FBI accidentally releases name of US-based Saudi official suspected of directing support for 9/11 attacks.

It has been one of the most sensitive secrets surrounding the Sept. 11 terror attacks - the identity of a Saudi Embassy official in Washington D.C. who officials believe directed support for the al-Qaida hijackers. The name was accidentally revealed in a FBI legal declaration in response to a lawsuit brought by families of 9/11 victims seeking to obtain the name of the Saudi government officials complicit in the terrorist attacks. Family members say the revelation marks a major breakthrough and shows the FBI believed there was a link between the hijackers and the Saudi Embassy in Washington. Brett Eagleson, a spokesman for the 9/11 families, said, This shows there is a complete government cover-up of the Saudi involvement. It demonstrates there was a hierarchy of

Large piece of Chinese rocket falls from space missing New York by 15 minutes.

A large piece of Chinese space debris fell from space yesterday after passing over much of the United States. The debris was a 18-metric-ton core stage from the Long March 5B rocket that China launched on May 5, 2020. The trajectory of the debris passed over Los Angeles and New York before landing off the coast of West Africa just 15 minutes after passing over the US East Coast. The piece is the largest piece of uncontrolled space debris to re-enter the atmosphere since 1991.

Russian doctors who criticize Putin’s coronavirus response have been mysteriously falling out of hospital windows.

At least three frontline healthcare workers in Russia have mysteriously fallen out of hospital windows over the past two weeks. Two of the workers are dead. One  is believed to be alive but in critical condition. All three had publicly expressed concerns over Putin and medical authority's responses to the coronavirus pandemic raging within Russia. Natalya Lebedeva, head of the emergency medical service at Star City, was reportedly being treated for a suspected coronavirus infection when she fell out of a hospital window and died. Elena Nepomnyashchaya, the head doctor of a hospital in Krasnoyarsk, was reported to have opposed changes to his clinic due to the lack of protective gear in the hospital. The hospital denied the claims of an equipment shortage. On May 1, Nepomnyashchaya

64-year-old man on guest “joyride” in Air Force jet accidentally ejects himself from the plane.

An unnamed 64-year-old French man received a surprise gift from his co-workers – a ride in a Dassault Rafale B jet. He arrived at the airport with no knowledge of the gift he was about to receive. He had no aviation experience and had no desire to fly. Before takeoff, his smartwatch recorded his heart rate as 136 to 142 beats per minute. Unknown to his co-workers, the man was so stressed, “his heart was in full tachycardia”. However, the man refused to look a gift horse in the mouth and would not back out. He boarded the plane, a French Airforce Rafale B jet that reaches speeds of more than 870 miles per hour, and set out on a three-plane training mission. When the plane reached

Early studies of recovered coronavirus patients hint at permanent lung damage – even in young patients.

It’s not being talked about, but early reports show coronavirus may cause permanent lung damage – even in young patients. A Belgian doctor who studied coronavirus patients said scans of young patients’ lungs was “nothing short of terrifying”. The studies As we get past the skewed (i.e. misreported) stats coming out of China, a pattern is beginning to emerge among recovered patients. Several studies are revealing those that recover have a high chance of suffering permanent or severe lung damage. One study published in the US National Center for Biotechnology Information studied patients in Wuhan, China between January 1 and January 20. They found nearly 20% of the patients developed ARDS or acute respiratory distress syndrome, a type of respiratory failure that prevents a person’s lungs from providing

Is a violent uprising about to occur in America? How Boogaloo’s push for a second Civil War is hitting the mainstream.

It’s called “Boogaloo”, the radical call for a violent American uprising, akin to a second Civil War, targeting liberal politicians, elite business owners, law enforcement, and Trump detractors. It began on fringe Internet sites and underground dark web forums and is now strongly surging in the mainstream on website groups such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, 4chan and more. According to a study released last week by the Network Contagion Research Institute, the movement already encompasses tens of thousands of members and is growing daily. Authorities are taking the threat seriously. The NCRI report is being widely distributed among law enforcement and intelligence communities who have issued public warnings regarding "domestic terrorism" and "illicit activities of fringe groups". But the Boogaloo groups aren't always easy

U.N. sounds alarm as record-breaking swarms of locusts consume crops in five countries and threaten to spread further.

They are calling it the worst locust plague in decades. As swarms of locusts consume crops and threaten millions, the U.N. says if the outbreak is not contained, it could reach more than thirty countries in Africa and Asia and cause global pandemonium. The creatures causing all the commotion are desert locusts, the most devastating of all locust species. Desert locusts can consume their weight in food each day and travel over 90 miles each day in search of crops. As the travelling swarms expand into huge “clouds in the sky”, flights in the area are being diverted and, in some instances, forced to make emergency landings. According to the U.N. extreme weather is behind the infestation. Areas of the region that are normally dry and arid have

Thai Ted Bundy – hundreds of human bones discovered in pond of wealthy heir’s estate.

