Missing Texas man could not be found because his dogs “entirely consumed” him.

57-year-old Freddie Mack lived alone on his property at the 1300 block of King Cotton Road in Venus, Texas, a small rural town about 30 miles southwest of Dallas. He remained on consistent contact with the family and asked them for rides to the store about every other week. When he hadn’t been heard from for several weeks, family members went to the home to check on Freddie but were unable to get past his “aggressive” dogs. They called local Johnson County Sheriffs for assistance. Deputies arrived at the home on May 9, 2019 but were also unable to get past Mack’s dogs. They estimated there were around 18 mixed-breed dogs on the property. Still, searches around the perimeter showed no sign of Freddie Mack. Since

Elementary school teacher decides after many years to finally release photo of UFO he sighted near Laredo, Texas

A Texas elementary school teacher has come forward with a photo of a UFO he took around 2014. Marcelino Castillo, of San Antonio, worried about releasing the photo for fear people would "think I was crazy" but says he ultimately decided to share the stunning picture on Facebook. Castillo says he was about 30 minutes north of Laredo, Texas when he noticed an odd, rectangular object moving slowly across the sky. He thought it was an airplane but decided to take a picture anyway to capture the beautiful sunset. Afterward, it became clear the object was not an airplane. Castillo says the sighting made him a "believer". "With all the technology and Photoshopping people do nowaday, I've been skeptical about sightings like these, but when it happens

Texas police seek identity of barefoot women in broken restraints who rang doorbell in middle of night.

Police in Montgomery, Texas are seeking assistance from the public after home video captured a woman with broken restraints ringing a doorbell in the middle of the night. The incident took place in the wee morning hours of August 24, 2018. Surveillance video shows a barefoot young woman wearing a T-Shirt, without pants, and what looks like broken shackles hanging from her right wrist. Homeowners say the woman rang the doorbell at 3:20 AM, briefly looked around, then left quickly. They told police she looked panicked and disoriented but by the time they got to the door, the woman was gone. The video was turned over to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office who asked the public for assistance. Authorities say several reports of a missing woman in the

Residents fear world is ending when hellish 140-degree heat burst descends on Kopperl, Texas (1960)

An outside temperature of 120 degrees would be  nightmarish, a temperature of 130 degrees would be  hellish, and surely a 140-degree weather event would be an unsurvivable meteorological impossibility. But it happened - in Texas - in 1960 during a rare weather event called a “heat burst”. The citizens of Kopperl, a small Texas town tucked into a bend of the Brazos River, still talk about the hellish event, referring to the meteorological anomaly as Satan’s Storm. Weather records prove the event truly happened – it’s not a myth – and at the time, citizens believed the apocalypse was descending upon them. Today we know the day-after scene of unbelievable devastation was caused by a weather phenomenon known as a heat burst. It was a warm night on

Five decades later, the government still refuses to release these documents related to the JFK assassination

It has been more than five decades since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on the streets of Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. The event spawned dozens of conspiracy theories while the U.S. government insisted the murder was the work of a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. Still, much of the data, documents, and witness testimony have never been released to the public. Here’s what we know is being withheld. How we know information related to the Kennedy assassination is being withheld On February 4, 2016, the National Archives released a list of 3,063 documents that have been “fully withheld” since JFKs death. The list was released after a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Politico and others. Curious JFK documents that have yet to be

Every top official has been arrested in this Texas city over a federal corruption case

Crystal City, Texas, a south Texas city of over 7,000 people, is located just fifty miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. This week we find that Mexico's traditional culture of corruption has spilled across the U.S. border and infected the city at its highest levels. Crystal City’s mayor, city manager, mayor pro tempore, a councilman, and a former councilman were all arrested under an indictment obtained by the U.S. attorney’s office in San Antonio. A second councilman was charged in a separate case. That leaves just one councilman not facing felony federal charges. Once billed as the “Spinach Capital of the World”, Crystal City has roiled in allegations of misuse of public money. The indictment confirms that the town’s leadership used their positions to “enrich themselves by soliciting and accepting

Traveling freak gives us scariest mugshot of the year – Paradox, the Dutchess of Hell, arrested in Lubbock

Lubbock, Texas officers arrested 29-year-old Albuquerque, New Mexico native Mara Paradox on a marijuana possession charge and booked “her” into the county jail this week. Beyond what you can see in the mugshot above, Paradox (formerly Chance Davis) is indeed “different”. She has undergone gender transition, changed her surname, and installed various body modifications, including face piercings, body tattoos, horn implants, and tattooed eyeballs to complete her jailhouse corpse look. Paradox worked at the Venice Beach Freakshow where she ate glass, hung hooks from her eyelids, and laid upon a bed of machetes. Earlier this year, she had a friend chop off her ring finger in order to leave her left hand looking like a lobster claw. Now that she’s bailed out of jail, she is expected

The mysterious death of Sandra Bland – was an inmate already dead in her booking photo?

