Mummified body of missing captain found frozen in time aboard drifting ship

On February 27, 2016, two fishermen in the Philippines discovered the boat of a German adventurer who had been missing for several years. The boat was floating 40 miles off the coast of the Philippines in the seas off Surigao del Sur province when the fisherman spotted the drifting vessel and boarded it. Inside the boat, the fishermen found the mummified body of Manfred Fritz Bajorat, sitting at his desk, radio microphone still in hand. Bajorat had been drifting lifelessly around the world for years. Bajorat’s body was found near the radio telephone of his 40-foot yacht (the Sayo) as if he was attempting to make a mayday call on the radio. The hot, dry ocean winds and salty air helped preserve his body while dried

Mysterious “ghost ships” arrive on Japan’s shores full of decomposing bodies and skeletons

During the months of October and November 2015, at least eleven decaying, wooden “ghost ships” have been found drifting in the Sea of Japan carrying a disturbing load – the decomposed, skeletonized bodies of dozens of dead people. All bodies on the boats were “partially skeletonized", two bodies were headless and one boat contained six skulls. The first ghost boat was found in late October, then in November ten more were discovered floating aimlessly in the Sea of Japan. Japan’s Coast Guard are unsure where the ships came from but given markings on some of the boats, believe they may have arrived from the waters of Korea.

Newly discovered SOS distress telegram from Titanic proves owners knew ship was in distress and sinking

White Star Line, owners of the Titanic ship, have long refuted hearing anything from the sinking Titanic on the day it sank. In fact, Philip Franklin, the head of White Star Line, swore an oath to a US Congressional hearing swearing he had not received any word from the ship after it struck an iceberg that drove it to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean claiming the lives of 1,523 passengers and crew. Today a distress telegram from the Titanic has been revealed (and is up for auction). The desperate message, sent via communications company Western Union, reads: “To Mr. P.A. Franklin, White Star Steamship Co. 9 Broadway, NYC. CQD, CQD SOS SOS= From MGY (RMS Titanic). We have struck iceberg. Sinking fast. Come to our

Interesting official testimony from survivors of the Titanic (Long)

During the United States Senate Inquiry into the sinking of the “unsinkable” Titanic on April 15, 1912, many survivors provided testimony describing their last moments on the ship. Below is a sampling of those testimonies. Testimony of Olaus Abelseth (Testimony taken separately before Senator William Alden Smith, chairman of the subcommittee.) (The witness was sworn by Senator Smith.)   Senator SMITH. I wish you would tell the reporter when you first knew of this collision, and what you did, and where you were in the ship. I believe you were a steerage passenger? Mr. ABELSETH. Yes, sir. Senator SMITH. In the forward part of the ship? Mr. ABELSETH. Yes. I was in compartment G on the ship. Senator SMITH. Go ahead and tell us just what happened. Mr. ABELSETH. I went to bed about 10 o'clock Sunday night, and I think

Security CCTV footage from haunted English wine bar captures ghostly apparition gliding down hallway

CCTV footage of a ghostly pirate apparition moving through a bar in Warrington (Cheshire, England) is causing a stir in the ghost community. The CCTV video was shot in the Dreamwater Lounge in the city centre area of Warrington. Simon Ellison, owner of the shipwreck-themed wine bar, says the footage is legit although the version that leaked online was edited to include segments of daytime customers and a rainy night - which only add to the spookiness effect. In the security video, you will see a “camera movement” indicator come on followed by a white orb of light moving around on a rope bridge. Suddenly the camera begins to shake while a faint white figure appears at the bottom of the frame and glides down the bridge before

Legendary material (Orichalcum) from lost city of Atlantis found on ancient shipwreck near Sicily

The ancient Greeks called it “orichalcum”, a mysterious metal material of unknown composition described by various ancient authors to be a beautiful sparkling red substance with fire-like reflections that adorned structures around the lost city of Atlantis. Yesterday, scientists announced that they had recovered 39 ingots of the mythical orichalcum from a ship that sank 2,600 years ago (around 600 BC) off the coast of Sicily lending further credence to Plato's account of the legendary city. Orichalcum (sometimes spelled aurichalcum) has been mentioned in several ancient writings. Jewish historian Josephus also wrote of orichalcum in his historic Antiquities of the Jews (Book VIII, sect. 88) and stated that the vessels in the Temple of Solomon were made of orichalcum, a material that was “like gold in