New video footage of a UFO captured on a home security camera has emerged online. The video was shot on October 2, 2013 at 11:00 PM in Michigan with a security camera that had been turned slightly upward in hopes of capturing one of the many fireballs that have been reported around the world the past few weeks. The UFO in the video appears to be scanning the ground near the videographer’s home before making a few sharp turns and then zipping off frame. The UFO makes several more appearances in the video (which was shot at 15 frames per second).

According to the witness:

“This recording is from one of my multiple security cameras that is currently installed on the front of my house. This particular camera is pointing south towards the road (my house is set back about 300ft from the road).”

Additional comments by the poster seem a bit sketchy to me but for now, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. If it’s CGI, he did a very good job given the various reflections in the video would make a CGI job quite difficult for an amateur.  In addition, when the video is run at normal speed, the object moves and turns too quickly to be a remote-controlled object.  Interesting indeed.

The poster says he plans on positioning other security cameras in an effort to capture the object on video if it returns.  Catch the video below.

Michigan UFO security camera footage

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