Proverbial Jonah was swallowed by a whale in South Africa – whale gulps down photographer then spits him back out.

// June 25th, 2019 // No Comments » // News

Man swallowed by whale legs foot marked

In May 2019, 51-year-old dive tour operator Rainer Schimpf was photographing a school of sardines off the coast of South Africa. Several 15-ton whales had been circling the sardine “bait ball”, a tight school of fish that have been corralled by predators, in this case whales, dolphins, and a few sharks. Suddenly, everything went dark. […]

The town that hanged an elephant – the macabre story behind Murderous Mary’s dreadful execution

// July 28th, 2016 // No Comments » // Odd Happenings

Using her trunk, Mary lifted Eldridge high into the air, then threw him into a nearby drink stand. To ease public outrage, it was decided that Murderous Mary would be hung the next day in Ervin. What followed became a cautionary tale of circus animal abuse.

Fish with human feet (including five toes) caught off Caribbean coast by 74-year-old local fisherman

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The aquatic horror pictured above was caught of the coast of Windward, on the Island of Carriacou in the Caribbean by 74-year-old fisherman, Hope McLawrence. According to McLawrence: This has shocked me to a considerable extent since I never thought that a creature like this even existed!

Deformed mountain lion with fully-formed teeth and whiskers growing out back of head discovered in Idaho

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A hunter in Idaho has stumbled across a dreadful biological mystery – a mountain lion with a second set of fully-formed teeth and whiskers growing out the back of its head. Wildlife officials say they have never seen a deformity like this.

70% of the world’s Saiga antelopes mysteriously drop dead within two-week period – scientists unable to determine cause

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At one time, there were millions of Saiga antelopes roaming the plains of central Asia. Over time, their numbers were brought down by disease, hunting and oddly, the landing of the Soyuz capsule from the International Space Station. Still, the population held steady at a quarter-million antelopes until six months ago when 70% of the […]

Stunning series of photographs captures orca killer whale punting a seal over eight stories into the air

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In an unbelievable sequence of photographs, an orca killer whale punts a seal over eight-stories in the air. While orcas are known to stun harbor seals by hitting them, flinging them in the air is a rare occurrence.

Bizarre creature with “body of buffalo and head of crocodile” discovered in Thailand

// October 6th, 2015 // No Comments » // News

Photos have appeared showing a bizarre hybrid-like creature found in Thailand this week. With scaly skin, an alligator-like head, and calf-like hooves, experts in the area are stumped. Villagers say that a genetic cross between an alligator and a water buffalo was born in the village some time ago but died soon after birth. Could […]

Freakish two-headed dolphin washes ashore in Turkey

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Freakish two-headed dolphin washes ashore in Turkey thumb

urkish beachgoers received a gruesome surprise last week when the body of a freakish two-headed dolphin washed onto the shore of Izmir on Turkey’s west coast. The two-headed dolphin, which had two heads but merged to share just one tail, was discovered by sports teacher Tugreul Metin who watched in amazement as it washed onto […]

Eight-legged “Octogoat” – goat born in Croatia has eight spider-like legs

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A goat in Croatia has given birth to kid (baby goat) with eight legs. Rancher Zoran Paparic says after the mother goat (Sarka) gave birth to the freakish goat, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “I counted his legs and I thought I was seeing things. Then I called my neighbor to make sure that I […]

After at least four villagers dead, 2,200 lb. man-eating crocodile captured in Uganda

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A one-ton crocodile was captured at Lake Victoria, Uganda yesterday. The beast had already killed at least four men (some reports indicate six) and injured many others when villagers begged the Uganda Wildlife Authority to hunt the creature down. After a four-day search, the 20-foot croc was captured using meat on a hook, towed to […]

Mike the Headless Chicken – famously tough chicken lives over a year with no head

// December 5th, 2013 // No Comments » // Bizarre

It will forever be known as one of the luckiest breaks in poultry history – the day a propitious hatchet job left “Miracle Mike” (aka Mike the Headless Chicken) in a one-in-a-million state that allowed him to live for over a year without a head. The unusual event started routinely enough. On September 10, 1945, […]

As if not creepy enough, researchers find two-headed stingray fetus floating in aquarium water

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Australian researcher Leonardo Guida was cleaning an aquarium in April when he saw several baby rays floating in the water. Noting that the mother stingrays had just given birth, he began recording the baby rays when he saw an “oddly shaped, pale object floating in the water”. That odd object turned out to be a […]

Wave of perplexing sheep mutilations in Port Lavaca, Texas – lack of evidence in the case is “puzzling”

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There has been a wave of perplexing sheep mutilations in Port Lavaca, Texas over the past few months in which one farmer has lost 21 head of his prized Barbados Sheep since July 2013. Wayne Daggs, who worked in law enforcement for 23 years including a 18-year stint as the county constable before retiring in […]

At least 42 dead and hundreds injured during wave of giant hornet attacks in China

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Asian Giant Hornets (Vespa mandarinia) thumb

Forty-two people have died and thousands have been injured in a wave of giant hornet attacks in central China. Victims of the bizarre attacks, which began about three months ago, described being chased for hundreds of yards by the creatures and stung as many as 200 times. The giant hornets can grow up to three […]

120 dead elk carcasses found near mysterious crop circle in northern New Mexico

// September 17th, 2013 // No Comments » // News

Game and Fish investigators found 120 dead elk carcasses near a mysterious crop circle near Las Vegas, New Mexico on August 26, 2013. The animals were found about 20 miles north of Las Vegas and a few hundred yards south of the crop circle. All of the animal carcasses were found within a single square […]


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