Month: July 2015

The mysterious death of Sandra Bland – was an inmate already dead in her booking photo?

The death of Sandra Bland Sandra Bland was pulled over for a minor traffic violation on July 10, 2015 in Prairie View, Texas, just northwest of Houston, Texas. She had failed to give a turn signal when changing lanes.  As Bland and Texas state trooper Brian Encinia discussed the reason for her stop, the situation escalated and Bland was arrested and charged with assault (the office claims that she kicked him). Dashboard video of the event showed Bland was argumentative but non-violent during the incident. She was taken to Waller County jail. Three days later, she was found dead, hanging in her jail cell, a plastic bag wrapped around her neck and tied to a nearby bunk bed. When Bland was arrested and booked on July 10,

Did a major cyberattack force the shutdown of the New York Stock Exchange on July 8, 2015?

The mysterious system outages on July 8, 2015 “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. Words to live by in our modern-day world where media faces make up the news and world leaders speak from behind a smokescreen. Case in point – there may be more to last week’s one-in-a-million coincidence where three separate software glitches brought down the Wall Street Journal, United Airlines flight systems, and the New York Stock Exchange – all at the same time. After wiping the sleep from their eyes, many are now wondering if there were more to these cyber incidents than meets the eye. The NYSE outage At 11:32 AM on July 8, 2015, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) computers went down, causing a four-hour suspension of trading and a loss of about $400 million

New Rendlesham Forest UFO evidence – former US Army Commander confirms radar tracked unknown object in the area

On two nights in late-December 1980, bizarre lights and mysterious flying objects were witnessed by dozens of military personnel in Rendlesham Forest, just outside the Bentwaters airbase in Suffolk. Dubbed "Britain’s Roswell", the Rendlesham Forest UFO event is one of the most well-documented and widely-witnessed UFO sightings in modern times. It is also one of the most government-suppressed UFO reports in history. Now a witness to the event, Col Charles Halt, claims he has new evidence in hand supporting military personnel’s claim of the unusual objects they witnessed in Rendlesham Forest. Summary of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident Three US military officers (John Burroughs, Bud Steffens, and James Penniston) based at RAF Bentwaters (an airbase used by the US Air Force during the Cold War) claimed a

Security CCTV footage from haunted English wine bar captures ghostly apparition gliding down hallway

CCTV footage of a ghostly pirate apparition moving through a bar in Warrington (Cheshire, England) is causing a stir in the ghost community. The CCTV video was shot in the Dreamwater Lounge in the city centre area of Warrington. Simon Ellison, owner of the shipwreck-themed wine bar, says the footage is legit although the version that leaked online was edited to include segments of daytime customers and a rainy night - which only add to the spookiness effect. In the security video, you will see a “camera movement” indicator come on followed by a white orb of light moving around on a rope bridge. Suddenly the camera begins to shake while a faint white figure appears at the bottom of the frame and glides down the bridge before

LA police look for reverse driver who (expertly) drove Mulholland thru Hollywood strip backward

LA police are looking for a driver and his female cohort who were filmed speeding backward for miles through the heart of Los Angeles, California. Police say reports of the hair-raising stunt began pouring in from stunned onlookers on Thursday afternoon. Video shows the driver, who was piloting an Audi with dealer plates, swerving in reverse around sharp bends on Laurel Canyon Boulevard, down Mulholland Drive, and onto Sunset Boulevard. At one point on the video, the driver maneuvers through busy Hollywood Boulevard around other cars and into the heart of Hollywood. Los Angeles police call it “some of the most reckless driving investigators have ever seen” and say the driver “could face numerous charges, including reckless driving and failure to drive on the right half

Cache of previously unknown Navy UFO photos released by anonymous military man

A cache of unusual UFO images reportedly taken in March 1971 have UFO researchers and conspiracy theorists in a frenzy. The images were taken near the Arctic, likely from the United States Navy’s USS Trepang (SSN 674) submarine as it travelled between Iceland and Norway’s Jan Mayen Island.  The pictures were released anonymous by an ex-military man believed to have been aboard the submarine when the pictures were taken and sent to a French paranormal magazine, Top Secret, with a brief background stating the pictures were taken when the submarine came upon the objects by “accident” as they were in the region on a routine joint military and scientific expedition. Officer John Klika was reportedly the sailor who initially spotted the object with the periscope. Very little else