17-year-old completes bucket list moments before death – the last item on her list? Save a life.

17-year-old Rebecca Townsend of Brookfield, Connecticut was with her family and boyfriend Ben Arne in Spain when a car appeared out of nowhere heading toward them. Rebecca did was everyone knew she would do – she reacted quickly and pushed Ben out of the way. Unfortunately, the car struck Rebecca and she was pronounced dead at the scene. When the family returned home and unpacked her things, they found a note titled “For the Future – Rebecca Townsend”. It was Rebecca’s bucket list of things she wanted to do before she died. It listed three things. Kiss in the rain Fly to Spain Save a life It seems as if Rebecca was able to complete the last two of which Rebecca completed on her trip to

The bizarre Russian cult that buried themselves alive – more than two-dozen men, women, and children buried alive to achieve salvation.

The road to redemption is never an easy path but for a shadowy cult in a small Russian village, the way was particularly difficult. To achieve salvation, they had to die. But not only did they have to perish, they had to depart life in a most horrific way. For these unfortunate believers, in order to reach paradise, they had to be buried alive. Liman, Russia – 1896 The tiny village of Liman is located twenty-eight miles from Tiraspol in the province of Kherson in what is now modern-day Ukraine. It was a small village of about thirty people, most of who belonged to a cult known as Raskol Niki (or Raskoinki). Raskol Niki was a vague subsect of a religious division known as the Old Believers

Doctors in India are in hot water after nearly burying a man alive.

Doctors in Lucknow, India are in hot water this week after nearly burying a man alive. 20-year-old Mohammad Furgan was rushed to the hospital after a major traffic accident. Unable to “save him”, the doctors declared him dead. The man’s family made funeral preparations and the body was transported by ambulance for the funeral service. The man’s older brother was paying his last respects when he noticed the body moved. "Devastated, we were preparing for the burial when some of us saw movement in his limbs." Not believing what his own eyes were seeing, he called his family over who confirmed that yes, the man was still moving about. Furgan was transported to another hospital where doctors confirmed he was still alive. The family believes the hospital error

Woman dies for 27 minutes before being revived – unable to speak, her first written message will send chills down your spine.

In 2018, young, healthy Tina Hines had an unexpected cardiac arrest. Her husband, Brian Hines, worked on her until medical personnel arrived. He revived her four times. At the hospital, doctors revived her two more times. Tina was on a defibrillator, unable to breathe, when suddenly, she came back to life. The total time of “death” was estimated to be a remarkable 27 minutes. Upon awakening, Tina was unable to speak because she was intubated, a endotracheal tube hanging from her mouth. She had something important she needed to share though. She motioned frantically for a pen and paper. A family member handed her a personal journal. Tina took the pen and with shaky hands, scrawled her message. For a few minutes, family members stared at the

Largest child sacrifice in history discovered – bodies of more than 140 children and 200 baby llamas discovered buried under sand in Peru.

It’s believed to have taken place about 550 years ago in the pre-Columbian Chimu Empire at a site known as Huanchaquito-Las Llamas. According to National Geographic this week, it’s the largest child sacrifice in history. More than 140 skeletal remains of children were uncovered in the dry sand near the coast of Trujillo, Peru. Laying next to them were more than 200 baby llamas. According to the report, the children ranged in age from 5 to 14. Their remains showed evidence of cuts to the sternum and their faces were smeared with red cinnabar-based pigment. It is believed the ceremony involved painting the children’s’ faces red, then cutting open their chests to remove the heart. According to the report, “the sacrificial llamas appear to have met

Deadman’s Island – haunted slash of rock in Vancouver earns sinister but befitting name

Deadman’s Island, Coal Harbor, Vancouver Located just south of Stanley Park in Coal Harbor, Vancouver, it’s a tiny slash of rock just 7 ½ acres in size. Today a Canadian naval base is located on the island. Soldiers stationed on the base will attest the continuation of a dark sequence of events stretching back to pre-European settlement days that earned the island its sinister name – Deadman’s Island. Native American occupation of Deadman’s Island The island’s first recorded history began with the Coastal Salish Indian tribes who occupied the area since 600 AD. The Northern and Southern Salish tribes were embroiled in a bitter war when the Southern Salish initiated an incredibly evil deception. After kidnapping 200 women, children, and elders from the Northern tribe, the Southern Salish

Video from Thailand captures dark apparition exiting woman’s body just moments after death

Video captured an inexplicable ghostly apparition in Lopburi, Thailand following a traffic accident involving a passenger vehicle striking a motorcycle carrying two people. A woman on the motorbike was knocked off the bike when the automobile slammed into it, knocking her into a power pole. Sadly, the woman was killed instantly. A video of the aftermath shows the woman laying on the ground as a black orb visibly emerges from her chest. A passenger leaps from the car and runs toward the ghostly figure, wildly waving his hands. The apparition hovers above the body for several seconds, then vanishes.  

