Bizarre 7-foot tall creature photographed in Sante Fe, Argentina

  Hey, I'm not sure what it is either but residents in Santa Fe, Argentina claim the creature was 7-feet-tall and resembled some sort of horse/chupacabra hybrid. Neighbors reported the creature walked on four long, spindly legs with a face that appeared rabbit-like. The curiosity turned to nightmare when the beast killed two neighborhood dogs – a large German Shepherd and a Pitbull. One witness said “it blew my mind because it looked at us, then turned and walked away” – then proceeded to jump off its back two legs, easily clearing a 15-20 foot wall. Argentinians say the animal is called ASWANG and believe it to be a demon that can transform and take on various animal shapes.  

Jaw-dropping 33-foot long Giant Anaconda snake discovered in Brazil

Workers at the Belo Monte Dam hydroelectric dam project near the Xingu River in northern Brazil stirred up an enormous snake that’ll make you quake in your boots. The Giant Anaconda was awakened after workers set off explosives to bring down a cave. The mammoth reptile was found as they cleared the rubble. Unfortunately, the snake died from the explosion. Workers used a construction crane to lift the beast’s body and measure it. According to witnesses, the snake weighed more than 880 lbs. with a diameter of over 3 feet, about waist-high to a normal-sized man. The length was reported to be 32.8 feet, more than seven feet longer than the previous world-record holder. The Belo Monte Dam is being constructed on the Xingu River in the

Florida Monster Slain (1902 news article)

I ran across the following newspaper article from 1902.  It brought to mind stories of the Monster Mudwamp thought to at one time occupied the area around Lake Okeechobee. The Sunday Morning Age Sunday, January 5, 1902 Florida Monster Slain An enormous reptile, more like the mythical dragon than a land serpent, has been killed by a hunter in the Lower-Everglades. For one hundred years it has not only been a tradition among the Seminole Indians, who inhabited the borders of Lake Okeechobee, but it is stated as fact within the knowledge of some of the Indians now living that an immense serpent made its home in the

Legendary Pope Lick Monster claims yet another victim in Kentucky

The Pope Lick Monster, a part-man, part-goat, and part-sheep creature rumored to lure victims onto the Norfolk Southern Railway bridge over Floyd’s Fork Creek (aka Pope Lick Creek) in the Fisherville area of Louisville, Kentucky, has claimed yet another victim this week – 26-year-old surgical assistant Roquel Bain died on the infamous railway trestle on Saturday, April 23, 2016 after being unable to escape on oncoming train. The most prominent Pope Lick Monster legend says the creature uses some sort of mind control or voice mimicry to lure victims onto the train trestle to meet their death. Another legend says the sight of the creature, which appears as a human-animal hybrid with the horribly deformed body of a man, goat-like legs, and a pure white porcelain-like face,

Was a Pterosaur filmed flying over Boise, Idaho? Prehistoric pterodactyl captured on amateur video.

This is one of those “not sure if it’s real but I sure *hope* it is” videos. Shot by an “amateur filmmaker”, the video shows a purported prehistoric Pterosaur (Pterodactyl maybe?) flying over the skies of Boise, Idaho. In the bizarre footage below, a huge bird-like creature flies across the sky and even moves its head glancing toward (looking for prey maybe?). The huge wingspan is notable as is its distinct backward-pointing crest. Zooms of the footage don’t reduce detail and in fact, show clearly defined claws attached to the wings as well as bone-structure within the wing area.  If a hoax, this hints at a model and not necessarily CGI.  Then again, maybe they've finally returned! The Pterosaurs were flying reptiles (technically not dinosaurs) that existed

Lost 1934 photograph of Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) surfaces at last

June 10, 1934 Loch Ness Monster photo surfaces Relatively few people know that shortly after the July 22, 1993 George Spicer photograph, the infamous Loch Ness Monster photo that spawned modern-day interest in the legendary creature, another intriguing photo was taken of Nessie which generated quite a buzz when it appeared on the front page of the Glasgow newspaper. The original photo, and the identity of the photographer, has been lost to history. In fact, not even a full-scan of the newspaper’s picture was readily available.  That changed this week when a scan of the newspaper's front page photo appeared online. The photograph was taken on June 10, 1934 in an area of the Loch Ness near Fort Augustus. Its existence has been known about for many years.  A sketch of

The Minerva Monster – huge, hairy bigfoot beast terrorizes a Ohio family

The Minerva Monster Bigfoot sightings in northeast Ohio are nothing new – inexplicable bipedal cryptids been sighted in the area for at least 75 years – but the Minerva Monster incident, which triggered a massive coordinated search for an elusive “huge, hairy creature” that stalked the woods and terrified a local family near the town of Minerva, has long been regarded as one of the most convincing Bigfoot incidents in history. Cedar Bog opens – locals report ape-like monster In 1942, Ohioans shook with excitement when the Ohio Historical Society listed Cedar Bog as a nature preserve, the first of its kind in Ohio. Located in Champaign County, Ohio, the bog was carved by a glacier leaving behind the Teays River, a rich, fertile area teaming with natural

