Month: August 2013

Mind-numbing blast of eerie, bizarre-sounding noise recorded throughout Terrace BC area

At 7:30 AM on August 29, 2013, residents of Terrace BC Canada awoke to a bizarre cavalcade of earth-shaking noises. Several independent tapes of the eerie-sounding noise have appeared on social media outlets, such as YouTube, and reveal a chorus of unearthly, mind-numbing noises described alternatively as sounding like ghosts wailing, apocalyptic trumpets, or a symphony of out of tune musical instruments. The noise lasted roughly 10 minutes and was followed by several minutes of "rumbling, deep vibrations" (the area was cloudy at the time so this could have been thunder). News outlets reported that the noise could be heard throughout the town of Terrace and as far away as Gitaus. One resident described what he heard: “We heard this sound, it sounded to me like someone

Forgotten migrant workers live cheaply in bizarre Chinese “shipping container city”

Soaring property values in China have some Chinese living like hamsters in tall stacks of shipping containers. For less than $80 a month, rural migrants can rent out a stark steel metal container on the outskirts of Shanghai. In 2001, officials tore down a similar container village in Pudong, consisting of over 100 “homes”, because it was “too dangerous”.  The teetering stack of containers in Shanghai has been housing Chinese migrant workers for over a decade. The origin of the unusual city comes down to a single 70-year-old man (known to the renters simply as “Old Man”) who bought the empty containers from a local customs official. Originally planning to use them for storage, he paid to have the containers stacked on the side of a

Area 51 references in newly released CIA document provide no new details on Groom Lake facility (and introduce new inaccuracies)

Although the media has run wild with the story, unobscured references to Area 51 in a newly released CIA document regarding the history of the U2 and OXCART spy-plane programs, provide little new information on the top-secret Groom Lake facility. In fact, prior FOIA requests for information regarding Area 51 had already resulted in the release of formerly classified documents that prove the existence of the Groom Lake facility (aka Paradise Ranch or simply “the Ranch”).  These documents were placed in the public domain long before the release of the 20-year-old U-2 and OXCART History document. To confuse the issue further, the newly released document introduced new, obviously inaccurate information. The newly released CIA document, titled The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance: The U-2 and

Israel Keyes – meticulous serial killer’s body count may never be known

Israel Keyes murder spree Serial killer Israel Keyes is the type of serial killer the public, and police, fear: one that is so wily and meticulous, the complete story of his murders may never be known.  Keyes is believed to have embarked on a decades-long murder spree which may have included more than a dozen murder victims. He murdered his first victim in 2001 and his last in 2012 when he kidnapped 18-year-old Samantha Koenig of Anchorage, strangled her, and dumped her remains in an icy Alaskan lake. Thus far only three of Keyes' victims have been positively identified even though while in custody, Keyes admitted to eight murders.  The FBI has linked Keyes to at least 11 killings, and likely many more, and feel that

Giant sinkhole swallows Disney World resort buildings – nearly 40 residents scramble to escape collapsing building

The ground shook and windows blew out in Lake County, Florida on Sunday as a resort near Disney World collapsed while sinking into a 100-foot wide sinkhole. Guests were given a scant 10-15 minute warning to evacuate the Summer Bay Resort as the building cracked and popped during its fall into the giant sinkhole. All guests managed to escape and no one was injured but nearly 40 guests lost personal belongings to the massive sinkhole. Security guard Richard Shanley was on duty and sprang into action as the buildings began to collapse. Shanley ran room to room beating on doors and assisting people as they scampered through windows to escape the collapse. “It was scary. You don't know what to do. It was a matter of just

NICK BEEF mystery solved – the man behind (not under) the gravestone located next to Lee Harvey Oswald’s

The mysterious “Nick Beef” headstone located next to Lee Harvey Oswald’s grave For years, curiosity seekers visiting the Fort Worth, Texas, grave of Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, have wondered about the near identical pinkish granite headstone next door, marked “NICK BEEF”. The rectangular markers are the same size, each bearing only a name, with no inscription for date of birth or death. But there is one big difference between the two graves – Nick Beef’s is empty. So what was the purpose of this odd headstone? Was it a joke? A conspiracy? Were the odd capitalized letters some sort of secret acronym? Who is Nick Beef? As it turns out, Nick Beef, born Patric Abedin, is alive and living in New York City. The mysterious gravestone

Three-month-old baby burst into flames – doctors suspect Spontaneous Human Combustion

Rahul, a three-month-old baby from Chennai in southern India, was admitted to a local medical institute yesterday with burns covering 10% of his body. Doctors there believe the burns were caused from a condition known as spontaneous human combustion (SHD). According to the baby's mother, the child burst into flames without any source nine days after his birth and suffered three other similar episodes, the last of which occurred about a month ago. The doctors believe the baby’s body may have caught on fire because of the excretion of gases, likely methane gas formed during digestion of the baby’s food. The baby's father told Deccan Herald reporters that "neighbors started isolating the family after observing Rahul. Everybody thought it was due to evil influence."  Naturally, others

Busy UFO week in Naples, Florida – surveillance video captures glowing orb floating above pool

