Month: August 2015

NASA cuts video feed (again) after twin beams of light erupt from Earth

I confess, I don’t know what NASA is hiding but that they are hiding something important is without question. In the video below, filmed as ISS passed high above Earth, you will see twin beams of light that have burst through the atmosphere. The huge beams of light seem to remain stationary as ISS passes overhead. True to NASA convention, after only a few seconds of video, they quickly cut the feed. Check out the video below.  I've included post-processing zoom after the initial live feed.   NASA video feed captures twin beams of light erupting from Earth   The incident follows a similar scenario that occurred only a few days earlier when NASA cut the feed after a massive cylinder-shaped craft shot across the top of the screen. As

Cannibal serial killer Albert Fish – the American Boogeyman who butchered and ate up to 15 children (1928)

A visit from "Frank Howard" At 18-years old, Edward Budd refused to accept the desperate poverty of his parents and was determined to make something of himself. Edward was a strapping young lad, eager to work and do his part to ensure the well-being of his impoverished family. Trapped in the stinking, crowded confines of New York City, living in a miserable tenement with his father, mother, and four younger siblings, he longed to work in the wide open spaces of the countryside where the air was fresh and clean.  On May 25, 1928, he placed a classified ad in the Sunday edition of the New York World.  It read, "Young man, 18, wishes position in country. Edward Budd, 406 West 15th Street." On the following Monday, May 28, Edward's mother, Delia, a huge

Portland Pooper caught “doing his business” on surveillance video – police seek public’s help before crime spreads

  Southeast Portland Oregon residents are breathing a bit easier now – they now have a picture they hope will tie a man to the “evidence” left behind at various businesses in the area. Known as the Portland Pooper, for over a month now, a mysterious assailant has been defecating on business properties throughout the area and area business owners say they’ve had enough of his crap. “I think it’s really gross and shocking. I just don’t know what to say about it.” One business owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, finally decided to take matters into his own hands and make the unknown assailants #2 business his own business. The business owner placed a hidden surveillance camera in a window and aimed it at a nearby parking lot