China’s doctors fear the coronavirus may be mutating in a manner that could drastically increase infections and make spreading harder to contain.

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Bloomberg reported today that Chinese doctors are seeing a concerning, new behavior in coronavirus infections. A new cluster of cases on the northeast region suggest the pathogen may be changing in ways that could complicate efforts to stamp it out.

Large piece of Chinese rocket falls from space missing New York by 15 minutes.

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A large piece of Chinese space debris fell from space yesterday after passing over much of the United States. The trajectory of the debris passed over Los Angeles and New York before landing off the coast of West Africa just 15 minutes after passing the US East Coast.

Did the deadly Wuhan Virus (SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19) escape from Wuhan National Biolab, one of the world’s most dangerous viral research facilities?

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Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory Institute of Virology

As the deadly COVID-19 virus spreads across the planet, the world is applauding China for their handling of the viral outbreak. Meanwhile, Chinese authorities search for the “super spreader” responsible for the outbreak while the world ignores the obvious – Wuhan is home to one of the world’s most deadly virus laboratories.

Collection of historic vintage UFO photos (before we had Photoshop)

// September 19th, 2016 // No Comments » // Sightings

During the Golden Age of UFO sightings, the time between 1940 and 1970, thousands of UFO reports were submitted to officials, many of which were held for decades before being released to the public. Included in these reports are many notable photographs purported to depict UFO’s, or flying saucers as they were known at the […]

Six percent of world’s total inventory of aluminum found hidden under tarps in remote Mexican desert

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A California businessman hired a private pilot to fly over a factory in a remote Mexican desert. There he found nearly one million metric tons of aluminum covered with tarp and bales of hay. The cache represents about 6% of the world’s total aluminum inventory and is estimated to be worth over $2 billion dollars.

UFO over launch pad suspected in SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion

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Frames from a video of the spectacular SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion at Cape Canaveral on September 1, 2016 captured an “anomaly” that many suspect may have caused the detonation of the rocket and destruction of its communications satellite payload. In the video frames, which came from a high-speed video source near the launch pad, […]

Chinese man found unconscious with rotting feet after week long video gaming binge

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This week police in China found the gamer lying unconscious near a set of railroad tracks. An ambulance was called and police explained that there was a putrid smell coming from the man’s feet. Hospital workers removed his shoes and found that his feet were so badly infected, they had begun rotting.

Chinese town’s failed tourist plan causes village to be overrun with hundreds of wild monkeys

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Like a scene from sci-fi thriller The Planet of the Apes, villagers in the city of Xianfeng are being accosted daily by hundreds of wild monkeys. Attempts to recapture the monkeys for transport out of the city have failed leaving villagers seeking a way to co-exist with their new unfriendly neighbors.

Cow gives birth to rare two-headed calf in China

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This week, Chinese officials reported the birth of a two-headed calf in the Linshui county of Sichuan province in southwest China on February 14, 2016. The owner says the calf appeared perfectly healthy but died shortly after birth.

Here’s why many believe World War III is all but inevitable as governments around the world struggle against economic collapse

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Illustration of atomic bomb exploding near a major city thumb

Nobody wants another world war and up until the past decade, many thought the world had matured enough to avoid any new wide scale wars. Unfortunately, many prominent minds believe we are not only still susceptible to war, but that World War III is inevitable – and closer than we may think.

Dozens of restaurants in China caught lacing food with opium in attempt to hook customers on their food

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Chinese state officials say that thirty-five restaurants across China, including a popular chain of hot pot restaurants in Beijing, have been found using opium as seasoning in their food. The China Food and Drug Administration won’t say how or why the opium was placed in the restaurant food but it is believed (based on past […]

Levitating cars in China – mysterious, invisible force lifts autos or cable stuck in street sweeper?

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A bizarre video emerged this week showing cars on a busy Chinese street bouncing, rolling, and levitating via some mysterious, unseen force. Chinese officials quickly explained away the video claiming the cars were moved by a cable that had become entangled in the rotating broom of a passing street sweeper. Others however, have found no […]

70% of the world’s Saiga antelopes mysteriously drop dead within two-week period – scientists unable to determine cause

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At one time, there were millions of Saiga antelopes roaming the plains of central Asia. Over time, their numbers were brought down by disease, hunting and oddly, the landing of the Soyuz capsule from the International Space Station. Still, the population held steady at a quarter-million antelopes until six months ago when 70% of the […]

Shocked citizens photograph mysterious ghost city floating in sky above Foshan, China

// October 16th, 2015 // 1 Comment » // News

Photo of a mysterious ghost city floating in the sky above Foshan China thumb

Thousands of Chinese residents reported seeing a “floating city” in the skies above Foshan in the Guangdong province of China this week. Similar reports occurred in China in 2011 over Huanshan City. In both instances, the apparition shocked and terrified witnesses but only lasted for a few minutes before completely disappearing.

Huge cloaked UFO photographed travelling over China and India by many witnesses

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Some claim they are a rare type of cloud but many believe these UFOs are huge cloaked, alien motherships veiled behind some sort of advanced, semi-transparent cover. This week, pictures poured in from China’s Sichuan Province after residents along the Heilongtan Reservoir spotted a huge cloaked-UFO travelling across the horizon.


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