborate effect for that day and age (in contrast, compare the creature in the Patterson film to the professionally-designed costumes worn by the apes in the 1968 Planet of the Apes movie). On the other hand, a few people have come forward claiming the Bigfoot sighting was a hoax – that they created the costume or wore it in the woods the day Patterson shot the infamous video. Regardless of their claims however, Patterson went

New Bigfoot photos emerge from Virginia – man says he is now a believer

Interesting (and clear) pictures of a purported Bigfoot shot near Norfolk, Virginia emerged over the weekend. The poster of the pictures, Randy O’Neal, explained that they were taken by his father on June 28, 2014 using a Verizon Wireless flip phone. O’Neal says the photos were taken while his father and a friend (“Uncle Jap”) were fishing at a creek off the intercoastal waterway. O’Neal added that the photos were shot near a location where 25 years earlier, he had experienced an odd encounter with an unknown creature. “About 25 years ago, my dad, a friend of ours, and myself had a late night run in with an unknown creature. It was around 9 PM and we had been camping, fishing, shooting beer cans, etc. We had

Lumpkin County dashcam Bigfoot video – researchers say coverup (2009)

The video below was shot May 2009 in Lumpkin County, Georgia by a Lumpkin County Sheriffs Department patrol car dashcam and features a very quick glimpse of a creature resembling the legendary Bigfoot running across a dark and desolate road in the Frogtown area of Georgia.  In the car were a county deputy and Mary Scott, a civilian who was riding in the car as part of a Citizens Law Enforcement Academy ride-along.  The sheriff claims the video is a hoax but many feel the video evidence may have been brushed off or worse, covered up.  According to Mrs. Scott: “We were going about 55 mph on a curvy road. It was really late-after midnight, I think. We hadn’t passed any other cars, and this thing came

Oldest (1894) known photograph of Bigfoot surfaces

An unusual (but well circulated) photo of a purported dead Bigfoot has been discovered to have been taken over 100 years ago. According to Bigfoot Casebook, the photo was shot in 1894 in western Canada by trappers who encountered the Bigfoot creature near their cabin and promptly shot him dead. The photograph bears the following writing on the back: Year 1894 Yalikom River Around Lilliott B.C. Forestry- Hudsonbay Co. They took the picture and the Guy that was in the picture went & stole them back from the forestry records (hudsonbay co.) I believe his last name was Holiday (Don't know the first name) Never took all the pictures (only one) and took pictures of the rest. (Glass Plate Photography) Other than the writing on the back, very little else is known about the photograph.  Some think it

70-year-old Louisiana woman claims to have raised a baby Bigfoot in her swampland shack

A 70-year-old Louisiana woman has come forward claiming that for nearly a decade, she helped raise a baby Bigfoot and asserts she even taught the beast a few simple English words.  The woman says she has physical evidence, including pictures and a personal diary, which she may release at a later time.  According to Cryptozoology, 70-year-old L. Melacetti says she found the animal, which was just a "tiny" 20 lb. hairless baby at the time, in 1964 in the swamps of Louisiana. “He was so little, so cute.  I had to do something about it.  He was so defenseless, lying next to the mud and water, curled up, crying like a baby.  His parents were either dead or they had abandoned him.” At first, Melacetti fed the

Colorado Bigfoot – hundreds of sasquatch sightings draw attention to elusive creature hiding in Colorado’s remote mountains

Encompassing most of the Southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern portion of the Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains, Colorado's remote wilderness areas remain largely uninhabited - except for the scattering of hikers and backpackers who traverse the area, exploring the beauty of Colorado's immense natural environment.  The area is a perfect habitat for Bigfoot and in fact, during the past 50 years, there have been hundreds of documented Bigfoot sightings in the wilderness areas of Colorado, some of which provide us with the best proof to date for the existence of sasquatch. The Jim Holder Bigfoot sighting (Estes Park, Colorado, 2007) Widely considered to be one of the top Bigfoot sightings of all time, in 2007, Jim Holder and his

New Bigfoot video clip captures sasquatch creature in Sequoia National Park

Filmmaker, Shawn Bannon, recently released a short documentary film titled “Creature in the Giant Sequoias” which includes a newly discovered clip of a Bigfoot creature in the wild.  On a funding grant from the National Geographic Society, the bigfoot was filmed in the Sequoia National Park, a location that has produced hundreds of sightings (and video/audio recordings) in the past.  Although the clip from the film includes many tell-tale signs of being a potential hoax (bumpy camera movements, sudden film stops, “convenient” blurs, poor “acting”, sasquatch walking like a gangster from the hood, etc.) and the video documentary itself seems a bit amateurish, I can’t help but notice this creature looks like a cross between a Bigfoot and a Transformer – it’s huge! Bannon has released

