Snowy mountains thumb

Snowy mountains

On October 5, 1999, world-class climber Alex Lowe and his cameraman David Bridges were scouting a location for his next climb when they were caught in an avalanche on a Tibetan mountain and swept away by the rushing wave of rocks, ice, and snow. Fellow hikers and emergency personnel searched for the pair but never found them. Sixteen years have passed when last Wednesday, two climbers were on the south face of Shishapangma when they came across the frozen remains of two people encased in crystal clear, blue ice. According to the official statement, the climbers described coming across two people that were “beginning to emerge from the glacier”.

The climbers described the clothing and pack on the bodies leading authorities to conclude that the two were “undoubtedly David Bridges and Alex Lowe”. According to family members:

“Alex and David vanished, were captured and frozen in time. Sixteen years of life has been lived and now they are found. We are thankful.”


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