The death of Sandra Bland Sandra Bland was pulled over for a minor traffic violation on July 10, 2015 in Prairie View, Texas, just northwest of Houston, Texas. She had failed to give a turn signal when changing lanes.  As Bland and Texas state trooper Brian Encinia discussed the reason for her stop, the situation escalated and Bland was arrested and charged with assault (the office claims that she kicked him). Dashboard video of the event showed Bland was argumentative but non-violent during the incident. She was taken to Waller County jail. Three days later, she was found dead, hanging in her jail cell, a plastic bag wrapped around her neck and tied to a nearby bunk bed. When Bland was arrested and booked on July 10,

Did a major cyberattack force the shutdown of the New York Stock Exchange on July 8, 2015?

The mysterious system outages on July 8, 2015 “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. Words to live by in our modern-day world where media faces make up the news and world leaders speak from behind a smokescreen. Case in point – there may be more to last week’s one-in-a-million coincidence where three separate software glitches brought down the Wall Street Journal, United Airlines flight systems, and the New York Stock Exchange – all at the same time. After wiping the sleep from their eyes, many are now wondering if there were more to these cyber incidents than meets the eye. The NYSE outage At 11:32 AM on July 8, 2015, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) computers went down, causing a four-hour suspension of trading and a loss of about $400 million

Jade Helm 15 military operation – the scary truth behind America’s largest-ever military exercise on civilian soil

The rumors began on March 13, 2015 when U.S. citizens first learned about the shadowy military operation known as Jade Helm (or Jade Helm 15). The size and scope of Jade Helm (the operation will be conducted over seven different states throughout the Southwest) sets the exercise apart from any other military exercise in history - never before has a drill of this scope and magnitude taken place on US sovereign soil. The official Special Operations Command stance is that the civilian operation locations were chosen because the terrain is “similar to conditions special operations forces operate in overseas”. Detractors however, find federal military personnel operating covertly in American cities throughout the southwest USA alarming and cite plenty of reasons to suspect there is more

The full-story behind the stunning newly discovered photos of Roswell alien (the “Roswell Slides”)

Discovery of the Roswell Slides In 1989, an Arizona woman was cleaning the home of a deceased couple, readying the home for an upcoming estate sale, when she made a discovery that could have ground-breaking implications for humanity. While carrying items to the garbage can, she noticed a box (or chest) full of Kodachrome slides which she figured could be somewhat interesting. She took the box of photo slides to her home and placed them in her garage. And there the box sat – for ten more years. Around 1999, the woman dug through the pictures in the forgotten box and to her surprise, found photos from all over the world, many of which included famous celebrities such as Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, and President Dwight Eisenhower.

Darren Deon Vann – authorities fear alleged Indiana Strangler serial killer may have been active for two decades or more

First victim discovered – police track down suspected serial killer His first alleged victim was 19-year-old Afrika Hardy (aka Octavia), a known prostitute in Hammond, Indiana who advertised her services on the Illinois section of Backpage.com. “Are you ready to have some real FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 5'7 and 165 pounds. I am very friendly but I DON'T TAKE NO STUFF NEITHER. I Love Mature Men.” On October 17, 2014, a female friend helped Afrika arrange a meeting with 43-year-old Darren Deon Vann at a Motel 6 at 3840 179th Street in Hammond, Indiana. Soon thereafter, the friend began receiving “suspicious text messages” from Afrika’s phone. Alarmed and concerned for Afrika’s safey, she called a male friend who went to the Motel 6 to check on her. There, at around 9:30

Top-secret X-37B lands after mysterious object falls from sky, loud booms heard, debris detected on radar

Top-secret X-37B spacecraft A series of mysterious events last week have some wondering if the top-secret X-37B spacecraft is up to something highly unusual. The X-37B is the Air Force’s version of Boeing’s X-37 Orbital Test Vehicle, an unmanned spacecraft similar to a smaller version of the Space Shuttle. On its latest “mission”, the top-secret aircraft launched into space on December 11, 2012 and remained there for nearly two years. The purpose of its mission is unknown and a highly-guarded secret. However, NASA confirmed that it was scheduled to land at Vandenberg Air Force Base last week. No exact time was given but the FAA notified aviators and mariners that airspace around the base would be closed from 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM on October 15, 2014.

More photos and video of UFO over Houston emerge

I originally hesitated before reporting the recent UFO sightings over Houston, Texas but after seeing additional photos and videos of the August 12, 2014 event, decided there was a good chance the object(s) sighted could be more than just reflections on an automobile’s windshield or an errant drone. The brightly-lit orbs were sighted over Houston, Texas during the night of August 11 and early morning hours of August 12, 2014. Multiple sources came forward presenting video and photographic evidence of the object(s) that were taken as a thunderstorm moved over the area. Local KPRC-Houston DJ, DJ Nayyz claims he spotted the object while driving home and began tweeting several photos with the caption “UFO over Houston’s east side”. Later, a second witness, “Mr Rastafarian”, posted

Runaway teenager found living the good life inside 24-hour Walmart store

A 14-year-old Texas boy was found four days after he ran away from home in the most unlikely place – living inside a 24-hour Walmart in Corsicana, Texas. The young teen had set up two hidden “camp sites” inside the store, including a sleeping area tucked behind a row of baby stroller boxes, and survived by eating food taken from the store.  Alas, his untidy habits put an end to his clever ploy - employees discovered the boy after following a “trail of food wrapping” that led to the teen’s hidden lair. Police say the boy avoided detection by changing clothes several times each day and noted that he seemed to be doing quite well, even keeping a pet fish from the pet department in a