Roswell, New Mexico homes buried under tons of tumbleweeds

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Roswell, New Mexico buried under tons of tumbleweeds

It’s being called the Great Tumbleweed Storm of 2014.  After a strong windstorm yesterday, the city of Roswell, New Mexico has found itself buried by tons of tumbleweeds with some homes entombed under piles of tumbleweeds over eight feet high.  Roswell City Engineers said the mountains of tumbleweeds were up to the roof lines on some homes making entry and exit from the homes impossible.  One resident noted:

“It looked like a herd of cows coming in. The tumbleweeds were just rolling in.”

With another windstorm set to arrive later this week, Roswell city crews are working 10-hour days until the tumbleweed mess is cleaned up.

Check out the bizarre tumbleweed invasion below.

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