NOTE: The latest UFO video going viral shows a strange object over a Naples, Florida pool. The source seems dubious to me but is interesting enough to prompt a visit from MUFON (who said they did not suspect the video was a hoax) so we’ll share it here for readers to review themselves. A condominium surveillance video caught a glowing-orb like UFO hovering over a swimming pool in Naples, Florida this week. As a result, MUFON, who calls the video “one of the most fascinating videos they have seen in a while”, will investigate in an attempt to identify the mysterious object. The video, which was shot from condos on Gulfshore Boulevard near Venetian Village on Monday 8/5/2013, shows a glowing saucer-shaped object which suddenly appears

Father and son discovered hiding in remote jungle after fleeing from Vietnam War 40 years ago

This week, a small party of sightseers in the Tay Tra district of Quang Ngai province in central Vietnam, were travelling through a remote forest when they unexpectedly discovered 42-year-old Ho Van Lang and his 82-year-old father, Ho Van Thanh, wearing loincloths made of bark with homemade wooden axes in hand, trekking through the woods searching for firewood. Looking like real-life versions of Tarzan, the group were concerned for the two men’s’ safety. Authorities were contacted and a team put together to track and find the wild men. After the two men were found and brought back to a nearby village, authorities were stunned to find that the pair had been living in the wild, with no contact with the outside world, for over 40

Thieves break in to nonprofit for 2nd time to return stolen equipment – with an apology note

Pitiful thieves broke into a southern Los Angeles nonprofit stealing laptops and other computer equipment this week. Then after finding out what the business was, a nonprofit that helps victims of sexual violence, they returned to the scene of the crime a second time in order to return all of the stolen equipment. Tucked inside one of the stolen laptops was an apology note which read (misspellings and original punctuation left as is): “We had no idea what we were takeing. Here your stuff back we hope that you guys can continue to make a difference in peoples live. God bless.” The thieves apparently fired up some of the stolen equipment and found that the business they had stolen from was actually a Los Angeles non-profit –

UFO sighted on ground in Greymouth, New Zealand – man calls for other witnesses at the scene to come forth

A UFO report coming out of New Zealand could potentially bring forth multiple eyewitnesses to an unusual sighting near the city of Greymouth. Matthew Robert says he was driving along a road in Greymouth when he came across a dark, automobile-sized object in the middle of the road. As he pulled to the side of the road, the object emitted a blinding light and suddenly lifted into the sky at which time Robert lost all cellphone reception, his vision became blurry, and his eyes watered for about an hour afterwards. Robert says there were three other cars parked alongside the road which also witnessed the UFO. As Robert explained: “I was changing a CD as I was driving and when I looked up I saw what looked

Amazing “Air Tsunami” captured over Panama City, Florida in helicopter aerial photos

JR Hott of Panhandle Helicopter Tours out of Panama City, Florida has captured a remarkable and rare weather phenomena during a helicopter tour over the city. Called an “Air Tsunami”, the photos show a visually-vibrant, low-lying haze swooping over the high-rise buildings on the Panama City coastline. The event is rare but for safety reasons, helicopter pilots remain grounded when they pass through. In this case however, Hott’s curiosity got the better of him. “When the temperature, humidity and winds are just right, we'll get this fog that forms on the high rise condos on the beach. This time it was progressing west to east. We jumped into helicopter and took off. Within a few minutes after we landed, it covered up the helipad.” Scientists explain what

Large glowing object filmed in the skies of Leeds, United Kingdom this week

A Leeds, United Kingdom man captured this strange glowing UFO on video and submitted it to paranormal forums seeking answers. He stated that he did not know what the light was. The video was shot on August 4, 2013 in Leeds, UK.  The object can be seen on the horizon and hovers for a few seconds before slowly descending towards the ground.  The videographer zooms out at one point providing a perspective of how large the object is in relation to the buildings and trees on the horizon.  Check the video below. Leeds, United Kingdom UFO–August 4, 2013   The most obvious explanation would be some sort of atmospheric or camera lens light effect from an airplane landing at an airport.  However, others were quick to point out

Man finds himself in background of photo taken when he was just a child

“Josh” says he was stunned to find an adult image of himself embedded in the background of a portrait studio photograph taken of him when he was a child. The photo was shot in 1983 by Olan Mills studios and has hung in his parents’ live room for decades. The man’s mother has always noted that she could see faces in the background but nobody really paid much attention to them. That is until this week, when the man says he returned to his parents’ home and was stunned to find his image was one of the “faces” his mother had long noticed in the picture. Josh explained: "I was visiting today and took a closer look at my picture. I'm pretty stunned, to say the least.

Insurance company recalls $500,000 payout – man repays with a backbreaking 4 tons of quarters

Roger Herrin, an Illinois businessman, was outraged after a court ordered that he return more than $500,000 in insurance money related to the 2001 wreck and death of his teenage son. The court order was issued to resolve a decades-old legal battle over how $800,000 was to be distributed amongst the survivors of the accident. In protest, Herrin decided to repay the half-million dollars in coins. Herrin told reporters: "I've had 10 years to think about this a little bit, and I'm very, very bitter at this ruling. It's wrong, and everybody knows it's wrong. Herrin initially planned to repay the money with pennies but found that was unfeasible. Instead, Herrin delivered 150 transparent sacks of quarters, all he could get from the Federal Reserve in St. Louis,