Month: July 2016

Possible Ohio serial killer revealed – Hidden torture room containing bloody women’s garments found in search of Joughin murder suspect home

Sierah Joughin disappears 20-year-old Sierah Joughin was riding her bike with her boyfriend on Tuesday, July 19, when the two parted ways near Evergreen High School in Metamora, Ohio. They continued texting when suddenly, text message from Joughin just stopped. By evening, it was clear that something had happened to Joughin. Law enforcement searched the area and discovered her purple bicycle near where she was last seen. They also found signs of a struggle. A suspect is arrested Three days later, on Friday July 22, her body was discovered in a shallow grave along County Road 7, not far from where her bicycle was found. That same day, 57-year-old James Worley of Delta, Ohio was arrested on abduction charges. He had plead guilty to an eerily similar abduction

The town that hanged an elephant – the macabre story behind Murderous Mary’s dreadful execution

Red Eldridge joins the circus On September 11, 1916, Sparks World Famous Shows Big Top Circus arrived in St. Paul, Virginia, a tiny mining town nestled in the hills of Clinch River Valley. It was that same day that 38-year-old Walter “Red” Eldridge, a hotel janitor, was hired on the spot as an assistant elephant trainer. Eldridge knew nothing about elephants but felt certain he could wield the hooked elephant stick that was required to keep the beasts in line. Besides, he was a drifter that had already roamed the country in a boxcar – a travelling circus-life with Sparks World Famous Shows would be right up his alley. Sparks World Famous Shows was owned and operated by Charlie Sparks. It was a small travelling circus that

Malawi’s bizarre rite of passage for young girls and the “Hyenas” who initiate them into womanhood

Warning: The following article is shocking and disturbing. Some readers may be offended by its content which includes frank discussion of a shocking rite of passage practiced in Malawi – the initiation of young Malawian girls into womanhood through “sex camps” and “sexual cleansing”. Malawi, located in southeast Africa, is one of the most underdeveloped countries on the planet. Guided by high rates of infant mortality and HIV/Aids, the area has one of the lowest rates of life expectancy on earth. Adding to their economic and health problems is a shocking societal problem – a bizarre rite of passage for girls as young as 6-years-old that is conducted in order to initiate them into womanhood. It’s called kusasa fumbi or “sexual cleansing” and requires a hired-man,

Colton Harris Moore (the Barefoot Bandit) – the amazing escapades of a modern day “catch me if you can” burglar

  Who was Colton Harris Moore? He first appeared on the Pacific Northwest's crime blotters at age 8 - for stealing a bicycle. As he grew older his criminal escapades progressed and soon he was arrested and jailed. He escaped from jail in April 2008, resuming his criminal activities. He has stolen four airplanes (while never having taken flying lessons), three boats, several cars, and has broken into over 100 homes and businesses. He has used stolen credit cards to purchase hi tech equipment (including night vision goggles) to aid in his crimes. He's cracked safes and pilfered their contents and has broken into and raided bank ATM machines. He's located on a 94 square mile island, isolated from the mainland, and has a penchant for pizza. 

North Korean spy radio station inexplicably begins transmitting coded messages after two decades of silence

In the age of the Internet, radio transmissions of secret code messages have become all but extinct. After all, it’s too easy to encode secret messages on the Internet – in audio files, in forums, in backend code, even embedded in graphical images (i.e. steganography). But on Friday, July 15, 2016, a North Korean short wave radio system abruptly, and inexplicably, returned to the airwaves. News of the North Korean broadcast came as Pyongyang is angrily reacting to the planned deployment of an advanced US missile defense system in South Korea.The strange transmissions began around 12:45 PM and began with a female announcing: “From now on, I will give review work for the subject of mathematics under the curriculum of a remote education university for exploration agents

Why are ghostly barefoot footprints appearing in this small retail store overnight?

Workers at a small retail store say they are puzzled over mysterious barefoot footprints that continue to appear on the floors of their store overnight. The footprints appear as black, somewhat greasy prints and vary in size – sometimes adult-sized and other times as a small as a tiny child. Typically, the footprints appear overnight but cashiers have reported hearing footsteps during the day  and finding children’s footprints behind the register area (where nobody but store cashiers can enter). Most of the time, the prints are nothing more than a single print in the middle of the room or a random scattering of prints throughout the store. Other times however, the prints seem to disappear into the store’s walls. Of course, the most likely explanation would seem to be

Apocalypse coming? – News regarding building of Third Temple to be revealed on August 19, 2016

Jews and Gentiles alike point to biblical verses prophesying the building of a Third Temple in Jerusalem. Given that the prophecy foresees world-changing apocalyptic events following the construction of the Third Temple, and that the site of the temple (Temple Mount) is currently occupied by Muslims (Dome of the Rock), such an endeavor would produce a profound impact across the planet – and likely global apocalyptic wars. This week a Bible Code expert, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, revealed that news regarding the Third Temple would arrive on Friday, August 19, 2016. The timing for such a revelation seems feasible, maybe even probable. Just two weeks ago, the 13-year-old daughter of prominent Temple activist Amihai Ariel, was stabbed to death near Hebron. In response, Ariel and 200 Jews gathered

Florida Monster Slain (1902 news article)

I ran across the following newspaper article from 1902.  It brought to mind stories of the Monster Mudwamp thought to at one time occupied the area around Lake Okeechobee. The Sunday Morning Age Sunday, January 5, 1902 Florida Monster Slain An enormous reptile, more like the mythical dragon than a land serpent, has been killed by a hunter in the Lower-Everglades. For one hundred years it has not only been a tradition among the Seminole Indians, who inhabited the borders of Lake Okeechobee, but it is stated as fact within the knowledge of some of the Indians now living that an immense serpent made its home in the