They are calling him the Thai Ted Bundy. 40-year-old wealthy real estate heir Apichai Ongwisit was arrested last week at his Bangkok mansion for the murder of Warinthorn Chaiyachet, Ongwisit’s live-in lover. Now police say hundreds of human bones have been discovered in his estate’s pond. The disappearance of Warinthorn Chaiyachet Warinthorn Chaiyachet had previously submitted a criminal report against the multi-millionaire. When officers arrived at the estate to question her, she could not be found. They began to investigate and were approached by an informant who claimed to have knowledge about crimes Ongwisit had committed. Investigators worked with the informant who told them that Chaiyachet had been murdered by Ongwisit. The informant told police that Ongwisit was extremely jealous. To keep her from going out at night,

Did the deadly Wuhan Virus (SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19) escape from Wuhan National Biolab, one of the world’s most dangerous viral research facilities?

As the deadly Wuhan Virus (aka Novel coronavirus, NCP, SARS-CoV-2 virus, COVID-19 disease, or 2019-nCoV) spreads across the planet, the world is applauding China for their handling of the viral outbreak. Railroads in China have been shutdown, flights cancelled, and the city of Wuhan locked down in one of the largest quarantines in history. Meanwhile, Chinese authorities search for the “super spreader” responsible for the outbreak while the media ignores the obvious – Wuhan is home to one of the world’s most deadly virus laboratories, one that specializes in coronaviruses like COVID-19. China's Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory/Wuhan Institute of Virology China’s Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, home to the Wuhan Institute of Virology,  was opened in 2017 despite scientists' concerns that pathogens could escape the facility and spread

Huge drone swarms over Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming remain unexplained.

A spate of mysterious drone swarms in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming have authorities scratching their heads. The drones, sometimes numbering thirty or more, have been spotted at night since December 2019. Authorities say the drones are flying in a grid-like pattern and appear to be mapping the land. The first report occurred on December 20, 2019 in Phillips County, Colorado. Police issued an alert to local residents: “We are aware of and have been investigating the multiple reports of drone sightings in the county over the last week. Deputies were out all night this evening along with Yuma County SO tracking these drones. Tonight, we tracked over 16 drones between the two counties... The Sheriff's Office is following up on leads and communications with state and federal agencies

Police release new evidence in the Long Island Serial Killer (aka Gilgo Beach Killer) case.

This week, Long Island police released new evidence in the decade old Long Island Serial Killer case. The case, also known as the Gilgo Beach killings, has left 11 murders unsolved. The murders began in late 2010 along a lone stretch of highway on Long Island near the Gilgo and Oak Beaches. Most of the victims were escorts from the area. Police have no suspects and few leads. In an effort to stimulate interest in the case, they have released evidence collected nine years ago – a leather belt embossed with the initials “HM” or “WH”. Suffolk County police say the belt did not belong to any of the victims and they have reason to believe the belt was "handled" by an unknown suspect. Commissioner Geraldine Hart said

A weird burst of gravitational waves hit the earth on Tuesday. Astronomers are still searching for answers.

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) recorded an unknown “burst” of gravitational waves on January 14, 2020. Gravitational waves are “ripples in the fabric of space-time” and are believed to relate to extreme and unusual cosmic events. They have never been detected before. The event has been dubbed S200114f. The burst originated from the area of Betelgeuse, a red giant star that is the eleventh-brightest star in the night sky. Astronomers have swung their telescopes to this portion of the sky and are listening across different wavelengths for a whisper of what may have occurred.  

UFO sightings reached near-record numbers in 2019.

History has shown that during troubled times, the number of UFO sightings increases. The last major outbreak was during the 1940-1950 period when earthlings were just coming to terms with their newfound darling, nuclear armaments. This week, that National UFO Reporting Center announced a nearly two-fold rise in UFO sightings during 2019, one of the most turbulent years in recent memory. NURC says 5,971 sightings were reported in 2019. California led the country with Florida coming in a close second. Washington came in third with 222 sightings last year, an increase of 51 from 2018. The rise in sightings was accompanied by an odd spate of drone-swarms reported in Colorado and the Navy’s coming to terms with UAPs by declaring they had captured multiple unexplained phenomena on

17-year-old completes bucket list moments before death – the last item on her list? Save a life.

17-year-old Rebecca Townsend of Brookfield, Connecticut was with her family and boyfriend Ben Arne in Spain when a car appeared out of nowhere heading toward them. Rebecca did was everyone knew she would do – she reacted quickly and pushed Ben out of the way. Unfortunately, the car struck Rebecca and she was pronounced dead at the scene. When the family returned home and unpacked her things, they found a note titled “For the Future – Rebecca Townsend”. It was Rebecca’s bucket list of things she wanted to do before she died. It listed three things. Kiss in the rain Fly to Spain Save a life It seems as if Rebecca was able to complete the last two of which Rebecca completed on her trip to