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Police may be close to cracking the decades-old Long Island (Gilgo Beach) Serial Killer case

In late 1993 and early 1994, the bodies of 31-year-old Rita Tangredi and 20-year-old Colleen McNamee were found nine-miles apart. Both had been strangled and bludgeoned to death. DNA samples were taken from the bodies and the cases remained cold for over ten years – until an uninvolved man’s misdemeanor conviction steered investigators toward the killer.  Today, investigators see similarities between the murders and the decades-old Long Island (Gilgo Beach) serial killer case. The deaths of Rita Tangredi and Colleen McNamee Colleen McNamee was last seen January 5, 1994, getting into a small blue car in front of the Blue Dawn Diner in Islandia, New York. Rita Tangredi was last seen hitchhiking November 2, 1993, on Montauk Highway, east of County Road 101, in East Patchogue, New

New York nuclear power plant discovered leaking radioactive material into groundwater systems

Officials announced this week that the Indian Point Energy Center nuclear power plant is leaking radioactive tritium into groundwater wells near the facility. Of course, authorities are telling the public there is nothing to worry about. However, be forewarned – there's no such thing as a "harmless" radioactive material leak. The Indian Point Energy Center is a three-unit reactor power plant located in Buchanan, New York, on the east bank of the Hudson River (twenty-five miles north of New York City). Officials detected the leaks in three different groundwater monitoring wells surrounding the nuclear plant. The owner of the plant, Entergy, says that the leaks are “not in accordance with our standards” but claims the leaks pose “no health or safety consequence to the public.” Dismissing a potential public

Cannibal serial killer Albert Fish – the American Boogeyman who butchered and ate up to 15 children (1928)

A visit from "Frank Howard" At 18-years old, Edward Budd refused to accept the desperate poverty of his parents and was determined to make something of himself. Edward was a strapping young lad, eager to work and do his part to ensure the well-being of his impoverished family. Trapped in the stinking, crowded confines of New York City, living in a miserable tenement with his father, mother, and four younger siblings, he longed to work in the wide open spaces of the countryside where the air was fresh and clean.  On May 25, 1928, he placed a classified ad in the Sunday edition of the New York World.  It read, "Young man, 18, wishes position in country. Edward Budd, 406 West 15th Street." On the following Monday, May 28, Edward's mother, Delia, a huge

The bizarre life, disappearances, and deaths surrounding millionaire Robert (Bob) Durst

It’s not difficult to see that Robert (Bob) Durst is different. Born April 12, 1943 in New York City, the oldest of four children, he is the son of New York City real-estate moguls Seymour and Bernice Durst and brother of commercial developer Douglas Durst of the Durst Organization – and an heir to the enormous Durst skyscraper fortune. The first thing you will notice about Bob Durst is his coal black eyes which give him an unusual, otherworldly appearance. Throw in the occasional stutters, a habit of mumbling to himself, frequent squinting and blinking of his eyes, and intermittent references to himself as “we” and it becomes near impossible to see him as anything but different. His unusual physical and behavioral quirks are compounded by

The day the United States Vice President killed the Secretary of the Treasury

Bickering politicians are nothing new and in fact, the antics of today's politicians are tame compared to the escapades of yesteryear.  On July 11, 1804, the United States Vice President, Aaron Burr, reacting to insults from the former Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, challenged his foe to a duel during which he shot and killed his opponent. Vice President Burr was charged with murder in both New York and New Jersey. Animosity between Vice President Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton Founding-father Alexander Hamilton and Vice President Aaron Burr had long held a storied animosity towards each other. Hamilton, a Federalist, had helped Thomas Jefferson secure the 1800 presidential victory against Republican Aaron Burr and often publicly ridiculed Burr in the newspapers calling him “unprincipled”, a “dangerous man”, and

It’s not a UFO – wind gust blows bounce house (with three kids inside) more than 50 feet into the air

