64-year-old man on guest “joyride” in Air Force jet accidentally ejects himself from the plane.

An unnamed 64-year-old French man received a surprise gift from his co-workers – a ride in a Dassault Rafale B jet. He arrived at the airport with no knowledge of the gift he was about to receive. He had no aviation experience and had no desire to fly. Before takeoff, his smartwatch recorded his heart rate as 136 to 142 beats per minute. Unknown to his co-workers, the man was so stressed, “his heart was in full tachycardia”. However, the man refused to look a gift horse in the mouth and would not back out. He boarded the plane, a French Airforce Rafale B jet that reaches speeds of more than 870 miles per hour, and set out on a three-plane training mission. When the plane reached

17-year-old completes bucket list moments before death – the last item on her list? Save a life.

17-year-old Rebecca Townsend of Brookfield, Connecticut was with her family and boyfriend Ben Arne in Spain when a car appeared out of nowhere heading toward them. Rebecca did was everyone knew she would do – she reacted quickly and pushed Ben out of the way. Unfortunately, the car struck Rebecca and she was pronounced dead at the scene. When the family returned home and unpacked her things, they found a note titled “For the Future – Rebecca Townsend”. It was Rebecca’s bucket list of things she wanted to do before she died. It listed three things. Kiss in the rain Fly to Spain Save a life It seems as if Rebecca was able to complete the last two of which Rebecca completed on her trip to

Computer glitch causes every pyrotechnic in 18-minute fireworks show to go off at the same time.

It was the most spectacular pyrotechnic display ever seen – or the worst. This is what it looks like when a computer malfunction causes an 18-minute fireworks show to be compressed into a stunning five-second display. In 2012, the Big Bay Boom fireworks show was about to begin when thousands of people camped out on San Diego Bay were treated to the show of a lifetime. At 8:55 PM, five minutes before the show’s scheduled start, a sudden burst of fireworks shot into the air. The explosion caused a rumble that could be felt throughout the area. Confused spectators milled around waiting for the rest of the show. A few minutes later, the announcement was made. “Go home, people. The show is over.” The next day, the Port

US Air Force accidentally dropped three “dummy bombs” on Florida yesterday.

An AC-10 Thunderbolt II jet accidentally dropped three "dummy bombs" on Florida yesterday. According to the 23rd Wing Public Affairs Office, the fighter jet accidentally dropped the bombs after striking a bird. Moody Air Force Base in central Georgia confirmed the bombs were "nonexplosive" but cautioned the public to not touch the bombs if found because they contain "pyrotechnic charges" and should not be handled by civilians. The bombs are 25-pound BDU-33s (used to simulate 500-pound M1a-82 bombs) – more than large enough to crush someone. it is believed the bombs fell "somewhere off Highway 129 near Suwannee Springs in northern Florida". Thus far, there are no reports of injuries or damage but the Air Force says the incident is still under investigation. In case you run

The many times Ernest Hemingway almost died from bizarre accidents (before taking his life by his own hand).

From the mid 1920’s through the mid 1950’s, Ernest Miller Hemmingway produced some of the world’s greatest literary works. His books are considered American classics for which he was awarded a Nobel Prize. Ultimately Hemmingway died by his own hand, and odd ending to a life plagued with bizarre, horrific accidents, many of which nearly killed him. Hemingway’s early near-death events Hemingway nearly loses a leg after being hit by mortar fire Shortly after high school, Ernest Hemingway enlisted for the Army in order to serve in World War I. He worked as an ambulance driver, transporting wounded soldiers from the battlefield to field hospitals. While at camp and returning from a run to grab chocolate bars for the soldiers, he was wounded by mortar fire (more favorable

Man is electrocuted, falls eight stories, catches on fire – and survives!

A California man has survived an almost unimaginable series of tragedies this week. According to KTVU in North Bay, California, an unidentified man climbed a 100-foot high voltage transmission tower which sits along a popular walking path in Santa Rosa on August 8, 2017. A witness to the tragedy, Kevin Pickering, was near the area when the accident occurred: “I heard this boom and about a minute later, I heard the screams.” A second witness was also alerted by the sound of the explosion. “He was screaming and you could see it was like he was trying to get himself off the lines. At first he was unconscious, then he came to, and it looked like he was getting shocked some more.” An electrician working by the site told

Video from Thailand captures dark apparition exiting woman’s body just moments after death

Video captured an inexplicable ghostly apparition in Lopburi, Thailand following a traffic accident involving a passenger vehicle striking a motorcycle carrying two people. A woman on the motorbike was knocked off the bike when the automobile slammed into it, knocking her into a power pole. Sadly, the woman was killed instantly. A video of the aftermath shows the woman laying on the ground as a black orb visibly emerges from her chest. A passenger leaps from the car and runs toward the ghostly figure, wildly waving his hands. The apparition hovers above the body for several seconds, then vanishes.  

