Deadman’s Island – haunted slash of rock in Vancouver earns sinister but befitting name

Deadman’s Island, Coal Harbor, Vancouver Located just south of Stanley Park in Coal Harbor, Vancouver, it’s a tiny slash of rock just 7 ½ acres in size. Today a Canadian naval base is located on the island. Soldiers stationed on the base will attest the continuation of a dark sequence of events stretching back to pre-European settlement days that earned the island its sinister name – Deadman’s Island. Native American occupation of Deadman’s Island The island’s first recorded history began with the Coastal Salish Indian tribes who occupied the area since 600 AD. The Northern and Southern Salish tribes were embroiled in a bitter war when the Southern Salish initiated an incredibly evil deception. After kidnapping 200 women, children, and elders from the Northern tribe, the Southern Salish

Why are ghostly barefoot footprints appearing in this small retail store overnight?

Workers at a small retail store say they are puzzled over mysterious barefoot footprints that continue to appear on the floors of their store overnight. The footprints appear as black, somewhat greasy prints and vary in size – sometimes adult-sized and other times as a small as a tiny child. Typically, the footprints appear overnight but cashiers have reported hearing footsteps during the day  and finding children’s footprints behind the register area (where nobody but store cashiers can enter). Most of the time, the prints are nothing more than a single print in the middle of the room or a random scattering of prints throughout the store. Other times however, the prints seem to disappear into the store’s walls. Of course, the most likely explanation would seem to be

Woman’s “sleep app” records mysterious ghostly voice in middle of night

Jenny, who lived alone in her second-story apartment, had heard the odd clicking sounds before and was accustomed to having the inexplicable midnight noises jar her awake in the middle of the night. In an attempt to help her analyze her sleep patterns and discover the source of the odd sounds, she installed an app on her phone, Sleep As Android, a sleep improvement app, available in the Google Play store, that includes an alarm, soothing sounds, and a “sleep talk recorder” that records snoring, sleep talk, cover ruffles, coughing, and other nightly sounds. Sleep app recording reveals ghostly voice speaking to woman in middle of night Jenny began using the app on October 1, 2013 and at first, only heard sounds of her coughing, moving, or

Eerie Google Streetview photo of ghostly figure peering from window of legendary haunted hotel

The Stuart Hotel in Liverpool, England has long been considered one of the most-haunted pubs in the city. Stories say that in 1897, the landlord of the Stuart Hotel, 41-year-old Robinson Pemberton, heard a strange scratching noise coming from the cellar of the pub. At first he believed the noise was nothing more than a rat but soon the noise became louder, loud enough to be heard in neighboring houses. Three days after the incident, the pub was shaken from top to bottom with roars so loud the windows had to be left open in order to keep the glass from shattering. Then the noise stopped. Late one night a few days later, a curious patron rapped three times on the wall of the pub – and

Baby monitor video shows ghostly apparition playing next to sleeping baby in crib

A creeped-out mother uploaded a spooky video to Facebook this week showing what appears to be two ghostly apparitions playing in a crib next to her sleeping baby. The mother, Jade Yates, captured the specters on video by filming a baby monitor while her daughter, Ruby, slept. Yates says the room to Ruby’s door was closed and nobody else was in the house at the time. She watched the “ghosts” for about twenty minutes before going into the room to check on Ruby. When she returned to the baby monitor, the ghostly apparitions were gone. Yates notes that Ruby was not unsettled at all by the experience but says she does routinely wake up every hour or so at night. With the uploaded video, she wrote: “Fair to

Security CCTV footage from haunted English wine bar captures ghostly apparition gliding down hallway

CCTV footage of a ghostly pirate apparition moving through a bar in Warrington (Cheshire, England) is causing a stir in the ghost community. The CCTV video was shot in the Dreamwater Lounge in the city centre area of Warrington. Simon Ellison, owner of the shipwreck-themed wine bar, says the footage is legit although the version that leaked online was edited to include segments of daytime customers and a rainy night - which only add to the spookiness effect. In the security video, you will see a “camera movement” indicator come on followed by a white orb of light moving around on a rope bridge. Suddenly the camera begins to shake while a faint white figure appears at the bottom of the frame and glides down the bridge before

Scientists baffled by mysterious dancing ball of light caught on CCTV camera in synagogue

For all intents and purposes, you would assume this mysterious globe of light captured on CCTV video, was a rare but explainable case of ball lightning. Trouble is, the locals reported the weather was clear with not a lightning storm in sight. Rabbi Michael Oishie discovered the oddity when reviewing CCTV footage taken at his synagogue. Oishie says the video was shot around 4:00 AM on May 28, 2015 at the Giymat Rosa Synagogue in Zaporozhye in Southeast Ukraine. Unable to discern what the strange floating globe was, he shared the video on Facebook with this message: “Strange things happened in the Synagogue around four o’clock in the morning.” Experts believe the video is authentic but are unable to provide a viable explanation for the dancing ball of light. Theories

Woman in Santiago, Chile claims she was violently shoved down by a ghost and has the CCTV video to prove it

