Month: March 2016

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reveals story about UFO he and friends saw in 2005

Tell someone that UFO’s and nuclear power plants go hand-in-hand and you’re likely to get at a minimum, an incredulous rolling of the eyes. Many people have a hard time believing in something, or at least opening their mind to the possibility, unless they’ve seen it with their own eyes – or if someone they respect says it’s so. This week Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed a UFO sighting he and friends experienced in 2005 right before he entered the NFL.  The mysterious sighting left them stunned and confused and cultivated a lifelong curiosity about weird things in the sky. Aaron Rodgers UFO sighting According to Rodgers, he was on the East Coast in rural New Jersey in February 2005 for a pre-draft interview (ESPN's Cold Pizza

Mother and six children held in underground room for 24 years see outside world for first time- the Fritzl case

The horror – held captive in basement dungeon for 24 years When the public found that Josef Fritzl had held a woman, his daughter, and three of her children captive in a rat-infested basement dungeon for 24 years, the act seemed unspeakable, as if a real-life boogey man had stepped from the pages of a horror novel into their reality. The four-day trail of Josef exposed a web of horror, a series of events that surpassed the worst snuff film or penny dreadful, events that would cause permanent physical and emotional damage to the captives and send one person to prison for life. Elisabeth flees from Josef Fritzl’s abuse Josef Fritzl was born on April 9, 1934 in Amstetten, Austria, a small town of 14,000 located halfway between Vienna

Could aliens be permanently orbiting the Sun, harvesting its energy?

Pictures of solar flares are remarkably fascinating – and common. NASA publishes new pictures of solar flares on a near-weekly basis. However, researchers have taken a closer look at the pictures and discovered something unusual – an object which looks oddly solid that seems to be orbiting around the Sun, just outside its transition region. Some are claiming the object is intelligently-controlled, possibly for the purpose of harvesting the Sun’s energy. The object was spotted this week in images sent back from the Solar Heliospheric Observatory. The same object was reported by Russian scientists seven years ago and a similar object was seen orbiting Europa (Jupiter’s moon). In most cases the object appears as a straight "line" composed of many smaller objects joined together but occasionally

Criminological geographic profiling claims to reveal identity of mysterious street artist known as Banksy

British researchers at Queen Mary University of London have used high-level mathematics, criminology, and geographic profiling to suggest the true identity of the legendary street artist known as Banksy. A geographic pattern of how Banksy’s artworks were distributed suggests he is a London artist named Robin Gunningham. The theory that Banksy is Gunningham was first suggested by the Daily Mail newspaper in 2008. The newest study backs up that assumption. Researchers used geographic profiling, a technique used to catch serial criminals, to analyze the spatial locations of 140 places where Banksy’s artworks have appeared and mapped them against “anchor points” such as homes of people suggested to be Banksy. “The pseudonymous artist Banksy is one of the UK’s most successful contemporary artists, but his identity remains a

Potential new evidence in O.J. Simpson case – large knife found on former OJ Simpson’s Rockingham estate

TMZ broke the news this week that a new twist in the O.J. Simpson case presented itself after a knife was found buried on Simpson’s former estate in Brentwood, California. Recall that the weapon used to kill Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman was proposed to be a “long, serrated knife”. The knife has never been found and was theorized to have been dropped in Chicago during O.J.’s trip to the windy city the day of the murders. Now we find it may have been at Simpson’s home all along. Los Angeles police say they are examining the knife that was reportedly found years ago on Simpson’s estate. Los Angeles police Captain Andy Neiman told reporters: “The actual item is described as a knife. I'm

The Franklin child abuse scandal – stunning cover-up of child prostitution ring for wealthy elitists and political leaders

A Conspiracy of Silence In 1993, a film crew from Yorkshire Television in the UK travelled to Omaha, Nebraska to make a documentary about a pedophile ring. The project was funded by the Discovery Channel and set to air in 1994 in the UK and in the United States a year later. To their horror, filmmakers uncovered a vast operation functioning throughout the country that supplied children to the wealthy and political establishment for purposes of molestation, drug trafficking, and blackmail. The filmmakers were in the final editing stage of the documentary when the Discovery Channel suddenly withdrew support for the project. To this day, the documentary remains unaired. The film told the story of Lawrence King and an alleged cover-up that reached the highest levels of

Bangladesh Tree Man – rare disease causes tree-like branches to grow from his body

In Bangladesh, Abul Bajandra is known as the “Tree Man” because of an extremely rare genetic condition known as Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis, or "Tree Man" disease, which causes large bark-like tentacles, resembling tree branches, to grow from his body. In Bajandra’s instance, the tree-like branches grow from his fingers, palms, and feet and are so large and cumbersome, he cannot eat, drink, brush his teeth, or take a shower without assistance. In fact, according to Bajandra, about the only thing he can do with his hands is scratch his neck. He relies on his 21-year-old wife, Halima, to feed and take care of him. Bajandra first noticed the growths on his legs in 2006 when he was 15-years-old. Doctors tried medicines but the growths continued to spread across

Mummified body of missing captain found frozen in time aboard drifting ship

On February 27, 2016, two fishermen in the Philippines discovered the boat of a German adventurer who had been missing for several years. The boat was floating 40 miles off the coast of the Philippines in the seas off Surigao del Sur province when the fisherman spotted the drifting vessel and boarded it. Inside the boat, the fishermen found the mummified body of Manfred Fritz Bajorat, sitting at his desk, radio microphone still in hand. Bajorat had been drifting lifelessly around the world for years. Bajorat’s body was found near the radio telephone of his 40-foot yacht (the Sayo) as if he was attempting to make a mayday call on the radio. The hot, dry ocean winds and salty air helped preserve his body while dried