A Leeds, United Kingdom man captured this strange glowing UFO on video and submitted it to paranormal forums seeking answers. He stated that he did not know what the light was. The video was shot on August 4, 2013 in Leeds, UK.  The object can be seen on the horizon and hovers for a few seconds before slowly descending towards the ground.  The videographer zooms out at one point providing a perspective of how large the object is in relation to the buildings and trees on the horizon.  Check the video below.

Leeds, United Kingdom UFO–August 4, 2013


The most obvious explanation would be some sort of atmospheric or camera lens light effect from an airplane landing at an airport.  However, others were quick to point out that there is no airport in the area and the major airport in town, which is some distance away, does not even have its runways aligned in the direction this UFO was seen moving.


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