Month: September 2015

The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction (aka The Hill Abduction or Zeta Reticuli Incident) – first widely-publicized report of alien abduction

Known as the Hill Abduction or Zeta Reticuli incident, the Betty and Barney Hill abduction occurred on the evening of September 19, 1961 and early morning September 20, 1961. The Hills were driving home from a vacation when they allege they were abducted by extraterrestrials in a rural area near the Indian Head resort in New Hampshire. Although the couple eventually talked about the event with friends and family, for many years they sought no publicity. This changed when a major periodical published a front-page article about the abduction using details from a secret audio recording of the couple discussing the event with a local community group. Their mysterious and puzzling case, verified by several researchers, psychologists, and scientists, became the first widely-publicized report of

Bones of Mona Lisa have been discovered under convent chapel in Italy

This week, historical experts believe they have found the tomb of Leonardo’s model – buried under the alter of a convent in Florence, Italy. Archaeologists and art detective Silvano Vinceti exhumed several skeletons stacked on top of each other under the chapel. Carbon dating has been completed and indicate the skeleton is from the time period when Leonardo painted the masterpiece. The discovery of Mona Lisa’s skeleton under a convent chapel should not be too surprising. Gherardini is believed to have moved to Florence in the late 1500's to live with her daughter, a nun. According to the experts, the odds that the bones belong to Mona Lisa “are extremely high”. Unfortunately, the remains are fragmented and scattered and there is no skull. The Mona Lisa painting was

Photo series captures weeping and crying teenage jihadi suicide bomber as his friends merrily send him to his death

Westerners can't comprehend the logic of suicide bombers. It’s not that Westerners won’t give their life in service of their country (many have) but the act of becoming a human bomb just seems, well, dumb. Today ISIS released footage of a teenage suicide bomber that from all appearances, they are very proud of. If you’re a Westerner, don’t think you’ll gain any more understanding after viewing the pictorial sequence of events - it's not the brave march into battle you would expect. In the photos below, you’ll see a teenager's jihadi buddies urge him on, patting him on the back and filming wildly with their cellphones.  Then the poor kid breaks down and weeps and cries like, well, a little kid. Then he is no more. The reluctant teenager below conducted the

Traveling freak gives us scariest mugshot of the year – Paradox, the Dutchess of Hell, arrested in Lubbock

Lubbock, Texas officers arrested 29-year-old Albuquerque, New Mexico native Mara Paradox on a marijuana possession charge and booked “her” into the county jail this week. Beyond what you can see in the mugshot above, Paradox (formerly Chance Davis) is indeed “different”. She has undergone gender transition, changed her surname, and installed various body modifications, including face piercings, body tattoos, horn implants, and tattooed eyeballs to complete her jailhouse corpse look. Paradox worked at the Venice Beach Freakshow where she ate glass, hung hooks from her eyelids, and laid upon a bed of machetes. Earlier this year, she had a friend chop off her ring finger in order to leave her left hand looking like a lobster claw. Now that she’s bailed out of jail, she is expected

More Russian “stone” UFOs discovered – researchers say the million-year-old disc-shaped relics hint at alien past

It was only a few months prior that Russian miners dug up an intriguing disc-shaped stone at Siberia’s Kuznetsk Basin, Russia. Archaeologists were called in to examine the “craft” which the excavators believed fell from space. The unusual object was perfectly circular with a dome-shaped top and weighed over 400 lbs. The depth at which the object was found hints that it could be older than mammoth bones found in the same area at a much shallower depth. This week, another disc-shaped stone object was found – a much bigger one. Vadim Chernobrov, head of Russia’s UFOlogy and Cryptozoology group, reported that his team unearthed a 14-foot disc-shaped stone at the Medveditskaya ridge region of the Zhirnovsky district in Volgograd. The object is perfectly symmetrical and one

Gone Girl Denise Huskins – the real-life kidnapping that police ignored as a hoax because it was so friggin bizarre

The abduction of Denise Huskins On March 23, 2015, at 1:53 PM, a Kaiser Permanente physical therapist, Aaron Quinn, called police in Vallejo, California to report a kidnapping and ransom demand for $8,500 dollars. According to Quinn, he and his live-in girlfriend, Denise Huskins, awoke at 3:00 AM to blinding, bright lights shining in their faces. The kidnapper[s] (Aaron and Denise later told police that they could not see how many men there were) ordered Huskins to bind Quinn’s legs with zipties. Swim goggles with covered lenses were placed over Quinn and Huskins’ eyes. The kidnappers placed headphones on Quinn’s head and soon, Quinn heard a pre-recorded message listing the abductors’ demands for the return of his girlfriend. 29-year-old Denise Huskins was a beautiful So-Cal girl, 5’

Police discover nearly 4,000 bladed weapons and evidence of satanic activity in booby-trapped Florida home

After reviewing CCTV security footage showing 47-year-old Nickcole Ellen Fray Dykema cutting a neighbor’s screen, police went to the woman’s home to make the arrest. Inside they found Dykema brandishing a large sword with which she took a swipe at an arresting officer “missing his head by inches”. Dykema was subdued five hours later after being shot twice with a nonlethal beanbag round from a shotgun and tasered. “The Taser had the desired effect, and Dykema fell to the ground.” Neighbors described Dykema’s Brooksville, Florida home as a house of horrors.  Hernando County Sheriff's Office say inside the home, they found 3,714 weapons including knives, swords, machetes, and other bladed weapons. Police say each room of the trailer house contained at least 500 bladed weapons arranged so

Retailers report run on survival supplies as surge of Mormons prepare for doomsday end of world event

