Month: February 2016

That time a Beluga whale spoke, telling a diver to get out of its tank

At first researchers at the US National Marine Mammal Foundation aquarium in San Diego, California were baffled by the muffled voices they heard. They recall it sounding as if two people were conversing in the distance, just out of range for their understanding. The mystery was finally solved when a diver in the whale’s tank surfaced, poked his head out of the water, and asked, “Why did you tell me to get out of the tank?” Researchers realized the “voices” they were hearing were coming from Noc, the Beluga whale housed in the tank. Noc was about one year old when captured off the Pacific coast of Canada in 1977. After seven years in the tank, with near constant human companionship, he spontaneously began to mimic

Retired Navy officer who claims to have seen Top Secret UFO files is ready to divulge secrets

Rumors have been circulating for several weeks that a trove of top secret UFO files may be about to surface. This week we find that an anonymous witness claims to have seen thousands of UFO-related documents while working at the Naval Telecommunications Center at NAS Moffett Airfield near Mountain View, California. The man, who says he saw the files in the late 1980’s, is coming forward because his secrecy agreement with the U.S. military has expired and he believes the world has the right to know. A UFOlogists and former Ministry of Defence (MoD) employee, Nick Pope, has spoken to the man and says he “has no doubts about his background”. “To clarify my position and involvement, I’ve been in direct contact with the individual concerned for some

Woman cuts open herring fish to find strange, glowing growths inside

A woman in the eastern Kazakhstan city of Semey, purchased a fresh herring fish from her local market, brought it home, and began to fillet it when she noticed something odd. The fish’s insides glowed in the dark! According to Gulbarshin Kaydarova, inside the fish she found “strange growths” that gave off a bluish-green glowing light. Fearing radiation, she threw the fish away but not before making a video that aired on Kazakhstan local news. Of course, local health officials sought to calm public fears and publicly announced that there was nothing to worry about and the fish was safe to eat. Residents in the area (like residents near Fukushima, Japan) have a reason to be worried about bizarre animal mutations and strange growing growths in their

Croydon Cat Killer – sadistic serial killer murders and mutilates cats, then places pet’s body on owner’s doorstep

In a murderous episode reminiscent of London's Jack the Ripper, the Croydon Cat Killer has butchered and mutilated more than 50 animals (mostly cats) in the Croydon, England area, taking “trophies” with him before dumping the creature’s disfigured body on or near the owner’s home. Authorities fear the maniac killer may be out of control and evolving toward human prey. Said one policeman who is investigating the killings, “This is the stuff of nightmares.” Wayne Bryant, who lives near Croydon, found the remains of his tortoiseshell cat Amber in an area behind his home a day after she went missing. He told reporters, “Her head was missing; her tail was missing. We found out afterwards that she also had a broken back. That's quite a level of violence against

We may now know why Hitler harbored so much rage – not one but two forms of genital abnormality

It is believed that Adolf Hitler's private life was anything but normal and it has long been suspected that Hitler's nighttime activities bordered on strange. One female actress claimed he invited her to his apartment for a “private performance” and in lieu of requesting a romp on the bed, knelt before her and asked to be kicked (a few years after her story surfaced, she “fell” from a window to her death – it was ruled a suicide). And of course there were many rumors that Hitler was homosexual, a particularly enticing assessment given his close relationship with the homosexual head of the Nazi Party militia, Ernst Rohm. But the rumor that topped all other rumors was summarized in this popular wartime poem: Hitler has only

Man shoots pictures of Area 51 and Groom Lake using high-flying drone

We already have good pictures of Area 51 and the new ones that came forth this week are none-the-better, however, there are two very interesting aspects to Hans Faulkner’s recent escapades. First, that he was brave enough to attempt the feat has many on the Internet in an uproar and secondly, so far, he’s survived to tell the tale. Faulkner’s photos come from an HD video he shot using an RC drone as it flew along the boundaries of the top-secret base. According to Faulkner, his drone never crossed official base boundaries. Faulkner also claims he shot the video in August 2015 – before the “No drones” sign was posted along Area 51’s security perimeter. Regardless, that Faulkner was not stopped by Area 51 security hints that Area

NASA releases Apollo 10 recordings revealing astronauts report hearing weird sounds (music) on far side of moon

“They (NASA) would withhold information from the public if they felt it was in the public’s best interest.” – Al Warden, Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot Apollo 10 orbited the moon two months before Neil Armstrong took his famous first step. During a pass on the “dark side of the moon”, the side facing away from Earth and a zone of silence for radio communications between the spacecraft and Earth, the crew were baffled by a series of mysterious sounds they heard which they described as “music”. "Did you hear that whistling sound too?" "Sounds like -- you know, outer-space type music." "I wonder what it is." The encounter occurred

“Hairy Panic” tumbleweeds invade Australian city covering cars and homes with nuisance dead plant

Global warming and climate change have produced unusually dry conditions in Australia this past year, prompting a bizarre invasion of a species worthy of nightmares – well at least for the residents of southeastern Australia who say the “hairy panic” tumbleweeds are burying their cars, covering doorways, and piling up on roofs of houses. The weeds, officially known as Panicum effusum, have invaded Wangaratta, an inland town in the Australian state of Victoria. Residents are blaming the outbreak on a single farmer whom they said failed to plant one of his fields this season allowing the weed to run rampant. One resident wrote on Facebook: “Hope the person who owns the out of control paddocks in our area gets notified to do something because this is a joke

