Month: March 2015

Video captures disc-shaped UFO being transported in military convoy near Area 51

This interesting video appeared on YouTube on March 24, 2015 and shows a convoy transporting what appears to be a classic disc-shaped UFO on a semi’s trailer. The one and a half minute video was allegedly shot near the remote Area 51 installation in the Nevada desert. The video appeared on YouTube with no description. In the first section of the video, the videographer apparently placed his cellphone on the dashboard of his parked car in order to secretly film the passing convoy. In the second section, he turned the cellphone sideway, possibly to film out a side window or under his arm. I’ve corrected (rotated) that section of the video to enhance viewing. It’s clear that whatever is being transported is military in nature – you

10-year-old boy says he is reincarnated Hollywood actor – backed by startling detailed facts

Stories weren’t like a child could have made up At four years of age, Ryan began waking in the middle of the night, tortured by nightmares. His dreams were detailed, vivid visions in which he was always in the body of another man. His mother explained: “His stories were so detailed and they were so extensive, that it just wasn’t like a child could have made it up.” Ryan’s dreams seemed more like memories. Mommy, I found me! His parents noted that Ryan would make unusual comments like, “I used to be big but now I’m little” and “I liked it better when I was big and I could go wherever I wanted to.” He would see pictures of the Hollywood Hills on television and point at the TV and quip,

Pregnant woman responding to Craigslist ad is beaten, stabbed, has fetus cut from her body

A 26-year-old pregnant woman, Michelle Wilkins, from Longmont, Colorado has survived a horrifying encounter with Craigslister Dynel Lane, a 34-year-old woman who takes what she wants – no matter what the cost. Wilkins responded to Lane’s newborn baby clothes listing on Craigslist on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. She sent Lane a text message and then drove to her home to purchase the clothing. Shortly after arriving at the home, she was attacked by Lane, beaten and stabbed. Then the attacker did something unimaginable – she “removed” the fetus from her victim’s body. Wilkins was left on the floor, wounded and bleeding profusely, while Lane took the fetus upstairs and placed it in a bathtub. At this time, Lane’s husband, 35-year-old David Ridley, returned home early from

The bizarre life, disappearances, and deaths surrounding millionaire Robert (Bob) Durst

It’s not difficult to see that Robert (Bob) Durst is different. Born April 12, 1943 in New York City, the oldest of four children, he is the son of New York City real-estate moguls Seymour and Bernice Durst and brother of commercial developer Douglas Durst of the Durst Organization – and an heir to the enormous Durst skyscraper fortune. The first thing you will notice about Bob Durst is his coal black eyes which give him an unusual, otherworldly appearance. Throw in the occasional stutters, a habit of mumbling to himself, frequent squinting and blinking of his eyes, and intermittent references to himself as “we” and it becomes near impossible to see him as anything but different. His unusual physical and behavioral quirks are compounded by

Russian teen builds realistic life-sized tank out of snow

Growing up in Russia must be a blast –this guy even has a SU-122-54 military tank in his backyard. Get a good look at it because in about 1 month, it will have melted into nothing more than rainwater. Yes, this realistic looking tank is made from nothing more than good old-fashioned Russian snow. Alexander Zhuikov, a student from Novosibirsk, Russia, created this highly-realistic snow sculpture of a life-size tank using knives, trowels, and of course, snow. It even has an internal cabin that can be accessed through a roof hatch. It took Zhuikov about a month to create the masterpiece which he designed using tank drawings he downloaded from the Internet. The tank was built in a cleared-out spot in his grandmother’s garden which he protected

High-speed UFO captured on drone video over Silicon Valley

YouTube user 1darmino shared a 4-second video on March 7, 2015 that he shot using a 4K camera mounted on a DJI Inspire 1 commercial drone. The drone was flying at a height of about 250 feet filming the terrain over Silicon Valley, California when something highly unusual zips into the frame. “Zips” may be an understatement. The object is flying extremely fast – so fast you can barely see it in the normal-speed video. In the video below, keep your eye on the center part of the video near the base of the mountain. Flying from right to left, a high-speed white UFO comes into view from the distance and in the blink of an eye, flies out of the frame. The object flew so fast, 1darmino had no time

Artists hides Monica Lewinsky’s scandalous dress in National Portrait Gallery painting of President Bill Clinton

It hangs in Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. and word has it that the Clinton’s absolutely hate it and want it removed. The Clinton’s dislike of the portrait isn't because of Bill Clinton’s awkward pose but rather – because the celebrated artist snuck a representation of Monica Lewinsky’s famous semen-stained dress in the background of the painting. If you recall the Clinton/Lewinsky sex scandal you will remember that a semen stain on Lewinsky’s blue GAP dress was used as evidence to link Clinton to the affair with Lewinsky during his presidency. According to renowned Pennsylvania artist Nelson Shanks, while painting the famous portrait, he could not get the Lewinsky scandal out of his mind. To help ease his lack of concentration, the artist set

Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion may be haunted after all – video shows ghost roaming park at night

Disneyland surveillance footage has captured something more than the usual happy visitors frolicking through the park. As the footage suggests, a mysterious ghostly entity walks around the park at night, crossing grass, sidewalks, and passing unhindered through closed gates. In one instance, the ghostly figure can even be seen walking across a park lake's water. The video was shot in 2009 and resurfaced this week. In the video, a grim ghost can be seen moving at a steady pace around Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion and Rivers of America areas of the park. The video shows a closed park at night, empty with no visitors to hinder the ghosts’ exploration of the happiest place on earth. The natural first assessment would suggest the video contains image remnants (artifacts) from

Interesting UFO video sparks new debate- what are these objects flying over a mountainside?

An interesting 2012 UFO video is back in the news as the UFO community discusses and debates not only the origin of the video, but what is being seen flying above a mountain range in the as-yet-unknown location. What is generally accepted however, is that the video is not fake nor digital CGI manipulation. The origin of the video is unknown but a copy from 2012 recently surfaced on popular online UFO forums and re-ignited the debate. In the video, we see a small UFO flying over a mountaintop. The videographer zooms in on the object and we see a brightly-lit disc (or possibly diamond-shaped object) hovering above a mountain (the distortion from the zoom makes it near impossible to determine the object’s true shape). After