Month: December 2012

Scientologists’ secret underground base in New Mexico is marked by huge symbols visible only from the air

According to The Sun, and a new book, Church of Fear (scheduled to be published in 2013), the Church of Scientology has built a huge underground bunker (called Trementina Base in reference to the nearby community of Trementina) located deep underground in the New Mexico desert. The “alien space cathedral” acts as a vault for Scientology members and their belongings and was built to ensure their survival when a nuclear holocaust wipes out humanity.  The site is marked by large symbols etched onto the desert floor, two diamonds surrounded by a pair of overlapping circles, that are only visible from the air.  A private airstrip, built to serve the church's leaders, is within walking distance of the symbol. The complex is located near Mesa Huerfanita, New Mexico, about

Disc-shaped object spotted outside window of Hong Kong to Kumming City flight

A Chinese man flying from Hong Kong to Kumming City saw this object outside his window and quickly snapped a picture.  The disc-shaped object can be seen above the clouds.  Reportedly there were many other witnesses on the flight who also took pictures of the object.  We have no details yet on the flight number or the passenger who took the above photo.  The photo was posted on a paranormal forum by “Larry Siu” who has yet to disclose who took the picture.

Ancient “alien” skulls found in archaeological dig in Senora, Mexico – cranial deformation?

There a new reports just coming out about odd “alien” skulls found in a 1,000 year-old  ancient burial site in Senora, Mexico.  The site was first discovered in 1999 in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora (at a site known as "El Cementerio") while workers were digging to install an irrigation canal.  Researchers have just begun investigating the site but have already found 25 human remains, 13 of which have the odd-shaped deformed skulls.  The researchers are stating that the odd-shaped skulls are a result of purposeful “cranial deformation” or shaping of the skull, possibly as the result of an ancient ritual practiced.  The remains have been dated back to 945 A.D. to 1308 A.D. Archeologists noted: “Misshapen skulls discovered on sites are fairly uncommon, especially as

English man has stroke, wakes up speaking Welsh

Alun Morgan, 81 years old, grew up speaking English but lived in Wales for a while during an evacuation in World War II.  He was only in Wales a few months and admits that he “learned a bit of Welsh” while he was there but was not proficient with the language. He has not spoken the language in 70 years. The Englishman recently recovered from a stroke which has left doctors a bit puzzled.  After his stroke, he spent three days in a coma.  When he awoke, he spoke nothing but Welsh – and never realized he was not speaking in his native tongue.  Doctors say that the strange language quirk continued for three more days when suddenly, he switched back to speaking English again. 

The Lost Island of Hybrasil

Introduction Located in the Atlantic ocean just west of Ireland, the mysterious island of Hy-Brasil (also documented as Hy-Brazil, Hybrasil, Brazil Rock, Hy-Breasal, Hy-Breasil, Brazir, and other variations) is shown on maps as early as 1325 and as late as 1872. Although Hy-Brasil can be found on many ancient maps, no island exists in our modern day and no historical documents were recorded to indicate where or what happened to the island. The mystery of Hy-Brasil is that it simply disappeared without a trace. The accounts of Hy-Brasil are similar to those of Atlantis but whereas Atlantis was reported by one or two ancient historians, Hy-Brasil has been documented in many first person accounts. Thought to be the home of a highly advanced civilization led by an

35-year CIA veteran claims to find Roswell proof in Langley “historical collection” vault

35-year CIA veteran Chase Brandon, served as a covert operations officer for the CIA for 25 years.  He was then assigned as a official liaison on the director's staff where he spent his final 10 years with the agency.  It was during his time as a director (in the mid 1990’s) that Brandon walked into Langley’s Historical Intelligence Collection section and began browsing around.  The Historical Intelligence Collection is tightly secured and few CIA personnel have access to the vault.  As Brandon was shuffling through the boxes he noticed one box with a single hand-written word on it – “Roswell”.  He examined the contents of the box and although he will not disclose specifically what was in the box (his security oath prevents disclosure), what

The Beast of Gevaudan Terrorizes France

A strange beast terrorizes Gevaudan, France From 1764 to 1767, a strange beast terrorized the province of Gevaudan. Located in the modern day district of Lozere, deep within the Margeride Mountains in south-central France, the creature was a wolf-like animal that devoured the local citizens. During the period there were 210 attacks resulting in 113 deaths. Almost all of the victims were partially eaten. What the beast was has never been determined. Witness accounts and descriptions of the beast Described by witnesses as a wolf-like animal, the attacks occurred during France’s 16th century werewolf scare. In later centuries, similar attacks were documented between 1809 and 1813 where 21 persons will killed.  Another rash of killings followed between 1875 through 1879 when dozens were brutally massacred. Substantial documentation and

