Texas police seek identity of barefoot women in broken restraints who rang doorbell in middle of night.

Police in Montgomery, Texas are seeking assistance from the public after home video captured a woman with broken restraints ringing a doorbell in the middle of the night. The incident took place in the wee morning hours of August 24, 2018.

Surveillance video shows a barefoot young woman wearing a T-Shirt, without pants, and what looks like broken shackles hanging from her right wrist. Homeowners say the woman rang the doorbell at 3:20 AM, briefly looked around, then left quickly. They told police she looked panicked and disoriented but by the time they got to the door, the woman was gone. The video was turned over to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office who asked the public for assistance.

Authorities say several reports of a missing woman in the area are being processed by the Sheriff’s office but thus far, no identification of the woman in the video has been determined.

Additional information

Update 8/31/18

The mystery has been solved. Indeed the woman had been restrained and abused. The assailant was a boyfriend who went on to commit suicide after the woman escaped and fled. Police say the woman is now safe with family in Dallas, Texas.

Photo gallery

See additional photos of the unidentified woman in the photo gallery below.

Sources: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

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