They are buying up food, flashlights, blankets, tents, weapons, ammunition, tools, and storage kits and bracing to sell off their 401Ks and flee their homes. Retailers across Utah say sales have shot up five-fold as hordes of Mormons, convinced the end of the world is neigh, are buying up their goods as fast as retailers can stock them. According to Huffington Post: At American Fork’s Thrive Life, which sells mostly freeze-dried food, sales have shot up by “500 percent or more in the past couple of months,” says customer-service representative Ricardo Aranda. “There is a sense of urgency, like something is up. A lot of people are mentioning things about September, like a financial collapse.” Another retailer says the 72-hour emergency kits are “almost impossible to keep on

Man claims to have seen top-secret UFO files during visit to military base with Aunt

A man has come forward claiming he personally saw files related to UFO reports at McClellan Air Force Base in the early 1970’s. McClellan AFB is a U.S. Air Force base located seven miles northeast of Sacramento, California and David Armstrong says that his aunt worked in the UFO Records section of the facility for about eighteen years.  Armstrong says he reviewed the files for over two hours while his Aunt was called out of the room.  If true, the information he witnessed confirms several extraterrestrial theories proposed by UFOlogists. Armstrong visits McClellan Air Force Base When in his late teenage years, Armstrong travelled from North Dakota to Sacramento to visit his aunt who worked at the McClellan AFB. According to Armstrong, she asked if he wanted a

Llanfairpwllgwyn-gyllgogerychwyrndrob-wllllantysiliogogogoch – the little town with the unbelievably big name

Upon entering the town, you can’t help but notice the sign – “You are now at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch”. No, I didn’t just stroke out while penning this article. "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch" is 58 letters long and locals don’t mind if you refer to it as just Llanfairpll or Llanfair PG to speed things up. The town is located on the island of Anglesey in Wales and recently made headlines when a weatherman in the UK pronounced it perfectly during a live weather report. The little village has the longest name in Europe and the second-longest town name in the world (a town in New Zealand has a 85-letter name). The town has only 3,100 residents and the name is technically 51 letters since in Welsh, “ch” and “ll” are considered

H.H. Holmes (Herman Webster Mudgett) – America’s first, and possibly most prolific, serial killer

“I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing -- I was born with the "Evil One" standing as my sponsor beside the bed where I was ushered into the world, and he has been with me since.” H.H. HOLMES Herman Webster Mudgett, aka Dr. Henry Howard Holmes or just H.H. Holmes, was one of the first documented serial killers in the modern sense of the word. His legendary crimes have been written about in several books, including Erik Larson’s popular The Devil in the White City, and featured in many movies and TV shows including American Horror Story: Hotel and the 2016 movie The

Was a Pterosaur filmed flying over Boise, Idaho? Prehistoric pterodactyl captured on amateur video.

This is one of those “not sure if it’s real but I sure *hope* it is” videos. Shot by an “amateur filmmaker”, the video shows a purported prehistoric Pterosaur (Pterodactyl maybe?) flying over the skies of Boise, Idaho. In the bizarre footage below, a huge bird-like creature flies across the sky and even moves its head glancing toward (looking for prey maybe?). The huge wingspan is notable as is its distinct backward-pointing crest. Zooms of the footage don’t reduce detail and in fact, show clearly defined claws attached to the wings as well as bone-structure within the wing area.  If a hoax, this hints at a model and not necessarily CGI.  Then again, maybe they've finally returned! The Pterosaurs were flying reptiles (technically not dinosaurs) that existed

Last Area 51/Groom Lake border family offered over $5 million to vacate their mine – they refuse

Air Force pressure to take over Sheahan family’s Groom Lake Mine The Sheahan family has owned and worked land that borders Area 51’s Groom Lake for over 130 years. During that time, the family has literally lived with America’s closely guarded secrets in their backyard while they operated their family-owned lead, copper, zinc, gold and silver mine - the Groom Lake Mine. Of course, the U.S. government has not been pleased with their presence so near the top-secret facility. Since Area 51 (officially the Nevada Test and Training Range) opened over 60 years ago, the government has pressured the family to leave the land. Now the family is speaking out, insisting the the land surrounding the mine is theirs to keep. Joe Sheahan, Groom Mine co-owner, told

Kate Webster – murderous maid feeds fat from body of employer to her children (1879)

Julia Martha Thomas hires Kate Webster as a maid Dubbed the “Barnes Mystery” or the “Richmond Murder”, the case became one of the most notorious crimes in the late 19th-century Britain. Julia Martha Thomas, a widow in her 50s who lived in Richmond in southwest London, was murdered on March 2, 1879 by her maid, Kate Webster, a 30-year-old Irishwoman with a long history of criminal activities. Webster disposed of the body by dismembering it, boiling the flesh off the bones, and throwing most of the remains into the River Thames. The boiled fat from the body however, she retained for her own devious use. In 1879, Julia Martha Thomas lived alone in a small cottage at 2 Mayfield Cottages on Park Road in Richmond, just outside

In eerie coincidence, hi-speed photo of airshow plane crash captures the very moment wing walker Jane Wicker died

It’s a common thought – what happens at the precise moment we pass from this life to the next. However, it’s an extremely rare event when that moment is captured in a photograph. Such was the case on June 22, 2013 at the Vectren Dayton Air Show in Dayton, Ohio when an eagle-eye noticed that one small section of a spectacular hi-definition, high-speed photograph of a plane crash froze in time the instant a female wing walker, Jane Wicker, met her end. Jane Wicker - wing walker 45-year-old Jane Wicker was a Federal Aviation Administration budget analyst with a backbone made of steel. Financial accountant by day, Wicker began her daredevil career in 1990 after answering an advertisement from the Flying Circus Airshow in Bealeton, Virginia. After