Russian doctors who criticize Putin’s coronavirus response have been mysteriously falling out of hospital windows.

At least three frontline healthcare workers in Russia have mysteriously fallen out of hospital windows over the past two weeks. Two of the workers are dead. One  is believed to be alive but in critical condition. All three had publicly expressed concerns over Putin and medical authority's responses to the coronavirus pandemic raging within Russia. Natalya Lebedeva, head of the emergency medical service at Star City, was reportedly being treated for a suspected coronavirus infection when she fell out of a hospital window and died. Elena Nepomnyashchaya, the head doctor of a hospital in Krasnoyarsk, was reported to have opposed changes to his clinic due to the lack of protective gear in the hospital. The hospital denied the claims of an equipment shortage. On May 1, Nepomnyashchaya

Man attacked by bear and drug into cave where he was stored for winter food for a month.

It looks like a mummy but it’s a living, breathing man. How he is still living and breathing is a question Russian authorities are seeking to answer. The man was found inside a cave by a passing hunter. Initially the hunter believed the man was dead but after stepping inside the cave, he could see that the man was alive – barely. The man was transported to an area hospital where doctors said they could not explain how the man survived in the remote wilderness for nearly a month. The man had multiple sores on the backs of his legs and back. It was clear he had been immobile for quite some time. Furthermore, his back was broken, and he was emaciated from lack of food. He

The bizarre Russian cult that buried themselves alive – more than two-dozen men, women, and children buried alive to achieve salvation.

The road to redemption is never an easy path but for a shadowy cult in a small Russian village, the way was particularly difficult. To achieve salvation, they had to die. But not only did they have to perish, they had to depart life in a most horrific way. For these unfortunate believers, in order to reach paradise, they had to be buried alive. Liman, Russia – 1896 The tiny village of Liman is located twenty-eight miles from Tiraspol in the province of Kherson in what is now modern-day Ukraine. It was a small village of about thirty people, most of who belonged to a cult known as Raskol Niki (or Raskoinki). Raskol Niki was a vague subsect of a religious division known as the Old Believers

Russian authorities deny nuclear weapons explosion poses radiation risk but order residents to stay indoors and take iodine tablets.

Russian authorities are claiming it was a rocket explosion but residents in the area near the village of Nyonoksa in Arkhangelsk region say it is a nuclear weapons test facility – and today they had an explosion so large, nearby towns have been instructed to stay indoors and take iodine tablets. Shipping in a nearby bay was immediately closed off and the town of Severodvinsk (population 185,000) reported a spike in radiation levels. The Russian defense ministry initially claimed radiation levels in the area were normal before ultimately admitting to the explosion after a video of the event leaked on the Internet. Greenpeace is reporting radiation levels that are 20-times normal in areas as far as 20 miles from the accident site. The environmental group said

Mysterious air leak in Russian space vehicle attached to International Space Station is now suspected to be sabotage.

When a leak was first found aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft docked to the International Space Station (ISS), it was suspected a meteorite had struck the craft and punctured the hull. The leak was plugged with epoxy and thus far, the repair seems to be holding. Pictures of the breach show a perfectly circular hole just about the size of a drill bit. Russian space chief Dmitry Rogozin yesterday reversed the meteorite theory and said the leak found aboard  the vehicle was almost certainly caused by a person with a drill. Rogozin told the TASS news agency: “We are considering all the theories. The one about a meteorite impact has been rejected because the spaceship’s hull was evidently impacted from inside. However it is too early

US military worried after strange acting Russian satellite “gave birth” to two more satellites.

On August 14, 2018, a high-ranking U.S. State Department official implied that a recent Russian satellite could be a space weapon of some kind. Describing the satellite as “very abnormal”, the official told conference members in Geneva, “We don’t know for certain what it is, and there is no way to verify it.” She then went on to address the room with this statement: “Russian intentions with respect to this satellite are unclear and are obviously a very troubling development — particularly when considered in concert with statements by Russia’s Space Force commander, who highlighted that ‘assimilating new prototypes of weapons into Space Forces' military units is a main task’ facing the Aerospace Forces space troops.” The official did not name the satellite. She only said it was

Scientists say a quarter-mile round asteroid just passed earth in a “surprise flyby”

If you were paying close enough attention, you might have heard it whiz by. In what astronomers are calling a “surprise flyby”, a quarter-mile round asteroid (named 2018 GE3 ) buzzed the earth three days ago, passing just 119,500 miles from the Earth’s atmosphere – about half the distance between Earth and the moon.  The asteroid flew by Earth on Sunday, April 15, 2018 and was bout six times the size of the meteor that exploded over Russia’s Ural Mountains in Chelyabinsk in February 2013, injuring more than 1,000 people. Scientists say a meteor about 10-meters wide packs as much energy as a nuclear bomb. The asteroid that passed earth on Sunday measured more than 300 feet across. Still, that’s nothing compared to the size of

Was the US-orchestrated attack against Syria a ruse implemented alongside Russian leadership?

When it comes to tit-for-tat between the world’s most powerful countries, it's a game akin to playing chess using human pieces. But sources are saying the recent United States attack against Syria may have been just that. Conspiracists are claiming that the US-led attack included not only France and Britain assistance – but cooperation from Russia too. It seems bizarre, but the proposed pieces do seem to fit the known events. According to sources, the US sought to prove their independence from Russian influence by attacking innocuous sites - with direction from Russia itself. In other words, US leaders worked with Russian leaders to determine a handful of targets in Syria that could be struck while causing the least amount of damage to Syrian and Russian

Who’s behind the mysterious sonic attacks on US Embassy personnel in Cuba? Hint: it’s not who (or how) you think.

