17-year-old Rebecca Townsend of Brookfield, Connecticut

17-year-old Rebecca Townsend of Brookfield, Connecticut was with her family and boyfriend Ben Arne in Spain when a car appeared out of nowhere heading toward them. Rebecca did was everyone knew she would do – she reacted quickly and pushed Ben out of the way. Unfortunately, the car struck Rebecca and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

When the family returned home and unpacked her things, they found a note titled “For the Future – Rebecca Townsend”. It was Rebecca’s bucket list of things she wanted to do before she died. It listed three things.

    1. Kiss in the rain
    2. Fly to Spain
    3. Save a life

It seems as if Rebecca was able to complete the last two of which Rebecca completed on her trip to Spain – including saving the life of her friend, Ben.

Her sister delivered the eulogy at her funeral. She told the audience:

“To Niko, thank you for being the cute boyfriend she could kiss in the rain. To my parents, thank you for taking her to Spain. And to Ben, thank you for letting her save a life.”


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