Month: December 2013

The Zodiac Serial Killer terrorizes northern California, murdering up to 37 people, while brazenly taunting police with secret ciphers

The Zodiac Killing Spree Begins The murder spree initiated by a man known only as The Zodiac, is one of the United States' most intriguing  and enduring crime mysteries.  No one is sure exactly when the murderous wave of killings began nor when it ended.  All we do know is that for over 22 years, someone managed to outwit the California authorities all the while taunting, goading, and ridiculing the police while he maintained his cycle of vicious killings, often within sight of the very authorities that sought to stop him. The first Zodiac victim? The first victim of the Zodiac was likely 18-year-old Cheri Jo Bates (18), a student at Riverside City College.  Her nearly decapitated body was found on October 30, 1966 near the college library's

Woman places HIV infected syringes, exposed needle facing up, along fence around home to protect from burglars (PICTURES)

Police in Sobradinho, Brazil are investigating a women who taped HIV infected syringes, needle tips exposed, along the top rail of a fence that surrounds her condo in order to protect her home from robbers.  The woman, who is a doctor at a nearby hospital, said she placed the needles on the fence after being robbed multiple times.  The woman told authorities that she obtained the needles from a laboratory at her place of employment and that they indeed were tainted with blood containing the HIV virus.  Police said there was nothing they could do about the dangerous needles because the fence was on private property and showed “no characterization of a crime”.  Condo management however, has told the woman that she will be fined

Coffin Apartments – underprivileged residents of China forced to live in tiny-sized stacked boxes

Called “coffin apartments” (Geki-sema) or capsule hotels, they’re Japan's and China’s solution to cheap housing for the poor and underprivileged citizens. Designed to fit a single bed and not even tall enough to stand up in, these tiny apartments can measure as small as a mere 6 foot long by 3 foot wide with ceilings only 3-4 feet high giving the resident a meager 16 square foot home that are stacked atop each other to maximize space - and profits.  Hidden amid the multi-million dollar high-rise apartments in Tokyo and gleaming skyscrapers in Hong Kong, they are not for the claustrophobic.  One resident told CNN: "No one wants to live here, but we need to survive. It's a step up from being on the streets.” Residents share

The mysterious case of Elisa Lam – bizarre behavior caught on video prefaces drowning death in hotel rooftop water tank

The mysterious death of Elisa Lam In February 2013, after hotel residents complained of funny-tasting, discolored water and poor water pressure, 21-year-old Elisa Lam, a student from Vancouver, Canada, was found dead inside the Cecil Hotel’s rooftop water tank in Los Angeles. The coroner’s finding was surprising to many – accidental death by drowning – despite the fact that no drugs nor alcohol were found during the autopsy of Lam's body and Elisa showed no previous signs of depression or angst. Even more disturbing, an elevator surveillance tape recorded Elisa’s behavior just moments before her death. The four-minute video shows Lam pressing all of the elevator buttons, talking to an invisible entity, frightfully hiding in the elevator’s corner, and making a series of bizarre arm and

Ten seconds of light – mysterious beam of light shines down on body of boxer killed in ring (1913)

 Boxing Legend Luther McCarty On May 24, 1913, up-and-coming boxer Luther McCarty kissed his wife and young daughter goodbye and headed from his home in Wild Horse Canyon, Nebraska to a boxing ring in Calgary, Alberta where the heavyweight hopeful would face his next opponent, Arthur Pelkey. The match would not proceed beyond the first round and the boxing world would forever wonder how good Luther McCarty could have been.  A ghostly ray of light that pierced through the roof to momentarily spotlight McCarty’s lifeless body, would be captured on film and come to be known as the “Ten Seconds of Light”. The 21-year-old, two hundred twenty pound McCarty was a heavyweight hopeful considered by many to be the greatest of all “white hope” fighters. Having never

Pigs can fly? For the first time in over a century, snow falls in Cairo, Egypt.

It’s not quite pigs flying but it’s pretty close. For the first time in 112 years, snow has fallen in the normally dry, arid region of the Middle East. For citizens of Cairo and Jerusalem in Egypt and Israel, this is the first time in their lives that they’ve seen the fluffy, white stuff and to say they are amazed is an understatement.  Snow also reportedly fell in Turkey and Syria. Check out the bizarre pictures in the photo gallery below.

Is this the ghostly spirit of a small child refusing to leave an abandoned school building?

Not much is known about this new, hotly-debated picture that surfaced yesterday other than it was shot in an abandoned elementary school in a rural, mountainous area of the United States and it shows no signs of trickery. Around 2011, the school, which was several decades old, was about to be torn down. An ex-student returned to the old building to take a few pictures before the structure was demolished. The picture was shot with his cell phone and the photographer claims he did not notice the small child until after he downloaded the photos from his phone to his computer. What do you think - an inanimate object playing tricks with shadows or the ghost of a small child refusing to leave the old decrepit school

Skull and Bones Society – video offers a forbidden tour of their compound and peek at their secret rituals