Shifty sonic attacks leave no forensic evidence and thus, the only way to snag a perpetrator is to catch them in the act. But in the case of the sonic attacks on United States diplomats in Cuba, the lack of forensic evidence really doesn’t matter – the perpetrator is easy to surmise. The one that stands to gain most from the attacks is Russia – and the weapon they used wasn’t an acoustic weapon at all. The mysterious sonic attacks against US diplomats in Cuba leave authorities puzzled As of September 2017, officials believe there were more than 60 sonic attacks against more than two dozen US diplomats and family members based in Cuba. It is believed to be the first time a sophisticated sonic weapon has

Politicians, organizations, and shell companies spin a delicate web of deceit between Trump, Russia, and NYC mob

Unravelling President Donald J. Trump’s rumored political and business ties unveils potentially the greatest US conspiracy of all time When delving into potential collusion between Russia and high level U.S. officials, it's not the depravity of the participants’ actions but rather, the repute of the participants, the public’s level of trust in them, and the frequency of fraudulent activity which ultimately reveal to be the normal method of operation in the cesspool of Manhattan’s real estate market. With the evidence currently available, we cannot yet conclude that US President Donald Trump had illicit connections to the Russian government (or the mob), shrouded channels that potentially include concessions that weaken the USA’s democracy, nor can we confirm that Donald J. Trump’s business practices, or those of any other

The Russian purge – who’s killing Russia’s top diplomats and is the US involved

The highly efficient work of government assassinations Some countries are especially proficient when it comes to government sponsored assassinations. Initiated for a variety of reasons, sometimes as retribution, sometimes to “set an example”, but typically because of what the target knows, assassinations come in the form of plane crashes, car crashes, gunshots, “assisted suicide”, close-and-personal beatings, even imaginative forms such as binary poisons where two doses are required and given weeks apart (the poison disintegrates and appears as a natural compound after causing a fatal heart attack in the victim). Governments are brutally efficient extinguishers of human life. And when it comes to government assassinations, nobody is more attuned to the job than Russia. Are Russian government officials being assassinated and if so, by who? An unusual number of

Russian survival reality show will allow participants to fight, rape, and murder for $1.65 million reward

It’s being unofficially called The Hunger Games for Millionaires. Officially, it’s to be titled Game2:Winter. The survivalist reality TV show’s press release reads: “Everything is allowed. Fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking, anything.”  The show promises to air 24/7 around the world (with real-time English translations) as contestants attempt to survive Russia’s brutal Siberian wilderness while soliciting desperately-needed items from viewers watching remotely. It’s a real-life Hunger Games and if development of the show follows through, sadly, it’s sure to be a smash hit. The Game2: Winter contest The announcement came from Russian entrepreneur Yevgeny Pyatkovsky in September 2016 via the Game2:Winter website. The games are expected to launch on July 1, 2017 and continue through the winter, when Siberian temperatures reach minus 104F, and into April 2018

Russia’s mystical “Nooscope” device – can global human consciousness be manipulated by a machine?

Meet Anton Vaino When in early August 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin selected 44-year-old Anton Vaino (or Vayno) as his new chief of staff, very little was known about the man. He had participated in no press interviews during the past year and had little personal biography openly available. It was known that he previously served as a foreign diplomat and was currently acting as deputy chief of staff when Putin selected him to replace his old KGB colleague, Sergei Ivanov, but other than that, Anton Vaino was a ghost. Seeking information on Russia's new Veep, researchers looked into Vaino’s academic work and stumbled across a startling discovery. What they found looked like something straight from the pages of a science fiction novel – only the story

Thawing Siberian permafrost releases anthrax virus in Russia killing thousands of people and wildlife

Anthrax outbreak in Russia after dormant form of virus released from thawed permafrost At first it seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie but the latest news this week confirm the event is true. It began last week when reports of over 1,000 reindeer dying in the Yamal region, the fifth largest region in Russia (comparable in size to Turkey and larger than Texas). This week, Interfax reported another 1,000+ reindeer had died bringing the total to about 1% of the area’s reindeer population. It was initially believed the reindeer died from the extraordinary heatwave that struck the area in July. However, new biological tests revealed anthrax is responsible for the deaths – and it has spread to humans. Details are still sketchy but reports indicate over

Airline pilot bets he can land while blindfolded – crashes plane killing 70 passengers (1986)

On October 20, 1986, the seven-man crew of a Tu-134A aircraft departed from Koltsovo Airport (Sverdlovsk in the Urals, Russia) on route to Grozny aboard Aeroflot Flight 6502. To the 85 passengers, it was a routine flight. However, to pilot in command Alexander Kliuyev, the trip needed a little spice. While approaching a stopover landing at the Kurumoch Airport, co-pilot Gennady Zhirnov proposed an outlandish dare. Kliuyev agreed and made a bet that he could make an instrument-only landing while blindfolded (some reports say the cockpit windows were curtained). At 3:48 PM, at a height of 1,300 feet, flight engineers pulled blinds over the windshield. Foregoing any visual contact or radio-controlled assistance, Kliuyev began his attempt to touch down while flying blind. At around 215 feet, the aircraft