A woman in Santiago, Chile claims she was violently shoved down by a ghost and has the CCTV video to prove it. 34-year-old Cecilia Carrasco was standing near the reception desk at a lawyer’s office when she says she felt hands, even though nobody was around at the time. Suddenly, she found herself laying flat on the floor. “I wasn't aware of anybody in front of me as I passed the reception desk talking to a girl, and as I looked towards the receptionist I suddenly felt two pairs of hands shove me over. I hit the floor but when I looked up I couldn't see anybody, and I thought they had probably run off. When the receptionist told me that there was nobody there, I

Ghost of the Langsmeade House Nanny captured in photograph during ghost hunting expedition

Chelle Morris was on a ghost-hunting expedition with the paranormal research group, Swindon Ghosthunters, at the haunted Langsmeade House in Oxford when she snapped the eerie picture above. Morris says she believes the picture captured the renowned ghost of the Langsmeade House Nanny peering from a second story window. At the time the picture was taken, the Langsmeade House was said to be empty.  Legend says the ghost is the remnant of a nanny who was riddled with guilt over a child who died in her care after falling out of a tree on the property.  According to Morris (edited for clarity): “We were investigating the grounds and heading towards the house.  I looked up and there were flashing lights on the second floor...  I decided to take

Terrified girls inadvertently capture picture of Newcastle ghost while snapping selfie

Two young ladies taking a selfie were surprised to find that they unintentionally captured the presence of what they believe is a ghostly spirit. The girls were out and about in Newcastle on Sunday, October 26, 2014 when they decided to pop into a local pub, the Slug, for a quick drink.  22-year-old Victoria Greeves and her 23-year-old friend Kayley Atkinson say the pub was empty at the time and claim they did not see the spooky old Victorian-era woman who appeared in the background of the photo, standing between the two friends. Greeves was so frightened by the incident that she deleted the picture from her phone. Luckily, beforehand she sent the photo to friends on Snapchat who retained copies as proof of the otherworldly appearance. Greeves told

At last! Ireland’s famous Grey Lady ghost captured on film!

It’s believed that a photograph of Ireland's famous ghostly apparition, the Gray Lady, has been captured on film at last. The picture, which shows a ghostlike body hovering above a tree-lined path, was shot at the Dark Hedges in Stranocum, County Antrim, a location recently made famous as King’s Road in the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones”. Local photographer Gordon Watson captured the apparition on October 24, 2014 while shooting landscape photos of the Dark Hedges (an atmospheric, 300-year-old beech tree-lined path in Northern Ireland that approaches the famous Georgian mansion, Gracehill House). Kevin McAuley, a well-known local photographer, examined the original photo and insists that there’s no way the one-of-a-kind photo has been digitally enhanced. “It looks like a dress going towards the shape of a

CCTV security footage captures moving chair and table inside Essex’s historic Brookside Theatre

CCTV video footage taken from inside the Brookside Theatre in Romford, Essex, England during the middle of the night appears to show a chair and table moving by themselves. The security footage was shot around 4:15 AM on July 27, 2014. Theater manager Jai Sepple decided to review the security footage after he arrived inside the theater on Sunday morning and noticed one of the chairs had been moved out of position during the night.  Sepple was the last to leave the theater on Saturday night and had carefully straightened all the chairs before heading home.  Sepple was stunned at what he found on the security video. “We’ve had so many strange things happen over the years but this has to be the freakiest. When I looked

Mysterious spirits in Cheshire, UK – ghostly apparition appears on staircase, looks around, then disappears

UK paranormal investigators released eerie video this week of a ghostly apparition that they say they captured on video on June 28, 2014. In the video, the ghostly figure appears on a staircase inside the 16th century Stanley Place in the city of Chester in Cheshire, England. The video was captured by Sefton Paranormal Investigations who described the mysterious figure as a "solid person with a visible nose, mouth and hair, which looks first at the camera and then up the stairs". Sefton Paranormal cofounder Aaron Robinette explained the scenario to reporters: “In the video, I’m sat on a chair and Joe is sat on the staircase, and we’re calling out to spirits. Nothing happened, but it was only when watching the video back that I saw it.

Ghostly floating head of martyred Saint captured on video shot inside St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church

Tourists are flocking to St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church in Drogheda, Ireland after the spirit of Saint Oliver Plunkett was captured on video by a women filming the martyred Saint’s prison cell door, behind which he spent the last years of his life. The video appears to show a masked face, believed to be the ghost of the long-dead saint, suddenly peering through a hatch in the 15th century prison door. The woman told reporters: “I don’t really believe in ghosts or anything like that, so I was a bit spooked out to see it when I was checking my video when I got home. I was just filming the cell door with my camera phone, and didn’t notice anything unusual at the time, but when

Terrified professional cricket players refuse to stay at London’s haunted Langham Hotel

England’s ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) cricket players are convinced that their five-star central London hotel is haunted. Reports from England this week reveal several players have requested to switch rooms and their wives have refused to stay at the world-renowned Langham Hotel after players and their families experienced strange noises, lights and water faucets turning on by themselves, and ghostly spirits wandering the hallways of the legendary haunted hotel. ECB player Stuart Broad told reporters his paranormal encounter left him sleepless: “It was so hot in the room I just couldn’t sleep. All of a sudden the taps in the bathroom came on for no reason. I turned the lights on and the taps turned themselves off. Then when I turned the lights off again