The Black Knight Satellite – something is still out there orbiting ominously above Earth

Russian news media went wild this week over video from the Soyuz which claims to have captured an unusual object flying near the spacecraft. Explanations thus far include of course CGI and space junk, but many believe the object passing by Soyuz is the legendary Black Knight satellite. The Black Knight satellite is a near-polar orbiting object that many believe is a 13,000-year-old alien artifact lurking in the solar system. Its existence was first suggested after radio signal experiments in the late 1800’s detected inexplicable “echoes” in space. Similar radio signals were recorded in the 1930’s. No explanation for the unusual noises has ever been found. In 1954, newspapers in the US (St. Louis Dispatch, The San Francisco Examiner) ran stories attributed to retired naval aviation major and UFO

Desperate search for missing radioactive material in Iraq prompts ISIS dirty bomb fears

A newly uncovered report reveals authorities in Iraq are on a desperate hunt for “highly dangerous” radioactive materials that went missing from a storage facility in the southern city of Basra several weeks ago. The material, stored in a container the size of a laptop, was last seen in possession of a Houston-based oil industry contractor, Weatherford. Many fear the material could now be in the hands of ISIS/Deash who of course, would attempt to use the dangerous radioactive material in construction of a “dirty bomb”. The report describes the event as “theft of a highly dangerous radioactive source of Ir-192 with highly radioactive activity.” Weatherford blames Istanbul-based SGS for the security breach, claiming they were responsible for safeguarding the material. In an official statement to

Butchered remains of hundreds of prisoners found inside Colombian prison drain pipes

It’s common knowledge that Colombian jails are among the most crowded and violent in Latin America. They accommodate everyone from street thieves to violent leftist guerrillas and tragedies inside their walls are an everyday occurrence. One of the most dangerous prisons in the world is the La Modelo jail in the capital city of Bogota. This week Reuters reported that the dismembered remains of at least 100 prisoners and visitors have been found stuffed inside the prison’s drain pipes. It appears as if word leaked that bodies were being stuffed inside the pipes at La Modelo, which houses drug traffickers, Marxist rebels and paramilitaries. Investigators searched the pipes, and the pipes of jails in the cities of Popayan, Bucaramanga and Barranquilla, and found the butchered remains

Now we’ve seen it all – drunk monkey, on a bar, with a knife

Witnesses say the monkey became intoxicated after drinking leftover rum inside a crowded Brazilian tavern. The rowdy beast then grabbed a knife and began chasing male patrons around the bar (according to witnesses, it left the female patrons alone). The monkey then rushed out the backdoor of the bar, climbed atop the roof, and began stumbling about slashing the knife at anyone who attempted to enter the door. One onlooker captured part of the fiasco on their mobile phone. Firefighters were called to the scene and after a few harrowing moments [sarcasm], captured the monkey and delivered it to the nearby Patos Nature Reserve. However, reserve staff say they are unsure they can keep the monkey since it has already threatened some children who live nearby. Check out

Eerie Google Streetview photo of ghostly figure peering from window of legendary haunted hotel

The Stuart Hotel in Liverpool, England has long been considered one of the most-haunted pubs in the city. Stories say that in 1897, the landlord of the Stuart Hotel, 41-year-old Robinson Pemberton, heard a strange scratching noise coming from the cellar of the pub. At first he believed the noise was nothing more than a rat but soon the noise became louder, loud enough to be heard in neighboring houses. Three days after the incident, the pub was shaken from top to bottom with roars so loud the windows had to be left open in order to keep the glass from shattering. Then the noise stopped. Late one night a few days later, a curious patron rapped three times on the wall of the pub – and

Ancient Amazon legend proven true after discovery of mythical boiling river deep in Amazon rainforest

When Spanish conquistadors returned from the Amazon following their quest for mythical gold, they spoke of nightmarish conditions – rampant disease, strange poisonous plants, huge man-eating snakes – and a river that boils from below “as if lit by a great fire”. Scientists have long said the story about a boiling river was nothing more than myth, a legend exaggerated to impress the leaders of the Spanish Empire. After all, no amount of geothermal heat could boil even a small section of a river and besides, there are no volcanoes within hundreds of miles from the Amazon basin. That didn’t stop geoscientist Andres Ruzo from searching and finding the impossible. Despite strong discouragement from his senior colleagues, Ruzo sought to explain the inexplicable. After years of searching,

Ethiopian residents stunned as fish fall from sky over drought-stricken Dire Dawa

Residents of Dire Dawa in eastern Ethiopia welcomed the much needed rain in their drought-stricken area this week, but were not expecting the oddity that came with it. According to the Ethiopian Herald, at around 11:30 AM on January 31, 2016, fish began to rain from the sky over the peasant neighborhoods of Dechatu, Finfinne, Adada, and Eyawale Woreda. The Ministry of Livestock and Fishery Public Relations sent a team to the area to examine the phenomena which residents referred to as "a blessing from Almighty God". They say it is the first occurrence of its kind in the country. Oddly, there were no strong winds or typhoons in the area, conditions which typically accompany this type of phenomena. In fact, witnesses say the weather was fair right