UFO over launch pad suspected in SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion

Frames from a video of the spectacular SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion at Cape Canaveral on September 1, 2016 captured an “anomaly” that many suspect may have caused the detonation of the rocket and destruction of its communications satellite payload. In the video frames, which came from a high-speed video source near the launch pad, you can clearly see an unidentified metallic, orb-shaped object approach the launch pad from the right and cross above the rocket before disappearing to the left of the frame. In the video source, the object moves so fast, it can barely be seen without slo-mo post processing. Analysis of the SpaceX Falcon 9 UFO In this first frame, the object can be seen about to pass behind the tower to the right of

Photo from scene of deadly motorcycle accident shows ghostly spirit leaving victim’s body

A photo from a motorcycle accident in Stanton, Kentucky is getting a lot of attention from paranormal researchers this week. The crash occurred on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 around 5:30 PM in Powell County, Kentucky. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was gravely injured and pronounced dead at the hospital. Saul Vazquez witnessed the accident from the opposite lane and snapped a photo of paramedics working to revive the victim. He uploaded the photo to Facebook with this explanation: “I took this picture just few minutes ago from the cab of my truck it was an accident between Campton and Stanton on the service road just off of the mountain parkway, zoom in and pay attention to the shadow just off the top of the state trooper hat. All

Airline pilot bets he can land while blindfolded – crashes plane killing 70 passengers (1986)

On October 20, 1986, the seven-man crew of a Tu-134A aircraft departed from Koltsovo Airport (Sverdlovsk in the Urals, Russia) on route to Grozny aboard Aeroflot Flight 6502. To the 85 passengers, it was a routine flight. However, to pilot in command Alexander Kliuyev, the trip needed a little spice. While approaching a stopover landing at the Kurumoch Airport, co-pilot Gennady Zhirnov proposed an outlandish dare. Kliuyev agreed and made a bet that he could make an instrument-only landing while blindfolded (some reports say the cockpit windows were curtained). At 3:48 PM, at a height of 1,300 feet, flight engineers pulled blinds over the windshield. Foregoing any visual contact or radio-controlled assistance, Kliuyev began his attempt to touch down while flying blind. At around 215 feet, the aircraft

Magician’s illusion on live TV goes wrong – morning show host impales hand on 6-inch nail

Polish illusionist Marcin Poloniewicz, a semi-finalist on Poland's Got Talent television show, appeared live on Polish national TV's Saturday morning show Pytanie Na Sniadanie (i.e. Question for Breakfast) where he demonstrated his latest magic trick to viewers across Poland.  Unfortunately, his trick went tragically wrong. First, Poloniewicz made sure show host Marzena Rogalska knew that the 6-inch nail used in the magic trick was indeed real.       She touched the tip of the nail (yes, it was real).  Then Poloniewicz asked her, "Hey, how would you like to risk impaling your hand on a nail?"  She reluctantly agreed.     The trick involved placing the nail through a small piece of wood to ensure the nail would stand upright.  Then nail was then placed in a paper bag and the paper bag sealed.   The

Levitating cars in China – mysterious, invisible force lifts autos or cable stuck in street sweeper?

A bizarre video emerged this week showing cars on a busy Chinese street bouncing, rolling, and levitating via some mysterious, unseen force. Chinese officials quickly explained away the video claiming the cars were moved by a cable that had become entangled in the rotating broom of a passing street sweeper. Others however, have found no evidence of a cable in the video and note that despite tossing two large vans and an automobile about, the street sweepers moves not one inch. In the video below, which was recorded in the city of Xingtai, you will see two approaching vans suddenly thrown violently into the air before slamming back down to the road again. According to Chinese officials, a cable had been lain across the road for an upcoming

U.S. Air Force destroys $115 million airplane – by accidentally flying it upside down

The incident occurred on April 21, 2015 while the United States Air Force was conducting a test flight over the Gulf of Mexico in a mammoth $115-million-dollar AC-130J Ghostrider gunship. The pilot attempted a maneuver called a “sideslip” which calls for applying opposite rudder while tilting the airplane right or left in order to lower a wing. The movement, which is often employed when planes are landing in a crosswind, is used to quickly reduce altitude. In this instance, the pilot tilted the aircraft too far and the huge plane inverted - and began flying upside down. The plane was flying at 15,000 feet when the mishap occurred causing the plane to lose 5,000 feet of altitude before recovering at a dangerously-low 10,000 feet. According to the Air

Radiation at Japan’s failed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant much worse than expected – can kill a person in under 1 hour

It has been revealed that readings at Japan’s failed Fukushima nuclear power plant taken in September 4-25 2015 checks are far higher than expected. Deadly radiation levels of up to 9.4 Sieverts per hour have been recorded at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant – enough to kill a person in less than one hour. According to JIJI Press (citing Tokyo Electric Power Co – TEPCO) the readings were taken at the point where a pipe leads to the containment vessel of the No. 2 reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant using a remote robotic measuring device. The 9.4 Sievert measurement is 23.5 times higher than the radiation level recorded in 2011 shortly after the plant exploded. The plant exploded after a magnitude 9 earthquake triggered

Man beats the odds – truck crushed into 3-foot space between two semis and he miraculously survives

A 26-car pileup in Oregon involving 100 people in 26 cars resulted in 12 injured drivers and one amazing photograph of a driver who against all odds – survived the horrific crash virtually unharmed. The picture above features 27-year-old Kaleb Whitby, who was driving his four-door pickup truck in the heavy wind and fog when the pileup occurred. In the aftermath, Whitby found his truck crushed and tangled into a small three-foot side gap between two 18-wheeler semi-trucks. Against all logic and probability, Whitby survived the ordeal despite his Chevrolet Silverado being flattened into a three-foot wide space. The Oregonian interviewed Whitby and gave a gut-wrenching account of the accident. “Headed up a slight hill into a curve, Whitby decided to pass the semi-truck in front of