Stunning news from Oxford researcher – 100% genetic match found between Yeti creature samples and 40,000-year-old polar bear

To the joy of cryptozoologists around the world, a University of Oxford scientist has made an stunning discovery that seems to have solved the mystery of the elusive Yeti (Abominable Snowman) creature. Geneticist and Oxford professor Bryan Sykes found a genetic match between an ancient polar bear and two separate samples taken from reported Yetis - suggesting the creature known as the Yeti is alive and living in the Himalayas. His announcement stunned the typically skeptical scientific world: “We have found an exact genetic match between two yeti samples from the Himalayas and the ancient polar bear.” Sykes made a global appeal last year for samples from suspected Yeti (cryptid) sightings. Those who submitted samples to the project were asked to give a description of the material and

Canadian bigfoot caught on video by hikers near Mission, British Columbia

Another Bigfoot video just came out of Canada this week. The video was shot by hikers in the Canadian wilderness near Mission in British Columbia. Authenticity of the video has not yet been verified and although we have some concerns about its authenticity, it looks promising enough that we decided to go ahead and process and release to readers so they can decide for themselves. In the video (which we have zoomed to provide improved clarity), you see what appears to be a creature covered with thick black hair, walking across a mountain top. The figure walks from the trees into the open, pauses briefly to examine something, and then steps off of a steep rock before disappearing into the woods. The video does not appear to

Cabin site of the 1924 Ape Canyon Bigfoot (Sasquatch) attack found by researchers

- The Dark Waters Paranormal Group is reporting that the infamous site of the 1924 Ape Canyon Bigfoot attack may have been found. For decades, the location of the cabin, where four prospectors endured a night from hell as large, hairy “Mountain Devils” laid siege to their cabin, has been unknown. It has been surmised that the cabin was destroyed by the 1980 Mt. St. Helens volcanic eruption. In July 10, 1924, four gold prospectors were holed up in their cabin on Mount St. Helens when a large number of huge, hairy creatures began attacking their cabin. The men shot at the creatures and claim to have killed one which tumbled 400 feet into a canyon. The story is regarded as one of the earliest Sasquatch-related violent

Legendary “Minnesota Iceman” creature resurfaces at Austin, Texas museum

During the 1960’s, a strange frozen creature known as the "Minnesota Iceman", was a popular sideshow exhibition in a circuit that traveled across the United States displaying the mysterious beast in malls, fairgrounds, and school events (you can read a 1969 Argosy article about the creature here). At times labeled the "Missing Link", "The Siberskoye Creature", or "The Creature in Ice", the six-foot tall, hairy creature was reportedly shot in Wisconsin (originally it was believed it was shot in Siberia) by a man named Frank Hansen who promptly placed the creature's corpse in a freezer at his home. The creatures eyes were blown out and its arm broken during the encounter adding a grotesque persona and element of intrigue to the creature’s ice-encased body. Shortly after

Ontario Sasquatch group captures eerie sasquatch vocalizations

Sasquatch Ontario has released an audio recording that they captured on May 3, 2013 as part of their “Michigan Recording Project”. In the audio recording, you will hear what Sasquatch Ontario says is several Sasquatch vocalizations in addition to the well-known “tree knocking” characteristic of Sasquatch sightings. The recordings consist of screams, whoops, grunts, huffs, hisses, jabbering, very low guttural growling sounds, and on occasion extremely quiet "rumbling". There are also several incidents of loud branch breaking and tree knocking that occur during the vocalizations. The group stated that they provided the recordings to several biologists and two respected university bioacoustics laboratories who were unable to match the sounds to any known wildlife. The audio recording is contained in the video below. Sasquatch noises (vocalizations) recorded in Michigan Sources:

Rare 1967 Bigfoot film shot in same area as famous Patterson film (only this was shot a month earlier)

The video below seems a bit “off” to me but given the rarity, I will pass it along anyway.  The film was reportedly shot in late August 1967, about a month before Patterson’s famous “Patty” sighting in the same area.  It was captured during John Green's Bigfoot investigation near Bluff Creek, California and shows investigators discovering Bigfoot "tracks" in the area.   Rare Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film footage