Month: October 2013

“Island of the Dolls” – site of little girls death is adorned with hundreds of creepy, dead-eyed dolls hanging from the trees

It’s a common theme in horror movies – creepy, dead-eyed dolls dangling from a cord hung from a tree. If the scenario gets your chest a thumping, you may want to visit Mexico’s Isla de las Munecas, or Island of the Dolls, where the entire island looks like it came straight from a horror movie film set. And the story of how the strange and scary island came to be is even creepier than the hundreds of eerie mutilated dolls dangling from the island’s trees. A lonely hermit experiences tragedy Located just south of Mexico City, Isla de las Muñecas is a tiny island situated in the popular canals of Xochimilco (“place of flowers”), a system of canals and artificial floating islands (known as chinampas) built upon

Gruesome find – mangled body parts turn up in two separate L.A. water treatment plants

Los Angeles authorities said yesterday that body parts have turned up in two separate water treatment plants in L.A. It is believed that the body parts are from the same woman. A woman’s head and upper body were found at a San Gabriel Valley sewage plant (in the 1900 block of Workman Mill Road, east of Los Angeles) while a foot, legs, and pelvis were found 30 miles away at a wastewater plant in the 24500 block of South Figueroa Street in Carson two days earlier. At both locations, the body parts were found in bins that hold debris separated from sewage wastewater. According to USA Today: “County Sheriff's Lt. Mike Rosson said investigators believe the woman's body may have slipped into the county's sewage system, perhaps

Real-life “Chucky” doll – 104-year-old Robert the Doll, possessed by evil spirits, terrorizes families and curses anyone who takes its picture

Real life Child’s Play “Chucky” doll – Robert the evil Doll It has long been rumored that Chucky, the evil serial killer doll in the movie Child’s Play, was based in part on a real-life, 104-year-old doll known as Robert the Doll.  The pint-sized chunk of straw-stuffed clothing and cloth was alleged to be possessed by evil spirits that terrorized every family that was unfortunate enough to come into possession of the devilish toy. Robert the Doll (known variously as Robert the Haunted Doll, Robert the Evil Doll, Robert the Possessed Doll, or Robert the Enchanted Doll) was first owned by talented Key West artist and book author Robert (Gene) Eugene Otto who was given the doll in 1906, when he was just six years old, by an angry Bahamian servant who was well-versed

The mysterious Room 322 in Houston’s luxurious Hotel ZaZa – unlisted private room looks like a snuff film set

The foreboding Room 322 inside Hotel ZaZa The mysterious Room 322 inside Hotel ZaZa in Houston, Texas is not listed for rent but was purportedly exposed in February 2013 when a travelling business customer was accidentally placed in the room by mistake and promptly took pictures of the room which, with cold dirty concrete floors, chains on the walls, skull and bones paintings, two-way mirrors, and plastic wrapped furniture, looks like the foreboding film set for a dark snuff movie.  Reddit user “joelikesmusic”, who recognized that the room differed from the hotel's normally posh, stately rooms and thus, posted pictures of the bizarre room in the public forum, posed the question, “Does anyone know what’s up with this room?” and commenced describing his experience inside the unusual room. “Hotel was

US Air Force planes caught on video escorting triangular UFO above New Jersey

An interesting video has emerged of two airplanes, potentially United States Air Force DC-10’s, escorting (or refueling) a triangular-shaped aircraft. According to LookNowTV, the video was recorded from the high floors of a luxury condominium on the New Jersey shore. “The person recording the tape added that the UFO and planes were moving really fast, and that's why they were not able to keep them in focus for a long period of time.” Check out clips from the video below (we've edited out blurry segments and increased the zoom). Two planes escorting triangular-shaped UFO   Sources: LookNowTV

Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie – New Orleans socialite caged, tortured, and maimed her slaves for fun

Those who watched season 3 of American Horror Story may be surprised to learn that Kathy Bate’s character, Madame Delphine LaLaurie, is based on a real-life New Orleans tale of horror. In true-life, Mad Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie, a prominent New Orleans socialite, was discovered to have caged and savagely tortured her slaves in a small room at the top of her Royal Street mansion (now considered one of the most haunted places in New Orleans). When the bizarre atrocities were discovered after her mansion caught fire, she reportedly fled to Paris, France where she lived the remaining years of her life in hiding. But in 1924 the plot thickened further after an old cracked copper plate was found in Alley 4 of the St.

Peru reopens government organization (DIFAA) to direct, control and analyze UFO phenomena

Peru announced last week, the reopening of their Department of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (DIFAA) which will bring together sociologists, archaeologists, and astronomers, as well as air force personnel to analyze and research anomalous aerial phenomena (aka UFOs). DIFAA was first created in 2001, but it had been closed down five years ago due to administrative problems. DIFAA’s task will be to “organize, direct, control and collect information available to investigate and develop records and reports, as well as sorting and processing, filing and custody cases involving these phenomena from the standpoint of national security.” Peru's DIFAA office is now being reopened because of "increased sightings that are occurring in the country and that people are reporting to media”. DIFFA will also serve to educate

The Maury Island incident – Crisman and Dahl sighting of six UFOs over Maury Island sparks conspiracy and coverup

