Concerned citizens notify police that a woman was pushing her dead son in a swing throughout the night

// May 26th, 2015 // News


Willis Memorial Park at 500 St. Mary’s Ave in La Plata, Maryland

The horrors of humanity and fragility of the human mind often make for the most bizarre and heart-wrenching stories imaginable. Such was the case today in La Plata, Maryland. La Plata police say they received a phone call just before 7:00 AM saying that a woman was at the park pushing a toddler “for an unusually long period of time”. As it turns out, the woman had been pushing the toddler in the swing, nonstop, throughout the night.

When police arrived at the Willis Memorial Park at 500 St. Mary’s Ave., they found the 24-year-old mother pushing her dead 3-year-old son (JiAire) in a swing. Police say the child showed no signs of trauma and the mother was unable to provide any identifying information. It was reported later however, that the father had been attempting to gain custody of the child saying the mother “was not fit to take care of our son”.  The woman was taken to an area hospital for medical evaluation and police say they will continue their investigation into the child’s death.


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