NOTE: The latest UFO video going viral shows a strange object over a Naples, Florida pool. The source seems dubious to me but is interesting enough to prompt a visit from MUFON (who said they did not suspect the video was a hoax) so we’ll share it here for readers to review themselves.

A condominium surveillance video caught a glowing-orb like UFO hovering over a swimming pool in Naples, Florida this week. As a result, MUFON, who calls the video “one of the most fascinating videos they have seen in a while”, will investigate in an attempt to identify the mysterious object. The video, which was shot from condos on Gulfshore Boulevard near Venetian Village on Monday 8/5/2013, shows a glowing saucer-shaped object which suddenly appears and then morphs into a glowing web-like orb before slowly dipping into the swimming pool. The entire surveillance video is 30 minutes in length. Only fragments have been released to the media.

The owners of the condo noted that they had seen bugs and water on the surveillance camera plenty of times before but this looked like nothing they had ever seen before.

“I realized that it was something that wasn’t normal, so I was like ‘oh my, what is that!”

The sighting follows a busy week in which fourteen Naples, Florida UFO reports were sent to the National UFO Reporting Center in a single day. On August 7, 2013, dozens of Naples residents reported seeing a strange light in the sky. The Air Force later claimed that the object seen in the sky was a Delta IV rocket passing through “noctilucent clouds” at 280,000 feet above the earth.

Naples, Florida UFO over swimming pool


Sources: NBC News, MUFON, National UFO Reporting Center

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