Interesting video coming from LookNowTV (a YouTube station) showing a purported UFO shooting past a commercial airlines bound for Hawaii (presumably shot sometime in April 2013).  Coming from behind the plane, you can clearly see a cylindrical-shaped object fly ahead of the airplane at a speed that looks to be 3-4 times faster than the airplane is travelling.  Pretty impressive considering commercial airlines typically fly at speeds of 500MPH or faster.

Not much else is known about the video as LookNowTV claims it was submitted anonymously.  We have to point out though, that LookNowTV is known for posting outlandish videos on YouTube so take this one with a grain of salt.  Still, the video looks pretty convincing and it’s hard to tell if it is a hoaxed stop-motion edit or the real thing.


UFO shot from commercial airline window flying over Hawaii
Sources: LookNowTV

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