Month: August 2018

Texas police seek identity of barefoot women in broken restraints who rang doorbell in middle of night.

Police in Montgomery, Texas are seeking assistance from the public after home video captured a woman with broken restraints ringing a doorbell in the middle of the night. The incident took place in the wee morning hours of August 24, 2018. Surveillance video shows a barefoot young woman wearing a T-Shirt, without pants, and what looks like broken shackles hanging from her right wrist. Homeowners say the woman rang the doorbell at 3:20 AM, briefly looked around, then left quickly. They told police she looked panicked and disoriented but by the time they got to the door, the woman was gone. The video was turned over to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office who asked the public for assistance. Authorities say several reports of a missing woman in the

12-year-old girl shoots photo of Nessie (i.e. the Loch Ness Monster) while vacationing

I'll let the readers decide on this one. The photo is near certain to be legit. It was taken on August 17, 2018 by a 12-year-old tourist, Charlotte Robinson, while saying at the Loch Ness Highland Lodges in Invermoriston. Robinson believes she was about 50 feet from shore when she took the photo but admits she's not good at judging distances. Given the wind that day, the size of the waves, and the shadows (the photo was taken about 7:00 PM), it is believed the size of the visible part of Nessie's neck is about 15 feet above water. It does indeed fit the size and shape of prior Nessie reports. Robinson described how the photo was taken: "There was something in the water about 50 feet

Racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. recalls ghostly presence after fiery 2004 crash – says spirit may have pulled him from burning car.

In his latest podcast, legendary race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. recalled a strange occurrence in a race more than a decade ago and admitted his belief in the paranormal world, “I do believe in paranormal activity. I think that our personalities and our souls have so much — we’re so much more than just blood vessels, and bone and muscle… Haunted places? Sure.” So, what made Earnhardt a believer? A 2004 crash at Sonoma Raceway. Despite worrying his fans might think he’s a “loony”, Earnhardt admitted that when his Corvette caught on fire at Sonoma, somebody pulled him out the car. Problem with this – nobody was around the car to pull him out. “I thought that it was a corner worker because I felt somebody put

US military worried after strange acting Russian satellite “gave birth” to two more satellites.

On August 14, 2018, a high-ranking U.S. State Department official implied that a recent Russian satellite could be a space weapon of some kind. Describing the satellite as “very abnormal”, the official told conference members in Geneva, “We don’t know for certain what it is, and there is no way to verify it.” She then went on to address the room with this statement: “Russian intentions with respect to this satellite are unclear and are obviously a very troubling development — particularly when considered in concert with statements by Russia’s Space Force commander, who highlighted that ‘assimilating new prototypes of weapons into Space Forces' military units is a main task’ facing the Aerospace Forces space troops.” The official did not name the satellite. She only said it was

The Westall School UFO – Hundreds of students and teachers witness disc-shaped UFO above school in Australia (1966)

In 1966, Australia saw its largest mass UFO sighting in history. For over 20 minutes, more than 300 students, teachers, and others watched as a silver disc-shaped object flew above the school, landed behind it, then took off and sped away. Fifty years later, witnesses to the event still have no explanation for what they saw. April 6, 1966 – the Westall High School UFO On April 6, 1966 at 11:00 AM in a Melbourne, Victoria, Australia suburb known as Clayton South, a class of students and a teacher at Westall High School (now Westall Secondary College) had just completed an outdoor physical education class. It was a sunny, breezy autumn day. As the students filed toward the building, a student noticed an object in the sky.

Pentagon administrator says “metal from crashed UFOs” are stored in Bigelow warehouse near Las Vegas

Regular readers are familiar with Robert Bigelow, the Budget Suites of America owner who used his vast fortune to start Bigelow Aerospace, a space technology company based in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Bigelow Aerospace works on various space technologies for the US government (and several other foreign governments). He is admittedly a firm believer in UFOs. More specifically, he believes aliens have and are present on Earth today. In a 2017 TV interview, Bigelow confirmed that he believed in aliens when he told reporters: “There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence. And I spent millions and millions and millions – I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject.” This week, Luis

YouTubers are ordering and opening bizarre and terrifying “mystery boxes” from the dark web.

