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At Altered Dimensions, we often receive email asking why we have not reported on “such and such”.  Truth is, we almost certainly are aware of the report but in our opinion, do not feel it merits attention.  We try to ensure Altered Dimensions news items are truly paranormal, mysterious, and unexplainable in nature.  If we feel an object or event is explainable, or of course questionable (i.e. a likely hoax), we will normally not report it unless special circumstances warrant its attention.

Triangular-shaped UFOs

I typically do not report on triangular-shaped UFO sightings because quite honestly, I do not feel they are extraterrestrial in nature but rather are some form of military aircraft or drone.  There are hundreds of photographs and video of triangular-shaped aircraft and thousands of reports but the primary reason I believe they are earthly in nature is because I myself have personally witnessed one of these triangular-shaped aircraft flying overhead.  I (and about 100 other people) were watching a high-school soccer game (late 2012) when an odd triangular-shaped aircraft flew over the stadium.  The game was near a military base so plenty of aircraft had been flying overhead that night.  I noticed the object and watched as it approached and flew over the stadium.  Nobody else really paid much attention to it (i.e. they glanced at the object and then went back to watching the game).  I noticed another man sitting below me watching the object fly over and after it had passed we both looked at each other and he asked, “What the heck was that?”.  I replied that it must have been some sort of new stealth military aircraft and we both shrugged it off and continued watching the game.

In my instance, it was at night and we were in a lighted soccer stadium so the outline of the object was hard to make out.  What did stand out though, was the lighting and it is indeed illuminated as everyone typically reports.  The three lights (one under each “wing” and one under the tail) are perfectly aligned in a triangular shape and in appearance, look more like lit down-facing portholes than the normal lighting you see on an aircraft.  In my case, it was the broad, bright lighting shining down from underneath the aircraft that made the object so unusual.  Again, we were next to a Texas military base and the aircraft was obviously coming in for a landing.  Unusual? Yes.  UFO?  Not really, at least in the “unidentified” sense that the readers of Altered Dimensions are interested in.  Hence, unless a report of a triangular-shaped aircraft mentions unusual flight characteristics or occurs in an unusual situation, Altered Dimensions typically does not report “plain vanilla” triangular-shaped UFO sightings.



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