16-year-old French boy encodes Bible and Quran into DNA and injects them into his body – and lives.

16-year-old Adrien Locatelli, from Grenoble, France, has succeeded in transcribing the book of Genesis and the Quran into DNA and injecting them into his body. He injected the text of the books in each thigh. Locatelli documented the procedure and published his research in a paper that “relates the first injection in a human being of macromolecules whose primary structure was developed from a religious text.” How the boy injected encoded DNA into his own body It has long been known that any type of information could be encoded in DNA, the molecule that stores information needed for living things to grow, age, and function. Locatelli recognized that even words could be encoded in a DNA strand. The boy says no special equipment was needed to implant the

Roman Polanski – famous director drugs and rapes 13-year-old girl, flees country, and remains free (with support from Hollywood friends)

Roman Polanski’s tale reads like millions of other child abuse stories except the participants were rich, elite, and never paid for their crimes. In fact, the abuser, famous movie actor and director Roman Polanski, was celebrated – and continues to be celebrated today. Countries seek his artistic merit and refuse to extradite him while Hollywood elites continue to claim his reparation - a month in jail, a week of psychological evaluation, and decades on the run after fleeing the United States – were sufficient for his crimes. Polanski remains free, and continues to direct and appear in movies (e.g. Rush Hour 3), despite tricking, drugging, and raping 13-year-old Samantha Gailey. Introduction By 1977 Roman Polanski was on top of the world. It had only been eight years

Bad parents rejoice – this terrifying clown (“Wrinkles the Clown”) will traumatize your misbehaving kids for cash

Have a misbehaving child? Need a new weapon for your parental arsenal? Just feeling mean? For a bit of cash, this creepy-looking clown will scare the crap out of your disobedient child. Since 2013, Wrinkles the Clown has been terrifying kids in southwest Florida, dishing out punishment for negative behavior for parents too lazy to do their own job. According to the Palm Beach Post, Wrinkles has been spotted outside people’s homes and in public areas for the past few years. As proof, they released a video of Wrinkles showing him “hiding under a child's trundle bed” while the child sleeps. After he makes his reveal, he places what looks like a small creepy doll near the child and quietly walks away. His distinctive mask with large gaping, black eye

Concerned citizens notify police that a woman was pushing her dead son in a swing throughout the night

The horrors of humanity and fragility of the human mind often make for the most bizarre and heart-wrenching stories imaginable. Such was the case today in La Plata, Maryland. La Plata police say they received a phone call just before 7:00 AM saying that a woman was at the park pushing a toddler “for an unusually long period of time”. As it turns out, the woman had been pushing the toddler in the swing, nonstop, throughout the night. When police arrived at the Willis Memorial Park at 500 St. Mary’s Ave., they found the 24-year-old mother pushing her dead 3-year-old son (JiAire) in a swing. Police say the child showed no signs of trauma and the mother was unable to provide any identifying information. It was

12-year-old girls stab friend in order to gain favor from demonic Slenderman entity

Two 12-year-old Waukesha, Wisconsin girls have been arrested after a vicious knife attack against a 12-year-old friend. The victim was stabbed 19 times but thankfully, is expected to recover from her wounds (one wound missed a major artery near her heart by a millimeter). Officials believe the pair spent several months planning their May 31, 2014 attack and that they believed by killing the young girl, they would prove to Slenderman that they were “worthy” and gain favor from the mysterious demonic entity. Slenderman is a tall, faceless, grotesquely skinny figure rumored to capture and shuffle kids off in the night (see here for more on Slenderman). One of the girls told investigators they decided to kill their friend so they could become “proxies” of the

It’s not a UFO – wind gust blows bounce house (with three kids inside) more than 50 feet into the air

Three upstate New York children were inside a bounce house Monday afternoon when a gust of wind launched the house high into the air. Horrified witnesses say the bounce house rose 50-feet into the air but photographs of the incident suggest the playhouse rose at least 100-foot into the sky and possibly higher. The three youngsters were seriously injured when they were dumped from the house while it was rising into the air. The bounce house lifted off at 3:20 PM on 5/12/2014 outside 22 Ferry Blvd. in South Glens Falls, New York. Two boys, age 5 and 6, suffered serious injuries after falling nearly two stories from the house.  The 5-year-old boy suffered from facial injuries and two broken arms as he was dumped to the asphalt

Horrifying! Dozens of razor blades found attached to playground equipment in Illinois park. One toddler injured.

Monsters of a different kind emerged in Illinois yesterday.  Police say a two-year-old child was injured with cuts to his hand after a bizarre visit to Millennium Park in East Moline, Illinois.  Authorities report they found at least a dozen razor blades glued to playground equipment in up-turned positions along handrails, swing handles, and monkey bar grips. After the toddler's father discovered his injuries, he took the child home where he was treated for cuts on his hand.  The father then went with police to the park, located at the intersection of Archer Drive and 34th Avenue, where they found and removed about a dozen razor blades from the playground equipment.  The blades were attached to various surfaces on the equipment using a unidentified white, putty-like

Are children more psychic than adults? From the mouths of babes – true stories that will scare you speechless

Are children more psychic than adults? It is often said that children have a sixth sense that is particularly attuned to spirits of those who have passed away (including themselves if you believe in reincarnation).  The predominant cause cited is because their conscious minds, controlled primarily by the left brain, are not as developed as adults.  Others feel their laser-sharp psychic ability manifests at an early age because they are more open to possibilities than “trained” adults who over time, program children to tune out and dismiss anything they see and hear that doesn't fit into the physical world.  Whatever the reason, children around 3-5 years old often demonstrate an uncanny ability to see and hear things that adults cannot sense.  If you find this hard to envision,

U.S. kids have it easy – in Germany a demon accompanies Santa and beats naughty kids with a stick

He’s known in Alpine countries variously as Krampus, Klaubauf, Bartl, and Wubartl, a beast-like, half-goat, half-demon creature that takes over where Santa left off (think of Krampus as the anti-Santa).  While Saint Nicholas rewards well-behaved boys and girls with gifts, Krampus captures naughty kids, places them in his oversized-sack, and carries them away to his lair or worse, hell. Traditionally, each year during the Christmas season, men in Austria, Bavaria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Croatia dress up in frightening elaborate Krampus costumes and roam the streets looking for small kids to chase, scare, and beat with sticks. The history of the Krampus creature dates back to pre-Christian Germanic traditions and likely originates from well-known tales about St. Nicholas’ battle with the devil.  He is sometimes

Wily 9-year-old steals car, sneaks past TSA airport security, and boards plane to Las Vegas

It’s the unusual preternatural cunning that this 9-year-old boy possesses that makes this story so interesting – that and the mockery he made of airport security.  Just two weeks ago the young lad was arrested in Minnesota for stealing a 30-foot refrigerated delivery truck and crashing into a police car (his little road trip took him through downtown Minneapolis and down a major interstate highway). Then last week, he managed to evade airport security and gate agents to board a Delta plane to Las Vegas. The boy, who is obviously very intelligent, first conducted a detailed reconnaissance at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on a trip that involved taking a piece of luggage from the carousel then ditching it at an airport restaurant (where he dined

These kids in China have to scale a dangerous 195-foot cliff each day in order to get to school

What are these crazy kids up to now?  They are going to school!  In China, the youth of Zhangjiawan village in Long Tianping County have  195-foot (60 meter) cliff they have to climb in order to get to school.  There is a safer route but it takes three hours to get to school via the roundabout path so parents have their kids climb these custom-built ladders each day.  The ladders are built by the parents that live in the area and are replaced every few years for, ahem, safety reasons.