It’s beginning to gain traction across the United States – the opening and filming of “mystery boxes” ordered from the Dark Web. The boxes can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars and thus far, have contained a terrifying and disturbing assortment of bizarre contents. Authorities are as of yet, unsure if the boxes (and videos of them being opened) are real or hoaxes but are warning people to avoid purchasing the mystery boxes from the Dark Web. "The dark web is dangerous to even access. Why would you buy unknown things from there?" Mystery Boxes have been offered on the Dark Web for many years. They began as add-on "gifts", an incentive to purchase more items, for customers who purchased drugs or weapons from a

NASA package with bizarre note falls from sky near Trump golf club causing panic and widespread goofiness

Authorities and residents near Bedminister, New Jersey, location of President Donald Trump’s prestigious golf club, were sent into a state of panic on August 7, 2018 after an odd-looking package dropped from the sky and landed near 147 New Road in Kendail. The package was attached to a parachute and made an unusual hissing sound as it descended. Attached to the package was this message: “NASA Atmospheric Research Instrument. NOT A BOMB! If this lands near the President, we at NASA wish him a great round of golf.” So of course, authorities assumed the package WAS A BOMB. Police agencies, including the New Jersey State Police Bomb Unit were rushed to the scene to examine the device which looked like a genuine Styrofoam cooler bomb. After a bit

Mysterious object discovered on ocean floor – researcher believes ex-astronaut may have found evidence of extra-terrestrial visitation to Earth

Astronaut Gordon Cooper studies the ocean from space Astronaut Gordon Cooper, a firm believer in UFOs and extraterrestrials, spent much of his time in space examining oceans for unusual formations and odd magnetic “anomalies”. Using special long-range detection equipment, Cooper was tasked by the US government to scout the ocean’s waters for threats – Russian submarines or nuclear missile sites. Cooper kept meticulous notes on what he saw including coordinates of anomalies he spotted from space. When Cooper arrived back on Earth, he began a decades-long search for the objects he had seen hidden under the depths of the ocean. During his searches, he created detailed maps of his discoveries including notes regarding ships that had sunk in the area. Before his death, he passed all of

Police warn bizarre WhatsApp “MoMo Challenge” is causing teens around the world to commit suicide

It’s dark, bizarre, creepy, and in at least one case, deadly. In mid-2017, the challenge known as the MoMo Challenge is popped up on WhatsApp and Facebook at an alarming rate. Police are warning parents to beware. So far, at least one teen’s suicide is rumored to be connected to the disturbing challenge. The MoMo Challenge began as a viral hoax that encourages the recipient to add or message a MoMo WhatsApp account. The account features a terrifying image of a woman with wildly distorted eyes (reports indicate the photo originates from a Japanese sculpture created in 2016). According to the challenge, if you do not initiate contact as instructed, MoMo will appear to you at night and curse those who do not respond to her

Canada’s new CHIME telescope goes online and immediately detects mysterious radio burst from deep space

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity mapping Experiment (CHIME) has been operating in British Columbia for less than a year and already it has detected something unusual in deep space. This week astronomers announced the telescope is picking up mysterious signals from deep space known as “fast radio bursts” or FRBs. FRBs are millisecond-long bursts of radio emissions that are stupendously powerful. They are notable because scientists can find no explanation how they could be naturally produced. This of course introduces the prospect that FRBs are an artificially-created signal, possibly designed to avoid wavelengths of naturally-occurring radio emissions in order to communicate with faraway civilizations. CHIME’s astronomers noted that the strange burst, named FRB 180725A, was first observed on July 25, 2018. It is the lowest frequency (as low

Mysterious loud booms reported in Maryville, Tennessee – only 30 miles from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The mysterious "booms' heard around the country have reached the small town of Maryville, Tennessee. Police say loud booms were reported by dozens of residents throughout the Sandy Springs and Pearson Springs area on July 30, 2018. The booms occurred around 9:30 PM. The U.S. Geological Survey detected no earthquakes in the area and there were no unusual weather patterns at the time. It is worthy to note however, that Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is only 30 miles northwest of Maryville. ORNL specializes in secret government research projects relate to energy and national security. Sources: The Daily Times Blount Country, Wikipedia

Giant cloud like a perfectly shaped angel appears in the sky over Houston

Danny Ferraro of Montgomery, Texas captured a bizarre image of a cloud in the skies over Houston that looks remarkably like an angel, glowing rays and all. He promptly sent the picture to local Houston news station ABC 13 who broadcast the shot during their nightly newscast. Ferraro noted that the odd formation lasted only a few moments and then was gone. He told ABC13: "I just felt like God was saying, 'I'm always with you.' I don't know how many people saw it as there were many on the road, but I'm sure it meant something special to everyone who did." Sources: ABC13 Houston, Photo courtesy Danny Ferraro