Serial killer in Phoenix – multiple residents dead at hands of Serial Street Shooter

Authorities in Phoenix today admitted what many have suspected for quite some time – an active serial killer, dubbed the Serial Street Shooter (or Monster of Maryvale), is leaving a bloody trail across Phoenix, Arizona. Thus far, several killings have been tied to the shooter. The spate of shootings began on March 17, 2016, when a 16-year-old boy was gunned down while walking along the street late at night. The next night, 21-year-old Diego Verdugo-Sanchez was shot while visiting his fiancée’s family. The shootings were followed by two killings in April and two more in June. 55-year-old Krystal Annette White was found dead of a gunshot wound on April 19. 32-year-old Horacio Pena was killed on June 3 after returning home from work. 19-year-old Manuel Castro Garcia was

Photo from scene of deadly motorcycle accident shows ghostly spirit leaving victim’s body

A photo from a motorcycle accident in Stanton, Kentucky is getting a lot of attention from paranormal researchers this week. The crash occurred on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 around 5:30 PM in Powell County, Kentucky. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was gravely injured and pronounced dead at the hospital. Saul Vazquez witnessed the accident from the opposite lane and snapped a photo of paramedics working to revive the victim. He uploaded the photo to Facebook with this explanation: “I took this picture just few minutes ago from the cab of my truck it was an accident between Campton and Stanton on the service road just off of the mountain parkway, zoom in and pay attention to the shadow just off the top of the state trooper hat. All

Airline pilot bets he can land while blindfolded – crashes plane killing 70 passengers (1986)

On October 20, 1986, the seven-man crew of a Tu-134A aircraft departed from Koltsovo Airport (Sverdlovsk in the Urals, Russia) on route to Grozny aboard Aeroflot Flight 6502. To the 85 passengers, it was a routine flight. However, to pilot in command Alexander Kliuyev, the trip needed a little spice. While approaching a stopover landing at the Kurumoch Airport, co-pilot Gennady Zhirnov proposed an outlandish dare. Kliuyev agreed and made a bet that he could make an instrument-only landing while blindfolded (some reports say the cockpit windows were curtained). At 3:48 PM, at a height of 1,300 feet, flight engineers pulled blinds over the windshield. Foregoing any visual contact or radio-controlled assistance, Kliuyev began his attempt to touch down while flying blind. At around 215 feet, the aircraft

Magician’s illusion on live TV goes wrong – morning show host impales hand on 6-inch nail

Polish illusionist Marcin Poloniewicz, a semi-finalist on Poland's Got Talent television show, appeared live on Polish national TV's Saturday morning show Pytanie Na Sniadanie (i.e. Question for Breakfast) where he demonstrated his latest magic trick to viewers across Poland.  Unfortunately, his trick went tragically wrong. First, Poloniewicz made sure show host Marzena Rogalska knew that the 6-inch nail used in the magic trick was indeed real.       She touched the tip of the nail (yes, it was real).  Then Poloniewicz asked her, "Hey, how would you like to risk impaling your hand on a nail?"  She reluctantly agreed.     The trick involved placing the nail through a small piece of wood to ensure the nail would stand upright.  Then nail was then placed in a paper bag and the paper bag sealed.   The

Chinese man found unconscious with rotting feet after week long video gaming binge

For many people, video gaming is serious business. For a 19-year-old boy in China, it’s an addiction. This week police in China found the young gamer lying unconscious under thick bushes near a set of railroad tracks. An ambulance was called and police informed the medics that there was a putrid smell coming from the man’s feet. Hospital workers removed his shoes and found that his feet were so badly infected, they had begun rotting. When the man awoke, he asked for a drink of water and explained that he had spent all of his money playing video games at an Internet cafe and that he had not eaten nor slept for several days. When he ran out of money, he left the café and collapsed from

Clearly visible, unexplained ghostly hand rests on girl’s shoulder in 1900 Belfast photo

The spooky photograph above was taken in 1900 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and shows a group of linen mill girls in their work clothes, toolsets tied about their waists. One girl, pictured on the second row, far right, appears stand-offish from the others. Identified as Ellen Donnelly, her granddaughter explained: "I don't really believe in ghosts – but there have been a few odd going-ons around this photo!" So what is so unusual about the photo? Look at the girl’s right shoulder. There's an unidentifiable disembodied ghostly hand gripping her shoulder! The family had long wondered about the freakish hand resting on the girl’s shoulder. Experts have said the photo is untouched but have been unable to identify the clearly visible hand-like thing resting on her shoulder. It doesn’t look

Scientists say jet stream crossing the equator is an unprecedented climate emergency

Scientists this week noted a highly unusual weather event – the Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream has merged with the Southern Hemisphere Jet Stream. One scientist explained: “Historically, the Tropics — which produce the tallest and thickest air mass in the world — have served as a mostly impenetrable barrier to upper level winds moving from one Hemisphere to another. But as the Poles have warmed due to human-forced climate change, the Hemispherical Jet Streams have moved out of the Middle Latitudes more and more.” Now that the jet streams have merged – what’s next? Some believe the extraordinary event could have global weather-changing consequences including the end of seasons on planet earth.  One scientist explained the concern over the unusual merging of the jet streams: “That’s bad news for seasonality. You get this weather-destabilizing