The Missing P40 Airplane

Radar Reflections On December 8, 1942, over a year after the attack on Pearl Harbor, radar in the United States picked up an unusual reading.  What appeared to be an airplane was heading for American soil from the direction of Japan.  Radar operators knew this bore none of the usual markings of some sort of aerial attack.   The sky was overcast, it was late evening, and no prior attack had occurred in these types of conditions. Fighters Scrambled Two American pilots were sent to intercept the mysterious plane.  As they approached the plane they radioed back to the ground to report that the aircraft was a P-40 and bore markings that had not been used since the attack on Pearl Harbor.  When they pulled up alongside the craft

The Lost Letter

The Letter is Sent On September 22, 1918, days before the end of World War I, George Kemp penned a letter to his 9 year-old nephew Donald Templeton from deep within the trenches in embattled France.  After mailing the letter, George returned to his unruly surroundings to continue his fight to survive the perils of World War I.  In the final days of the war George lost that fight and was killed in action.  His letter it seems was lost too.  While postal authorities concede that thousands of letters are lost each year, what's unusual about this case is that the letter did eventually reach its destination - 63 years later. Letter Arrives On July 6, 1981, the letter arrived in Buffalo, New York.  The original recipient, George

The Indian Rope Trick

Introduction The famed Indian rope trick - a myth, a product of mass hypnosis, or was it really magic?  The trick, involving a coil of rope that is magically extended skyward, has yet to be duplicated by modern day magicians despite centuries of exhaustive study by scholars and expert magicians. The Trick An early account from India in the 14th century, tells of a magician using a coil of rope with a large wooden ball tied to one end.  The magician tossed the wooden ball high into the air.  Instead of returning to the ground, it rose higher and higher until the rope disappeared into the clouds.  A small boy (the magician's assistant) jumped to the rope and began climbing hand over

The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island – early American settlers disappear without a trace

The Settlement of Roanoke Island In 1587, a colony of 118 men, women, and children became one of the earliest attempts to colonize the new world - America.  Traveling from Britain to Roanoke Island, near Chesapeake Bay on North Carolina's coast, they were the first true attempt at colonization of the New World.  Not long after settling, they became one of the Nation's first great mysteries. The colony, led by John White, settled on Roanoke Island, near Virginia.  John's granddaughter, Virginia Dare, became the first American born in this new land.  But times were tough in the new world and supplies became scarce.  Ten days after Virginia's birth, Simon Fernandes, a Portuguese sailor, was forced to return to England for more supplies.  After much protest, John White was ordered to return with

The Disappearance of David Lang

Altered Dimensions There are some who believe that there may be additional ‘dimensions’ not accounted for in our commonly accepted system of three dimensions (four dimensions if you count ‘time’). If there are indeed dimensions we have yet to discover or understand, is it possible to slip from one of these dimensions to another? If a person did pass through to this unknown dimension, what would become of their body, their mind, and their spirit? Here is the story of David Lang, a man who may have slipped into another dimension.  Some believe this story to be a hoax or legend, probably due to the many variations that exist of the tale.  But here it is, in its entirety, so you can decide

The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

Amelia's Accomplishments Amelia Earhart, or 'Lady Lindy', had produced more aerial accomplishments than any female pilot in history. She had already crossed the Gulf of Mexico and flown the Atlantic alone.  But on July 2, 1937, while flying what she described to a close friend as 'her last flight', the 2,556 mile, last leg of a trek around the world ended mysteriously. The Flight Thirty-nine year-old Amelia and her expert navigator, forty-four year-old Fredrick Noonan, must have been exhausted after having already flown 22,000 miles of their fateful journey.  Their journey had begun on May 21, 1937.  In a newly rebuilt Electra airplane, Amelia had changed their original flight plan due to adverse weather conditions in the Caribbean and Africa.  They had 22,000 miles out of the way

Route 66

Introduction Historic Route 66 – the highway that spawned a dozen movies, a TV show, and a hit song, can still be traveled today. With a little advanced planning, you can travel the historic route and still drive along some of the original sections of the infamous highway. What makes this road different? Why do thousands of people still trek across the country using Route 66 when more modern highways could be utilized instead? What makes Route 66 so special? In the summer of 1926, the 2,448 mile long Route 66 was born - at least on paper. The throughway was designated as a principle artery between Chicago and Los Angeles (Santa Monica at Ocean Avenue). It purposely was designed to utilize existing bits and pieces of

Post, Texas – breakfast cereal magnate attempts to create his own Utopia in rural Texas

Post Builds His Fortune In 1897, in a little white barn in Battle Creek, Michigan, the energetic C.W. Post changed the cereal world when he introduced Grape Nuts, one of the first ready to eat cold cereals in the world. He had already gained notoriety from his invention of Postum, a coffee substitute, 2 years earlier. Prior to that, Post had built a fortune inventing and patenting such devices as the cultivator, steam pump, and suspenders. Not content to rest on his laurels after his success, in 1907 he created a new corn flake cereal named Elijah’s Manna. After much public uproar over the blasphemous name, the cereal was rechristened Post Toasties which quickly became (and still is) one of the top selling cereal brands (in