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NASA package with bizarre note falls from sky near Trump golf club causing panic and widespread goofiness

Authorities and residents near Bedminister, New Jersey, location of President Donald Trump’s prestigious golf club, were sent into a state of panic on August 7, 2018 after an odd-looking package dropped from the sky and landed near 147 New Road in Kendail. The package was attached to a parachute and made an unusual hissing sound as it descended. Attached to the package was this message: “NASA Atmospheric Research Instrument. NOT A BOMB! If this lands near the President, we at NASA wish him a great round of golf.” So of course, authorities assumed the package WAS A BOMB. Police agencies, including the New Jersey State Police Bomb Unit were rushed to the scene to examine the device which looked like a genuine Styrofoam cooler bomb. After a bit

Mysterious radio transmission out of New Jersey hints at something sinister in 2016 presidential election

The source of the radio transmission is unclear as is its intent. The transmission began on September 20, 2016 on AM radio station 1630 and repeated the phrase “Trump will go 26th” in a loop that lasted several hours at least (as of the time of this article, people in the area were reporting the transmission was ongoing). Recordings of the message were captured and posted on YouTube. One poster noted: “So this weirdness just happened on our way to Hoboken at 7AM this morning on the New Jersey Turnpike. On 1630 AM radio, a voice keeps repeating "Trump will go 26th". It went on for at least 5 minutes from when the radio tuned it in while scanning. Near the Newark airport I78 part of Turnpike.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reveals story about UFO he and friends saw in 2005

Tell someone that UFO’s and nuclear power plants go hand-in-hand and you’re likely to get at a minimum, an incredulous rolling of the eyes. Many people have a hard time believing in something, or at least opening their mind to the possibility, unless they’ve seen it with their own eyes – or if someone they respect says it’s so. This week Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed a UFO sighting he and friends experienced in 2005 right before he entered the NFL.  The mysterious sighting left them stunned and confused and cultivated a lifelong curiosity about weird things in the sky. Aaron Rodgers UFO sighting According to Rodgers, he was on the East Coast in rural New Jersey in February 2005 for a pre-draft interview (ESPN's Cold Pizza

Witness sights aircraft carrier-sized, silent, V-shaped UFO creeping slowly over tree-line in Vernon, New Jersey

A New Jersey witness has reported sighting a low-flying “huge” triangle-shaped UFO over Vernon Township, a township in Sussex County, New Jersey. The witness was camping in Vernon on September 15, 2015 when he sighted the object while walking back to his tent. “I just decided to take a gaze up at the sky because it was really clear out and out of nowhere I noticed this huge black, long triangular craft with several steady white lights. And it appeared to be the bottom of the craft.” According to the witness, the object was shaped like a “V” with large, white, portal lights underneath. It moved slowly and silently along the tree line before “fading out and disappearing”. “This thing was giant. Like a flying aircraft carrier and it

The day the United States Vice President killed the Secretary of the Treasury

Bickering politicians are nothing new and in fact, the antics of today's politicians are tame compared to the escapades of yesteryear.  On July 11, 1804, the United States Vice President, Aaron Burr, reacting to insults from the former Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, challenged his foe to a duel during which he shot and killed his opponent. Vice President Burr was charged with murder in both New York and New Jersey. Animosity between Vice President Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton Founding-father Alexander Hamilton and Vice President Aaron Burr had long held a storied animosity towards each other. Hamilton, a Federalist, had helped Thomas Jefferson secure the 1800 presidential victory against Republican Aaron Burr and often publicly ridiculed Burr in the newspapers calling him “unprincipled”, a “dangerous man”, and

US Air Force planes caught on video escorting triangular UFO above New Jersey

An interesting video has emerged of two airplanes, potentially United States Air Force DC-10’s, escorting (or refueling) a triangular-shaped aircraft. According to LookNowTV, the video was recorded from the high floors of a luxury condominium on the New Jersey shore. “The person recording the tape added that the UFO and planes were moving really fast, and that's why they were not able to keep them in focus for a long period of time.” Check out clips from the video below (we've edited out blurry segments and increased the zoom). Two planes escorting triangular-shaped UFO   Sources: LookNowTV

The New Jersey Lights (2001)

Strange Lights in the Sky On July 15, 2001, the weather in Carteret, New Jersey was perfectly clear and calm. There were no clouds in the sky and all stars were clearly discernible. Around 12:30 AM on that Sunday morning, phones at the Carteret Police Station began ringing off the hook. Witnesses, and there were hundreds of them, were reporting a extraordinary array of lights in the sky. The object was spotted above the New Jersey Turnpike in the vicinity of the Newark Airport. Traffic was snarled up as hundreds of drivers pulled to the shoulder of the Turnpike to observe the unknown object. About 15 to 30 golden lights, in a triangular configuration, were hovering, silently about 3000 feet above the city. The lights were spaced

Nucky Johnson and Atlantic City

Introduction During the Roaring Twenties, Enoch Lewis "Nucky" Johnson was an Atlantic City, New Jersey political boss and racketeer from 1911 through 1941. His ingenious but ruthless tactics working the area bootlegging and prostitution rings along with help from some of prominent gangsters of the day, provided him unprecedented riches and made Atlantic City the pinnacle of tourist destinations. His life and times have been documented in the HBO Series, Boardwalk Empire. The Birth of Atlantic City In South Jersey, perched on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, existed a swath of island land that builders recognized as a prime development opportunity. Atlantic City was incorporated in 1854 and railroad service from Philadelphia was built to provide a lifeline to one of the largest metropolitan areas on the