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List of locations of Transcontinental Airway beacons and concrete arrows (station name, counties, GPS coordinates)

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he list below (organized by state) contains the known locations for Transcontinental Airmail Route beacons/arrows that are known to exist today. The first line of data indicates the station name followed by the county the beacon is located in. The next lines list the route (or routes) that the beacon was a part of. Finally, […]

Triangular-shaped UFO reports – Altered Dimensions explanation of reporting criteria

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Altered Dimensions paranormal - Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown

I typically do not report on triangular-shaped UFO events because quite honestly, I do not feel they are extraterrestrial in nature but rather are some form of military aircraft or drone. The primary reason I believe this is because I myself have personally witnessed one of these triangular-shaped aircraft flying overhead. Unless a report of […]


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