Three upstate New York children were inside a bounce house Monday afternoon when a gust of wind launched the house high into the air. Horrified witnesses say the bounce house rose 50-feet into the air but photographs of the incident suggest the playhouse rose at least 100-foot into the sky and possibly higher. The three youngsters were seriously injured when they were dumped from the house while it was rising into the air. The bounce house lifted off at 3:20 PM on 5/12/2014 outside 22 Ferry Blvd. in South Glens Falls, New York. Two boys, age 5 and 6, suffered serious injuries after falling nearly two stories from the house.  The 5-year-old boy suffered from facial injuries and two broken arms as he was dumped to the asphalt

Serial kitty killer in Yonkers – bodies of more than 25 cats found hanging from tree

Yonkers, New York residents and city officials were horrified to find the bodies of at least two dozen dead cats hung from a tree near Overlook Terrace.  The cats, some of which were badly decomposed and hanging from tree limbs in black bags, were found by public works employees cleaning up trash in an abandoned lot in Yonkers, New York. The skull of each cat had been crushed before the body was placed in a plastic bag and tied to branches of the tree like ornaments. Investigators are searching for the cat slayer who they fear may be taking part in some sort of sick ritual. Investigators told reporters: “They were placed in small shopping bags, the plastic bags that you might get from an A&P or

Terrifying EVP recorded in 100-year-old hotel in upstate New York will leave you speechless (2007)

The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded I find most EVP recordings mundane but this one, which has come to be known as The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded, will definitely send chills shimmering down your spine. What follows is an EVP recorded by the Central New York Ghost Hunters (CNYGH) in January 2007 during an overnight stay at an 100-year-old hotel in upstate New York. CNYGH explained that the hotel structure was built in the late 1800’s and has long been reputed to be an extremely active haunted location. Per the owner’s request, the name of the hotel has never been released to the public. Members of Central New York Ghost Hunters set up their equipment at the hotel on a Friday evening. During their one night stay,

Son of Sam – David Berkowitz

The Terror Begins The Son of Sam saga began on July 29, 1976.  Donna Lauria (18) and Jody Valenti (19) were sitting innocently in their car outside Lauria's Bronx apartment when Donna noticed a man peering into the car window.  "Who is this guy?  What does he want?" Donna never lived to hear her questions answered.  David Berkowitz pulled his .44 caliber Charter Arms Bulldog pistol out of a paper bag and fired five times into the car.  Donna died instantly.  Jody survived the attack and was able to give the first vague description of a man that was soon to be known as the .44 caliber killer(police were able to obtain evidential bullets from the shooting).  Police surmised that the attack was a mob (organized

Platos Retreat – Infamous New York Sex Club

Plato’s Retreat opens its Doors Plato’s Retreat opened its doors in 1977. Located in the basement of the famous Ansonia Hotel, an ornate 19th century building where Broadway and 230 West 73rd Street meet, the club operated a "member’s only" establishment which required patrons' strict adherence to the Club’s rules. Couples could be straight only – no homosexuals allowed. Drugs were not allowed. Alcohol could not be consumed on the premises. Plato’s Retreat featured a pool room, steambaths, disco dance floor, an in-house sauna room, and a swimming pool with waterfalls. It was popular with many celebrities and other "well to do" people – Bette Midler, Sammy Davis Jr., Richard Dreyfuss, and the entire cast of Saturday Night Live were reported to have paid visits to

New York City Underground – lost underground tunnels beneath the city see new light

New York City Underground You would presume that city government would have knowledge of every nook and cranny in their city, that they would have every street, subway, tunnel, and building mapped and documented. Surprisingly, many of our older cities have underground labyrinths that are largely or wholly undocumented, long forgotten by time. In New York City, it is believed that thousands of miles of underground tunnels exist, some of which have not seen a human’s presence in over 150 years. Atlantic Ave. Tunnel In 1981, Brooklyn native Bob Diamond confirmed the existence of a massive tunnel located over 160 stories under Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn. Rumors of the tunnel had existed for many years. Bob first heard of the possible tunnel while listening to a local radio