Did this Texas family just capture a live Chupacabra? [PHOTOS]

Jackie Stock’s husband, Bubba, was stunned on Sunday when he discovered a large, dark, hairless, growling creature eating corn outside their Ratcliffe, Texas home. He called to his wife to come take a look to which she replied, “Bubba, that looks like a baby chupacabra!” The couple managed to capture the mysterious beast in a small cage. Is this the legendary Chupacabra or a common mammal hosting a parasite that has caused all of its hair to fall out?  The mythical creature has never been proven to exist, but many people have often claimed to have seen animal of which there are many different descriptions. The creature that the Stock family captured has wrinkly black skin and bulging eyes. They've kept the animal in the cage

Russian video shows huge, stick-like creature (Slenderman?) scaling side of building

Creepy footage coming out of Russia shows a giant, stick-like creature slinking down the walls of a Russian building in Ulyanovsk. Details on the 45-second video are scant and detractors are claiming it’s nothing more than a well-done CGI clip but their best evidence presented thus far is that the video is just too freaky to be real (i.e. their eyes cannot believe what they are seeing). In the video we see an huge, insect-like creature with long, stick-like arms and legs clinging to the side of the building. The creature moves down the building and across a corner before scampering down the other side of the building to the street below. The operator (in Russian) whispers, “Oh, f**k. It’s climbing down. It’s climbing down!”

Strange four-legged humanoid-like creature caught on CCTV crossing UK highway

In 2007, highway surveillance video from the United Kingdom captured what appears to be a strange humanoid-like creature sprinting across a four-lane highway.  At full-speed, the video appears to be of an animal crossing the highway at a pretty fast clip but still-frames from the video call that identification into question. Still frame photos show what appears to be a human head, body, and legs on a bizarre humanoid running on all fours. Proposals that the video was a fake were disproved by paranormal investigators. "We checked with local authorities who oversee the CCTVs in this area and this is not faked. They say it is genuine footage. This creature was filmed on CCTV running across a motorway in the UK." When the video first surfaced, explanations ranged

Maine fishermen catch freaky lobster that has five human-like fingers

A crew of lobster fishermen in Maine found themselves in possession of an eerie five-fingered lobster after a recent haul. Recognizing their catch was something unusual, Capt. Peter Brown and lobsterman Richard Figueiredo of the fishing vessel Rachael Leah, delivered the specimen to the Maine State Aquarium who has put the bizarre creature, a Homarus americanus, or American lobster, on public display. They named their newest aquarium member “Lola”. Weighing in at four pounds, Lola’s right claw is normal but her left claw (also known as the crusher claw) has five human-like fingers. Aquarium management said that three of the claws can move but not all are usable. They explained to reporters that they believe the anomaly is a result of a DNA mix-up – a

Maun school closed after reports of “black little hairy creature which resembled a human being”

Teachers at Mathiba Primary School in Maun had to abruptly end classes yesterday after students reported seeing a “black little hairy creature which resembled a human being” moving about the property. Following the incident, which occurred around noon local time, students went into a panic, fainting, and running amok while fleeing from the small humanoid creature. Ten students were admitted to a local hospital and treated for shock. Police chiefs investigated the area but could find no trace of the little creature. Maun is the fifth largest city in Botswana, Africa. Although one species of monkey is native to the nearby area (the Vervet monkey), it is distinctly silver in color and easily recognized by the local children. School officials had no recollection of any previous similar

Huge unidentified water creature caught on video in Loch Lough Foyle, Ireland

A crew shooting a fishing show caught what appears to be a strange water creature on video a few days ago.  Shooting in Loch Lough Foyle, Ireland, the crew was taping a segment for Fishing with David Lynch (Lynch can be seen in the video wearing a suit) when a huge creature swam between the fishing boat and the boat that was shooting the video.  According to Lynch: “Was shooting in Lough Foyle when this thing went past us. It was massive. Really don't know what it was. There have been whales in the Lough before so maybe that's what it was but Matthew was closer than we were and says it was no whale. Looks like we have our own Loch Ness Monster?!  We took

Doctor Evil’s two-headed shark discovered in Gulf of Mexico

Researchers confirmed last week that the two-headed shark discovered in the Gulf of Mexico on April 7, 2011, was indeed a single shark with two heads and not a conjoined twin. The specimen was found by a fisherman in the uterus of a pregnant female shark near the Florida Keys. It is the first confirmed two-headed bull shark. Some have noted that the shark was found shortly after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that occurred in the nearby area but authorities claim the shark’s deformity is not related to contaminants from the spill.