Unexplained wheels and axle found in NASA Mars photograph

We’ve spotted a lot of weird stuff on Mars but this one is particularly enticing. In the NASA JPL photo above, noticed the unusually-shaped object near the bottom of the outcrop of rocks. Here’s a zoomed version of the photo.   And here’s an even tighter zoom. The object clearly appears to be a set of wheels on an axle!     Of course NASA is arguing the object is nothing more than an uncommon-shaped rock but the paranormal community believes the object is further proof that Mars was once colonized by someone other than humans.  Weird-shaped rocks, remnants of an alien civilization, or wreckage from a secret human-based excursion to the Red Planet? Sources: NASA

Exciting discovery of Proxima-B planet confirms prior claims of alien life in Proxima Centauri star system

The cases were completely separate but eerily similar. Both took place about 60 years ago (1950’s) and both involved witnesses speaking of alien inhabitants of a planet in the Proxima Centauri star system, a system about 4 light years away from earth. They told of a triple-star system and an earth-like planet that never grew dark. They described a sophisticated species who had visited earth several times before. The claims they made were bizarre, outlandish even, and in some cases contained scientific and technological revelations that were so advanced, even scientists today cannot completely grasp the concepts they unveiled. Most passed off the cases as fantastical tales from a troubled soul or highly imaginative mind. However, in 2016, a ground-breaking astronomical discovery called both cases back

Bones, balls, people, and more – what’s with all the anomalous objects spotted on the surface of Mars?

As quickly as NASA publishes unbelievably detailed photographs of the Martian surface, people back home find odd and unusual objects within those photos. Of course NASA always discounts the newfound anomalous objects as “natural rock formations”. Matters were clouded in early 2014 when observant researchers found “before and after” photos proving that NASA occasionally “cleans up” some of their photos (and videos). NASA calmly explained that in some instances, camera imperfections must be corrected using software – like Photoshop. Still, despite NASA's proven manipulation of the Mars photographs, eagle-eyed researchers continue finding unusual anomalies in the photographs of the Martian surface and ask “Have you *ever* in your life seen a natural rock formation on Earth that looks like that?” Here are a collection of some

Woman says retired Wright Patterson AFB military man confirmed Roswell alien bodies at base

An interesting report was submitted to MUFON yesterday (July 24, 2014). The report was filed by the grandchild of the woman who received the information firsthand around 1960 and apparently tired of having it weighing on her mind. According to the woman, her grandmother recalled a close friend from Wright Patterson Air Force Base confirming that indeed, there were alien bodies from the Roswell incident and those bodies were transferred and stored at Wright Patterson. “My grandparents lived in Dayton, Ohio for years prior to 1964. A close friend retired from Wright Patterson AFB. He was high ranking. My grandmother, who was the most witty, honest, and candid persons I'dve ever met asked him if it were true about the alien craft and possibly the alien bodies

Former Skunk Works Director discloses: “We have the technology now to take ET home” (updated)

Ben Rich is a well-known engineer thought to be one of the top engineers in the country.  From 1975 to 1991, he was the Director of Lockheed’s Skunk Works, the division responsible for development of several advanced technological aircraft including the U-2, the SR-17 Blackbird, the F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber, and the F-22 Raptor.  In a recent presentation about the infamous Skunk Works program, Rich made several unusual comments that had many in the audience scratching their heads. During the presentation, Rich hinted on more than one occasion that more, undisclosed, top-secret advanced technologies have been developed since the F-117 was introduced.  Of course, Rich could not go into specifics.  MUFON Director Jan Harzan, who was in attendance at the presentation, told reporters: “He intimated that there

History of DNA-tested baby alien body (Atacama Humanoid) comes forth – creature was discovered in Chile in 2003

As release date nears of Dr. Steven Greer’s UFO documentary Sirius, which will reveal details on a tiny alien body they call the “Atacama Humanoid”, we have now learned the history behind the discovery of the tiny little creature.  As it turns out, the case began in Chile’s northern Atacama Desert region and is not new discovery – it was extensively covered in the Chilean media shortly after its discovery in 2003.  The little humanoid body was found in the La Noria ghost town, which was once a boom town of the nitrate industry that flourished in this region. According to a report published in the newspaper La Estrella de Arica on October 19, 2003: “It all started one winter morning when a local man from

Edgar Mitchell, NASA Apollo 14 astronaut, admits insider knowledge that UFOs are real

When big-name scientists, celebrities, or other influential people admit their belief in the UFO phenomena, it’s an eye-opener.  When an astronaut, one that has flown an Apollo mission, says that he has inside knowledge that UFOs and aliens are indeed visitors from other planets, well, it’s jaw dropping.  That’s exactly what happened in 2008 when Edgar Mitchell, of Apollo 14 fame, told Kerrang Radio while on air, “I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real, although it has been covered up by our governments for quite a long time.” Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut on the Apollo 14 mission, became the 6th man to walk on the moon.  During his 1971