Polish magician illusion goes wrong on live TV

Polish illusionist Marcin Poloniewicz, a semi-finalist on Poland’s Got Talent television show, appeared live on Polish national TV’s Saturday morning show Pytanie Na Sniadanie (i.e. Question for Breakfast) where he demonstrated his latest magic trick to viewers across Poland.  Unfortunately, his trick went tragically wrong.

First, Poloniewicz made sure show host Marzena Rogalska knew that the 6-inch nail used in the magic trick was indeed real.

Poloniewicz shows host marzena Rogalska the 6-inch nail




She touched the tip of the nail (yes, it was real).  Then Poloniewicz asked her, “Hey, how would you like to risk impaling your hand on a nail?”  She reluctantly agreed.

Poloniewicz asks if she'd risk impaling hand on nail



The trick involved placing the nail through a small piece of wood to ensure the nail would stand upright.  Then nail was then placed in a paper bag and the paper bag sealed.

Poloniewicz places nail in paper bag


The bag was placed with three empty bags and all were shuffled.


Poloniewicz shuffles paper bags


Then Poloniewicz showed how the trick was *supposed* to work.  He chose a “random” bag and smashed it with full force.  He was unharmed.

Poloniewicz choose random bag and smashes it with hand


Now it was the show’s host turn to show her mettle.  Marzena however, did not get to pick a bag – Poloniewicz chose one for her.

Poloniewicz tells host it's her turn

Poloniewicz placed his hand over hers and forcefully crushed a second “random” bag using her hand.  This time however, the magic trick went awry.  As Marzena withdrew her hand, TV audiences could clearly see the 6-inch nail protruding through her right hand.

Nail embedded in host's hand


Marzena was clearly not impressed with the trick.  She grimaced, turned from the camera and screamed (over and over again), “Oww Wee, Oww Wee”.

Host is in pain


Poloniewicz stared at the camera with a grim look on his face and exclaimed, “F*#k, I’m sorry”.

Poloniewicz apologies to host for nailing her hand


Marzena crumbled to the ground while Poloniewicz explained to the audience that he had done this trick a dozen times and this had never happened before.

Marzena crumbled to the ground.

Marzena was quickly ushered offstage where she received on-site medical attention before being taken to a nearby hospital.

Check out the video clips below.

Morning TV show host impales hand on 6-inch nail during magic trick gone wrong

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