The Peoria Asylum in Indiana has long been rumored to be haunted. Thousands of inmates made their way through the mental asylum and many died within its walls. In a recent 2013 episode of Ghost Hunters, the crew set up a full spectrum camera outside the asylum aimed towards the asylum cemetery where many of the inmates were buried. Owners of the asylum told Ghost Hunters that a cemetery worker haunted the grounds and could often be seen moving around, weeping for the lost inmates.

In the video clip below, you can see the ghostly spirit moving along the tree line behind the cemetery. Ghost Hunters then put workers into the same area and noted the camera’s automatic movement detection function easily picked them up as “solid objects” (the flashing squares in the film are the camera’s optics picking up the moving workers). The spirit form on the other hand, appears slightly translucent (especially towards the end of the segment when it just about fades out of view) and was not picked up as a solid-moving entity by the camera’s movement detection systems.


Ghost Hunters capture Peoria Asylum cemetery ghost on film
Sources: Ghost Hunters

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