Early photo of baby alien ET corpse

As release date nears of Dr. Steven Greer’s UFO documentary Sirius, which will reveal details on a tiny alien body they call the “Atacama Humanoid”, we have now learned the history behind the discovery of the tiny little creature.  As it turns out, the case began in Chile’s northern Atacama Desert region and is not new discovery – it was extensively covered in the Chilean media shortly after its discovery in 2003.  The little humanoid body was found in the La Noria ghost town, which was once a boom town of the nitrate industry that flourished in this region. According to a report published in the newspaper La Estrella de Arica on October 19, 2003:

“It all started one winter morning when a local man from the pampa, Oscar Muñoz, was following his hobby of collecting tokens, bottles and other objects of historical value in the ghost towns from the nitrate era. With a shovel and a pick, in the vicinity of the former church of La Noria, a former town located 56 kilometers from Iquique, Muñoz found a white cloth tied with a purple ribbon, inside which was a strange skeleton, no more than 15 centimeters.  It was a creature with sharp teeth, a large skull and a strange bump on this. Moreover, its body was scaly and dark and, unlike humans, had nine ribs.”

This ties in nicely with Dr. Greer’s previous announcement of the discovery, which also hinted at shocking DNA results:

“Dr. Bravo, Emery Smith and I traveled to the country (Chile) that is now home to this small possible ET body and were able to successfully obtain extensive X-Ray and CT Scans of the entire body. We were also able to obtain DNA samples under sterile, surgical conditions. These DNA samples are now being studied by one of the world’s top geneticists.”

The La Estrella de Arica article detailed how the alien body changed hands many times before Dr. Greer gained possession of it. Muñoz sold it to a local businessman who owns a pub in Iquique for 30,000 pesos (less than $100). The new owner began charging 500,000 pesos for pictures with the “Alien nortino”. The body was then sold to a Spanish businessman for a much larger fee and taken to Spain, where it disappeared from the public. It is presumed that Dr. Steven M. Greer gained possession of the body from the Spanish businessman, probably in 2009 when Dr. Greer attended a symposium in the region.


Sources: UFO Disclosure Project, Dr. Steven M. Greet Tweets

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