Obviously fake, hoax UFO

We get so many emails from readers asking why we have not posted news about X (a “paranormal” event that is making news in other outlets), we decided to run a monthly, running report of what we consider, at the time, to be “non-events”. This report will list the week’s media-reported paranormal events along with the reason why we feel the report does not bear merit at this time. If further evidence supporting the validity of the event emerges, we’ll remove it from this list and report as Altered Dimensions paranormal news.

How do you test validity of a UFO report?

  1. Look for familiar objects or behaviors.  If it looks like a balloon – it’s probably a balloon.
  2. Look for multiple camera angles from multiple videographers.  The more people that captured it on film, the more reliable the report.
  3. Finally, look for unusual changes in speed or inexplicable flight characteristics.  If a UFO makes sudden, right-angle movements at high speed, something that cannot easily be replicated using modern technology, it gets bonus points for authenticity.

11/1/2013 – Declassification of more Area 51 documents.  Good to hear but so far we haven’t found anything new.  Most news revolves around revelation that Russian Migs were tested there.  Duh.

11/2/2013 – Ghost tornado whips through police parking lot and damages vehicles.  Obviously a dust devil (although the video is very cool).

11/7/2013 – Beginning back in September, a rash of UFO sightings began over San Antonio.  We dissed them now and although the quantify of reports is beginning to get our attention, we still see nothing to convince us these are anything more than Chinese lanterns.

11/17/2013 – Shiny UFO whizzing around a tornado in Noblesville, Indiana.  Take a wild guess…


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