Founded in 1832, Skull and Bones is an elite secret society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.  Operating under the business name, Russell Trust Association and informally known as “Bones”, it chooses or “taps” only 15 senior students a year who become patriarchs after they graduate.  Its past members (called Bonesmen) have included many of the most powerful men of the 20th century including William Howard Taft, Percy Rockefeller, Prescott Bush, John Forbes Kerry, and George W. Bush (who himself tapped five fellow Bonesmen to join his administration). The Skull and Bones society is featured in many conspiracy theories, which claim that the society plays a key role in a globalist/corporatist conspiracy for world control, that it is a branch of the Illuminati, or that

Are children more psychic than adults? From the mouths of babes – true stories that will scare you speechless

Are children more psychic than adults? It is often said that children have a sixth sense that is particularly attuned to spirits of those who have passed away (including themselves if you believe in reincarnation).  The predominant cause cited is because their conscious minds, controlled primarily by the left brain, are not as developed as adults.  Others feel their laser-sharp psychic ability manifests at an early age because they are more open to possibilities than “trained” adults who over time, program children to tune out and dismiss anything they see and hear that doesn't fit into the physical world.  Whatever the reason, children around 3-5 years old often demonstrate an uncanny ability to see and hear things that adults cannot sense.  If you find this hard to envision,

Interesting UFO night-vision video from SyFy channel’s Ben Hansen – UAP or secret military satellites?

Interesting video from Ben Hansen, host of SyFy channel’s Fact or Faked Paranormal Files television show.  The video was shot on November 16, 2013 during a MUFON event in Phoenix at which Hansen was demonstrating his new Generation 3 night vision equipment.  Witnesses say the UFOs were not visible to the naked eye nor did they have blinking lights like traditional planes.  At first take, you would presume these unknown objects were satellites but what is unusual about this sighting is that the objects are travelling in sync - two pairs of objects flying in a tightly held formation. Many are unaware that the US Navy operates a satellite system known as NOSS (Naval Ocean Surveillance System) which consists of multiple SIGINT (signal intelligence) satellites flying

Painting created by noted Dutch artist in 1710 clearly shows disc-shaped UFO hovering above Jesus

Noted Dutch artist Aert de Gelder was one of Rembrandt’s most talented students.  Studying in his Amsterdam studio from 1661 through 1663, Gelder was a devoted Rembrandt follower which likely provided him unfettered access to the Vatican’s censored and secret artworks and literature.  It is believed by many that Gelder may have cleverly revealed this “forbidden knowledge” in some of his paintings, most notably The Baptism of Christ.  Painted in 1710, The Baptism of Christ clearly shows a disc-shaped UFO with rays of light emanating onto Jesus below.  UFOs and other mysterious elements in art and paintings were fairly common in the Renaissance Period, prior to the French Revolution, after which the Vatican began to consider such art a threat.  It is assumed that many

Interesting metallic UFO filmed in Turkey near Istanbul airport

An interesting video of a UFO filmed near the Istanbul Airport in Turkey has emerged online.  In the video, which was shot in August 2013, the videographers zooms in and out giving us a good perspective of the UFO to its surroundings.  Unfortunately, the filmer processed the video with image stabilization which causes the timestamp to jump around the video frame.  This could cause some to question the authenticity of the video.  Hopefully an unprocessed version of the video will appear online. Check out the video below. UFO filmed near Istanbul Airport in Turkey

For first time in nation’s history, police in Iceland shoot and kill someone

It began with a crazed man firing a shotgun in his apartment in Rejkjavik, the capital of Iceland. The police first fired tear gas canisters through the windows of the man’s apartment. When the tear gas failed to subdue the 59-year-old man, they entered the man’s apartment in an attempt to apprehend him. The man then began firing his shotgun at the police, injuring two officers. A special forces unit then shot the man who died after being rushed to the hospital. Icelandic police then released the following public apology to reporters: “Police regret the incident and would like to extend their condolences to the family of the man.” Despite its citizens being heavily armed (it ranks #15 in the world), Iceland has one of the lowest

Arkansas man arrested after accidentally butt-dialing intended victim allowing him to overhear details of his murderous plot

Butt-dialing someone is always embarrassing but when you accidentally dial your intended murder victim, allowing him to overhear all the details of your devious plans, things can get downright nasty.  That’s exactly what happened to 68-year-old Larry Barnett, who was arrested last week in Jonesboro, Arkansas after butt-dialing his intended victim allowing him to overhear all the details of Barnett’s plot to murder him.  Police were contacted by a man who told them he received a call at 12:30 PM from Barnett.  The man told police it sounded as if Barnett had “unknowingly made the phone call”.  The intended victim said he overheard Barnett give another man directions to his home in Paragould along with instructions on what he wanted done to him. “I don’t care

U.S. kids have it easy – in Germany a demon accompanies Santa and beats naughty kids with a stick

He’s known in Alpine countries variously as Krampus, Klaubauf, Bartl, and Wubartl, a beast-like, half-goat, half-demon creature that takes over where Santa left off (think of Krampus as the anti-Santa).  While Saint Nicholas rewards well-behaved boys and girls with gifts, Krampus captures naughty kids, places them in his oversized-sack, and carries them away to his lair or worse, hell. Traditionally, each year during the Christmas season, men in Austria, Bavaria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Croatia dress up in frightening elaborate Krampus costumes and roam the streets looking for small kids to chase, scare, and beat with sticks. The history of the Krampus creature dates back to pre-Christian Germanic traditions and likely originates from well-known tales about St. Nicholas’ battle with the devil.  He is sometimes