Another Bigfoot video just came out of Canada this week. The video was shot by hikers in the Canadian wilderness near Mission in British Columbia. Authenticity of the video has not yet been verified and although we have some concerns about its authenticity, it looks promising enough that we decided to go ahead and process and release to readers so they can decide for themselves.

In the video (which we have zoomed to provide improved clarity), you see what appears to be a creature covered with thick black hair, walking across a mountain top. The figure walks from the trees into the open, pauses briefly to examine something, and then steps off of a steep rock before disappearing into the woods.

The video does not appear to have been photoshopped but at this point it is impossible to determine if the creature is anything more than a man in a monkey suit.  We’ll post updates to this article as they come in.

Canadian Bigfoot (Sasquatch) filmed near Mission, British Columbia

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