Photo from scene of deadly motorcycle accident shows ghostly spirit leaving victim’s body

A photo from a motorcycle accident in Stanton, Kentucky is getting a lot of attention from paranormal researchers this week. The crash occurred on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 around 5:30 PM in Powell County, Kentucky. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was gravely injured and pronounced dead at the hospital. Saul Vazquez witnessed the accident from the opposite lane and snapped a photo of paramedics working to revive the victim. He uploaded the photo to Facebook with this explanation: “I took this picture just few minutes ago from the cab of my truck it was an accident between Campton and Stanton on the service road just off of the mountain parkway, zoom in and pay attention to the shadow just off the top of the state trooper hat. All

The Waiting for Death photo – photographer captures memorable dying child scene, then kills himself

Captured by photographer Kevin Carter in 1992, it came to be known as the Waiting for Death photo and went on to win the 1994 Pulitzer Prize. The graphic picture shows a starving Sudanese child collapsed on the ground, kneeling, waiting for death as a wide-eyed vulture sits patiently in the background, waiting for its next meal. When the picture was published in the New York Times on March 26, 1993, the international community was horrified – and awakened - while the toll from the horrors he witnessed led Carter down a path of destruction. Kevin Carter travels with Operation Lifeline Sudan Kevin Carter traveled to Sudan in 1993 alongside a United Nations group tasked with assisting starving Sudanese under the umbrella of Operation Lifeline Sudan. Sudan already had a long and

“Explosion” that killed Indian man turns out to be a falling meteorite

Yesterday, authorities described it as "an explosion”. The incident, in which a 40-year-old man died and three others were injured, took place at the Bharathidasan Engineering College in Natrampalli, India on Saturday, February 6, 2016. Witnesses reported hearing a loud rumbling noise followed by an explosion which blew out windows of buses and buildings and left a four-foot deep crater in the ground. Initially authorities thought the cause of the explosion was a bomb, possibly dropped by a terrorist or military drone aircraft. Today however, we learn that the cause was not manmade at all – it was a meteorite. Authorities today retrieved a piece of the meteorite and issued the following statement, “A mishap occurred yesterday when a meteorite fell in the campus of a private engineering college in

Michael Jackson’s leaked autopsy reports confirm the horrifying facts we already knew

Two autopsies were performed on global superstar Michael Jackson, who was found dead on the floor of his rented Los Angeles mansion on June 25, 2009. One autopsy was performed on the 50-year-old singer by the Los Angeles coroner and a private one was requested by his family. Results of the official autopsy leaked to the press and proved what most already suspected – the King of Pop was a tortured man. Results of Michael Jackson's autopsy report According to the leaked reports, the autopsy shows that Jackson’s body had wasted away to a mere 112 pounds. His stomach was completely empty – except for a collection of partially digested pills. Old needle wounds, believed to be from painkiller shots, covered his hips, thighs and shoulders. When he

Photo series captures weeping and crying teenage jihadi suicide bomber as his friends merrily send him to his death

Westerners can't comprehend the logic of suicide bombers. It’s not that Westerners won’t give their life in service of their country (many have) but the act of becoming a human bomb just seems, well, dumb. Today ISIS released footage of a teenage suicide bomber that from all appearances, they are very proud of. If you’re a Westerner, don’t think you’ll gain any more understanding after viewing the pictorial sequence of events - it's not the brave march into battle you would expect. In the photos below, you’ll see a teenager's jihadi buddies urge him on, patting him on the back and filming wildly with their cellphones.  Then the poor kid breaks down and weeps and cries like, well, a little kid. Then he is no more. The reluctant teenager below conducted the

In eerie coincidence, hi-speed photo of airshow plane crash captures the very moment wing walker Jane Wicker died

It’s a common thought – what happens at the precise moment we pass from this life to the next. However, it’s an extremely rare event when that moment is captured in a photograph. Such was the case on June 22, 2013 at the Vectren Dayton Air Show in Dayton, Ohio when an eagle-eye noticed that one small section of a spectacular hi-definition, high-speed photograph of a plane crash froze in time the instant a female wing walker, Jane Wicker, met her end. Jane Wicker - wing walker 45-year-old Jane Wicker was a Federal Aviation Administration budget analyst with a backbone made of steel. Financial accountant by day, Wicker began her daredevil career in 1990 after answering an advertisement from the Flying Circus Airshow in Bealeton, Virginia. After

Concerned citizens notify police that a woman was pushing her dead son in a swing throughout the night

The horrors of humanity and fragility of the human mind often make for the most bizarre and heart-wrenching stories imaginable. Such was the case today in La Plata, Maryland. La Plata police say they received a phone call just before 7:00 AM saying that a woman was at the park pushing a toddler “for an unusually long period of time”. As it turns out, the woman had been pushing the toddler in the swing, nonstop, throughout the night. When police arrived at the Willis Memorial Park at 500 St. Mary’s Ave., they found the 24-year-old mother pushing her dead 3-year-old son (JiAire) in a swing. Police say the child showed no signs of trauma and the mother was unable to provide any identifying information. It was

Couple’s final photos tell tsunami story from the grave (2004 Indian Ocean tsunami)

As if their last words were cut off mid-sentence The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake (aka Sumatra-Andaman earthquake) on December 26 is the third-largest earthquake ever recorded and holds the record for the longest duration of faulting ever observed. The massive event triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the Indian Ocean coast that generated waves up to 100 feet high which pounded the shores resulting in the deaths of approximately 230,000 people. Among those who died were John and Jackie Knill. When their digital camera was discovered among the rubble on a deserted beach in Thailand, the world was left with the pictorial last words of the couple – a visual record of their last moments on earth presented in a harrowing sequence of photos that