Five surfers drown in Netherlands after becoming caught up in bizarre “avalanche-like” thick sea foam.

// May 14th, 2020 // No Comments » // News

Five experienced surfers drown in the Netherlands on Tuesday after surfing in stormy weather at a popular beach in Scheveningen, a suburb of The Hague. According to officials, the storm whipped up unusually thick sea foam in the North Sea from which the surfers could not escape.

Man wearing TV on head drops more than 50 TV sets on random front porches.

// August 21st, 2019 // No Comments » // News

Doorbell surveillance cameras across Virginia captured video of a mysterious man with a TV set over his head laying older television sets on various people’s front porches. Outdated TV boxes were found at more than 50 homes.

Woman visits doctor after severe eye pain – doctor finds four tiny bees living under her eyelid.

// April 10th, 2019 // No Comments » // News

Bees found living under woman's eyelid

A woman in Taiwan went through an eye-opening procedure this week after doctors removed four living bees that were living under her left eyelid. The woman believes the bees blew into her eyes while she was visiting a relative’s grave site. The woman says she washed her eyes but the severe pain persisted.

YouTubers are ordering and opening bizarre and terrifying “mystery boxes” from the dark web.

// August 12th, 2018 // No Comments » // News

It’s beginning to gain traction across the United States – the opening and filming of “mystery boxes” ordered from the Dark Web. The boxes can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars and thus far, have contained a terrifying and disturbing assortment of bizarre contents.

Real-life mad scientist – “Mad” Mike Hughes blasts off in homemade steam-powered rocket – and survives

// March 27th, 2018 // No Comments » // News

He’s a limo driver from California who calls himself a self-taught scientists. Others say he’s a crackpot. What we know for certain is that he’s no chicken. This week 61-year-old “Mad” Mike Hughes took the first step to proving the world if truly flat. According to Mike, to verify the earth is flat, we must […]

Man is electrocuted, falls eight stories, catches on fire – and survives!

// August 11th, 2017 // No Comments » // News

A California man has survived an almost unimaginable series of tragedies this week. The man climbed a 100-foot high voltage transmission tower which sits along a popular walking path in Santa Rosa. He was electrocuted, fell 8-stories, and caught on fire – and survived!

Weird ad: Looking to produce super baby, man seeks women to impregnate during 2017 solar eclipse

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Solar eclipses can be eerie events. At totality, a creepy darkness settles and shadows change into unsettling broken forms. It’s a weird experience to say the least. But a guy from Europe has submitted a proposal which adds a whole new level of weirdness to the occasion.

Chinese man found unconscious with rotting feet after week long video gaming binge

// July 1st, 2016 // No Comments » // News

This week police in China found the gamer lying unconscious near a set of railroad tracks. An ambulance was called and police explained that there was a putrid smell coming from the man’s feet. Hospital workers removed his shoes and found that his feet were so badly infected, they had begun rotting.

Mother and six children held in underground room for 24 years see outside world for first time- the Fritzl case

// March 8th, 2016 // No Comments » // People in Unusual Circumstances

When the public found that Josef Fritzl had held a woman and three children captive in a basement dungeon for 24 years, the act seemed unspeakable. The trail of Josef exposed a web of horror, a series of events that surpassed the worst snuff film or penny dreadful, events that would cause permanent physical and […]

Ethiopian residents stunned as fish fall from sky over drought-stricken Dire Dawa

// February 17th, 2016 // No Comments » // News

Residents of Dire Dawa in eastern Ethiopia welcomed the much needed rain in their drought-stricken area but were not expecting the oddity that came with it. According to the Ethiopian Herald, at around 11:30 AM on January 31, 2016, fish began to rain from the sky over the peasant neighborhoods of Dechatu, Finfinne, Adada, and […]

Are “invisible terrestrial entities” all around us? Physicist says yes, and has photos to back it up.

// January 27th, 2016 // No Comments » // News

Dr. Santilli says there is an “effective conspiracy to suppress, or refuse to investigate, novel theories which may conflict with established scientific theories. Such will surely be the case with Santilli’s newest discovery – a concave-lens telescope that reveals an invisible part of the universe many of us would just as soon stay hidden behind […]

Police puzzle over dozens of creepy spiked baseball bats found chained to poles across San Francisco

// November 30th, 2015 // No Comments » // News

They mystery began to unfold early Thanksgiving morning when police received calls from concerned citizens regarding creepy spiked baseball bats chained to street poles throughout the city. The bats, which have long metal spikes running through them, were found chained to parking meters, street lights, sidewalk benches, and sign posts. By the end of the […]

Uncanny – Man dumbfounded after meeting his doppelganger (physical double) on international flight

// November 1st, 2015 // No Comments » // News

Neil Thomas Douglas was stunned to find the passenger sitting next to him appeared to be his identical twin. A friend sitting in the seat in front of them snapped this picture and forwarded to his wife who tweeted, “Guy on the right is the husband of my friend. Guy on the left is a […]

Gone Girl Denise Huskins – the real-life kidnapping that police ignored as a hoax because it was so friggin bizarre

// September 22nd, 2015 // No Comments » // Strange

On March 23, 2015, at 1:53 PM, Aaron Quinn called police in Vallejo, California to report a kidnapping and ransom demand for $8,500 dollars. According to Quinn, he and his live-in girlfriend, Denise Huskins, awoke at 3:00 AM to blinding, bright lights shining in their faces. The kidnapper[s] ordered Huskins to bind Quinn’s legs with […]

LA police look for reverse driver who (expertly) drove Mulholland thru Hollywood strip backward

// July 13th, 2015 // No Comments » // News

LA police are looking for a driver and his female cohort who were filmed speeding backward for miles through the heart of Los Angeles, California. Police say reports of the hair-raising stunt began pouring in from stunned onlookers on Thursday afternoon. Video shows the driver, who was piloting an Audi with dealer plates, swerving in […]


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