Month: May 2020

Police identify the 6th Long Island serial killer victim previously known as Jane Doe #6.

After nearly two decades, police in Long Island have identified the Long Island serial killer's sixth victim, known until now as Jane Doe #6, using genetic genealogy technology. The victim was Valerie Mack. Mack went missing in 2000. She was 24-years-old and worked as an escort in Philadelphia. Her partial remains were found that same year in a wooded area off Halsey-Manor Road in Manorville. A year later, her dismembered remains were found along Ocean Parkway in Gilgo Beach.

China’s doctors fear the coronavirus may be mutating in a manner that could drastically increase infections and make spreading harder to contain.

Bloomberg reported today that Chinese doctors are seeing a concerning, new behavior in coronavirus infections. A new cluster of cases on the northeast region suggest the pathogen may be changing in ways that could complicate efforts to stamp it out. Patients in the northern provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang are carrying the virus for extended periods before showing symptoms. The asymptomatic behavior seen with coronavirus is believed to be one of the reason the virus spreads so easily. Qiu Haibo, one of China's top critical care doctors said on state television: "Patients in the northeast also appear to be taking longer than the one to two weeks observed in Wuhan to develop symptoms after infection, and this delayed onset is making it harder for authorities to catch cases

Four-foot long lizards invade Georgia. Ordered to be “shot on sight” when spotted.

The Argentine black and white tegus is a 4-foot-long reptile. It has been spotted in at least two counties in Georgia. The Orianne Society said, “Tegus seen in Georgia can and should be shot on sight." "These large lizards are voracious predators that have been found consuming a variety of natural wildlife in the longer-established Florida populations." The reptiles are believed to have been established from escaped pets. The creatures grow to 4-foot and weigh more than 10 pounds. They eat small animals and are especially fond of eggs which makes them dangerous to protected species. The reptiles had been sighted in southern Georgia before but it was generally believed they would not establish themselves in that environment.

Police executing no-knock warrant enter the wrong home and kill the owner.

Police in Louisville, Kentucky severely botched a no-knock search warrant - and the mistake was costly. Police forced their way in surprising the woman and her boyfriend who thought the police were burglars. Police with the Louisville Metro Police Department say they "announced their presence as police officers who were there with a search warrant" but were met with return fire when they entered the home. However, the warrant they were were granted was a no-knock warrant that does not require the police identify themselves. The man, 27-year-old "Walker", says he and his girlfriend, 26-year-old Breonna Taylor, were asleep in their bedroom and woke when the door burst in. He says they thought the police were robbers and he grabbed a nearby gun. He fired at

Five surfers drown in Netherlands after becoming caught up in bizarre “avalanche-like” thick sea foam.

Five experienced surfers drown in the Netherlands on Tuesday after surfing in stormy weather at a popular beach in Scheveningen, a suburb of The Hague. According to officials, the storm whipped up unusually thick sea foam in the North Sea from which the surfers could not escape. The Dutch Coast Guard was called to the scene. Three people were pulled from the water but two drowned. Two more bodies washed up on the shore later that day. A fifth body was seen floating in the waters before drifting out of reach. The excessively thick layer of sea foam drifted on the North See waters near the beaches, pushed near the shore by stormy winds. Officials said the condications created "avalance-like" sea foam along the coast. Surfers said

FBI accidentally releases name of US-based Saudi official suspected of directing support for 9/11 attacks.

It has been one of the most sensitive secrets surrounding the Sept. 11 terror attacks - the identity of a Saudi Embassy official in Washington D.C. who officials believe directed support for the al-Qaida hijackers. The name was accidentally revealed in a FBI legal declaration in response to a lawsuit brought by families of 9/11 victims seeking to obtain the name of the Saudi government officials complicit in the terrorist attacks. Family members say the revelation marks a major breakthrough and shows the FBI believed there was a link between the hijackers and the Saudi Embassy in Washington. Brett Eagleson, a spokesman for the 9/11 families, said, This shows there is a complete government cover-up of the Saudi involvement. It demonstrates there was a hierarchy of

Large piece of Chinese rocket falls from space missing New York by 15 minutes.

A large piece of Chinese space debris fell from space yesterday after passing over much of the United States. The debris was a 18-metric-ton core stage from the Long March 5B rocket that China launched on May 5, 2020. The trajectory of the debris passed over Los Angeles and New York before landing off the coast of West Africa just 15 minutes after passing over the US East Coast. The piece is the largest piece of uncontrolled space debris to re-enter the atmosphere since 1991.

Russian doctors who criticize Putin’s coronavirus response have been mysteriously falling out of hospital windows.

At least three frontline healthcare workers in Russia have mysteriously fallen out of hospital windows over the past two weeks. Two of the workers are dead. One  is believed to be alive but in critical condition. All three had publicly expressed concerns over Putin and medical authority's responses to the coronavirus pandemic raging within Russia. Natalya Lebedeva, head of the emergency medical service at Star City, was reportedly being treated for a suspected coronavirus infection when she fell out of a hospital window and died. Elena Nepomnyashchaya, the head doctor of a hospital in Krasnoyarsk, was reported to have opposed changes to his clinic due to the lack of protective gear in the hospital. The hospital denied the claims of an equipment shortage. On May 1, Nepomnyashchaya