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The Essene Gospel of Peace (historic document)

// September 20th, 2016 // No Comments » // Historic Archive

It was in 1928 that Edmond Bordeaux Szekely first published his translation of Book One of The Essene Gospel of Peace, an ancient manuscript he had found in the Secret Archives of the Vatican as the result of limitless patience, faultless scholarship, and unerring intuition. This story is told in his book, The Discovery of […]

Florida Monster Slain (1902 news article)

// July 17th, 2016 // No Comments » // Historic Archive

An enormous reptile, more like the mythical dragon than a land serpent, has been killed by a hunter in the Lower-Everglades. For one hundred years it has not only been a tradition among the Seminole Indians, who inhabited the borders of Lake Okeechobee, but it is stated as fact within the knowledge of some of […]


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