Huge, lit UFO over Georgia caught on GameCam flying over feeding deer

Not much is known about this video other than it was reportedly captured on a GameCam in Hahira, Georgia on August 31, 2015 at 11:26 PM.  The report was filed with MUFON who as of yet, has been unable to validate the video or deem it a hoax.  The report as submitted to MUFON reads:

Six light objects in straight line formation moving forward past camera.  Video found on webcam this morning. Six objects appearing bright in straight line formation moving through the woods at night toward our webcam and passing by. This wildlife webcam is stationary to a pine tree approximately 4 foot off the ground. Video does not have the best clarity. Not sure if it could possibly be some type of night birds. The deer in the video appears to look nervous after passing. There is no sound available on the video camera. Also the direction the lights come from are thick brushy woods.

Check out the relevant section of the video below.  I’ve added post-processing slo-mo and zooms after the original video segment.


Huge, lit UFO captured on GameCam in Georgia


Sources: MUFON

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