Mummified skeletal remains of Maria with elongated toes

Mummified skeletal remains of Maria with elongated fingersAccording to new reports out of Russia, the strange set of remains (dubbed “Maria”) found alongside a 9-month year-old baby mummy (dubbed “Vavita” and thought to be Maria’s daugther) have the Ruskies scratching their heads. The remains were found in Nazca, Peru (near the infamous Nazca lines) and include four complete skeletons with two arms, two legs, a head, pair of eyes, and a mouth. Their DNA were found to have 23 pairs of chromosomes, just like humans. In fact, according to the scientists, “the tissue is biological in nature and their chemical composition indicates that they are humans.” Although they certainly appear human – they are not.

The skeletal remains, believed to be over 2,000 years old and preserved with a white powder called cadmium chloride, demonstrate an anatomic structure that differs greatly from humans. For instance, they have elongated fingers and toes and unusually long arms. Their heads feature broad foreheads with long, narrow jaws.  They have no ears and barely even a nose. Each stands a little over five-feet tall and has only three long fingers on each hand and foot.

The remains were first reported in mid-2017 and at the time, many cried “hoax”. This week’s revelation brings the question back into the public eye with some now admitting there may be more to the “alien-looking” skeletons than meets the eye.  The bizarre skeletal remains with just three fingers and three toes could be alien – despite having many similarities to humans.

Interestingly, depictions of three-fingered creatures appear on ancient rock drawings alongside the Nazca Lines in Peru.  Scientists say they will continue studying and testing the remains but given they are held in St. Petersburg, Russia, some fear any groundbreaking news may be delayed or withheld entirely.

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