When it comes to early historical UFO accounts, we often recall the Roswell crash or the Kenneth Arnold sighting, both of which occurred in 1947. Seldom is the 1947 Maury Island incident remembered nor mentioned in publications, and for good reason - many UFO investigators believe the Maury Island incident was a hoax.  Others however, believe the case bore the classic earmarks of an intelligence cover-up operation. Regardless of whether or not Harold Dahl and Fred Crisman spotted six UFOs flying above Maury Island in June of 1947, the Maury Island case incorporates several unusually bizarre, but historically proven facts, including the first reported case of government-sponsored “men in black”, two suspicious crashes of airplanes transporting case evidence back to their home  base, several shadowy

Stunning news from Oxford researcher – 100% genetic match found between Yeti creature samples and 40,000-year-old polar bear

To the joy of cryptozoologists around the world, a University of Oxford scientist has made an stunning discovery that seems to have solved the mystery of the elusive Yeti (Abominable Snowman) creature. Geneticist and Oxford professor Bryan Sykes found a genetic match between an ancient polar bear and two separate samples taken from reported Yetis - suggesting the creature known as the Yeti is alive and living in the Himalayas. His announcement stunned the typically skeptical scientific world: “We have found an exact genetic match between two yeti samples from the Himalayas and the ancient polar bear.” Sykes made a global appeal last year for samples from suspected Yeti (cryptid) sightings. Those who submitted samples to the project were asked to give a description of the material and

Kansas man wearing headphones hit by speeding train – gets up, makes a phone call, and walks away

Authorities say a Kansas man, 25-year-old Kristopher Wenberg, was walking along railroad tracks in Topeka, Kansas wearing headphones when he was hit by a train that he didn't hear approaching behind him. To survive being struck by a train is a stroke of luck but Wenberg stood up, made a phone call on his cellphone, and walked away – nothing short of a miracle! Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones says the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) conductor applied the train’s emergency brakes and blew the horn when he saw 25-year-old Kristopher Wenberg on the tracks in Topeka on Thursday. Wenberg told deputies he was wearing headphones and couldn't hear the train, which eventually hit him. Jones says Wenberg promptly got back up and called someone on

Search for missing aviator Amelia Earhart to continue in August 2014

The fate of infamous explorer Amelia Earhart is still being sought by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR). Beginning in August 2014 and estimated to cost $3 million, the expedition will use two manned submersibles to search the depths of the ocean around the western end of Nikumaroro in the Pacific. Executive Director Ric Gillespie said: "Live searching by three people aboard each sub looking at wide vistas illuminated by powerful lights is far superior to searching by looking remotely via the toilet-paper tube view provided by a video camera on an ROV." Amelia Earhart, or 'Lady Lindy', had produced more aerial accomplishments than any female pilot in history. She had already crossed the Gulf of Mexico and flown the Atlantic alone. But on July

Wave of perplexing sheep mutilations in Port Lavaca, Texas – lack of evidence in the case is “puzzling”

There has been a wave of perplexing sheep mutilations in Port Lavaca, Texas over the past few months in which one farmer has lost 21 head of his prized Barbados Sheep since July 2013. Wayne Daggs, who worked in law enforcement for 23 years including a 18-year stint as the county constable before retiring in 2000 to raise sheep, says he’s losing the animals at a rate of one every five days (and usually a few at a time). Two more were mutilated just last week. At first Wayne Daggs thought illegal immigrants may have been stealing the sheep for food but the surgical precision and graphic nature of the mutilations led him to believe otherwise. Male animals have been found castrated and females with their

Strange four-legged humanoid-like creature caught on CCTV crossing UK highway

In 2007, highway surveillance video from the United Kingdom captured what appears to be a strange humanoid-like creature sprinting across a four-lane highway.  At full-speed, the video appears to be of an animal crossing the highway at a pretty fast clip but still-frames from the video call that identification into question. Still frame photos show what appears to be a human head, body, and legs on a bizarre humanoid running on all fours. Proposals that the video was a fake were disproved by paranormal investigators. "We checked with local authorities who oversee the CCTVs in this area and this is not faked. They say it is genuine footage. This creature was filmed on CCTV running across a motorway in the UK." When the video first surfaced, explanations ranged

African “muti murders” – organs harvested from live (or dead) victims and sold for good luck and black magic spells

It’s a dirty little secret in South Africa, one that as of 2010, is a problem once again on the rise. Called “muti murders” or “medicine murders” (sometimes termed “ritual murder” or muthi-murder), it takes its name from the Zulu word “muti”, the term for traditional black magic medicines that utilize human body parts and flesh as critical ingredients in order to produce supposedly miraculous medicinal effects. The phenomenon is widely acknowledged to occur in southern Africa where it is estimated that from 50%-90% of the population believe in black magic and witchcraft. Body parts from dead corpses work fine for their purposes but the best muti medicine ingredients are taken from body parts that are harvested while the victim is still alive.  The Limpopo province alone

Legendary rock star Sammy Hagar recounts his 1967 alien abduction (and an earlier 1951 UFO sighting)

Veteran mega-rockstar Sammy Hagar, the “Red Rocker”, has spoken openly about his UFO alien abduction and subsequent interest in the paranormal before. Back in 2011 he shocked fans when he first broke the story of his 1967 alien abduction on several national television show appearances. This week, he expanded on the story during an interview on the Howard Stern radio show. Noting how his alien abduction experienced “changed his life” forever, Sammy Hagar went on to tell about a childhood UFO sighting and recounted an eerie ghost story about his deceased father. Below is a partial transcript of the Howard Stern Show interview during which Sammy Hagar retold his alien abduction story. Typical Howard Stern “joking around” banter has been edited out to aid in clarity. Howard